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The Cyclist's

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The Cyclist'sThe morning had started off beautifully,the heat of the day was already rising and Brandon and Gill decided they would go for one of their long bike rides. They were fit,very fit,both were Gym instructors and loved nothing more than riding their mountain bikes . They had been riding for almost twenty miles when the weather began to change and soon Brandon and Gill found themselves caught in the midst of torrential rain. "Head for those tress,!" Brandon shouted,pointing at some trees at the side of the road.They stood under the trees but were afforded little protection from the driving rain,a pool of water was beginning to form at their feet."We can't stay here,lets ride to that house we saw down the road, we could ask for cover until the rain stops," Gill said."Good idea,race you there,"Brandon said jumping on his bicycle and setting off followed by Gill .The boy was bending over the desk,his trousers and shorts were around his ankles and he waited He could hear the Schoolmaster walk behind him and then say, "Now,Dillon,you missed your last appointment with me ,which is unforgivable,but now I have you just where I want you.""I am sorry,Master,I had an important meeting to attend,I am sorry ,Sir," Dillon said.Dillon enjoyed his visits to the Schoolmaster,he had an interest in what was termed 'Recreational Scolding' and had sought out the Schoolmaster through his friend Rachel,who shared Dillon's interest.The Schoolmaster as usual wore his long,black academic gown and mortarboard hat.Many ,many years ago the Schoolmaster had been the Dean of Discipline at an exclusive Co Educational College where he had been kept quite busy thrashing the bottoms of those who tested the rules of the college.A Classic's Master,the Schoolmaster often scolded his pupils in Latin before administering the cane. Upon his retirement the Schoolmaster had found that his way of chastising the errant had become much in demand among adults who wished to relive their schooldays and very soon he was using his cane again,the list of those who wished to visit the Schoolmaster was keeping him very busy .Now,as Dillon was bending over,his bare posterior exposed he heard the Schoolmaster say, "Puer Improbe, ego autem caedem vos!" Dillon knew what was coming.he closed his eyes and waited for that first stroke that would take him back to his schooldays."Translate what I have said,boy," the Schoolmaster ordered,enjoying the spectacle of Dillon's bare bottom which was causing his penis to stiffen,he liked nothing more than a bare bottom to spank or cane.Dillon thought for a few moments ,then said, " Naughty boy,I am going to thrash you "?"Deary,deary me boy, " the Schoolmaster said placing the cane across Dillon's bottom and raising the cane up before bringing it down with vigor across Dillon's beautifully shaped bottom."OUCH!" Dillon cried out.The Schoolmaster brought the cane down again and again and then said, " Es iustus questus a poena,translate,boy !"Dillon could hear the excitement in the Schoolmaster's voice and said, "Something about a just punishment,Sir"."Insolent boy,!" the Schoolmaster said bringing the cane down againDillon almost jumped with the sting of the cane, "OUCH ,FUCK !" he yelled."I will not tolerate that wicked,foul language,boy,take your beating like a brave young man,"the Schoolmaster said bringing the cane down again and feeling his penis throb. Finally after receiving twelve hard stokes from the Schoolmaster Dillon was allowed to rub his very sore,stinging bottom before pulling his trousers up and saying, "Thank you,Schoolmaster.""You are quite welcome,my boy," the Schoolmaster replied .Same time next month,Sir?" Dillon asked.The Schoolmaster walked around his desk and taking a seat opened his diary.Dillon stood there waiting, feeling like a naughty schoolboy ."Yes of course,I will see you at 11am that day,Dillon," the Schoolmaster said looking up and glaring at Dillon through his rounded spectacles"Yes,Sir,thank you," Dillon said.The Schoolmaster walked Dillon to the door.As Dillon sat in his Mercedes he winced ,his bottom was really stinging.He started his car and waved at the Schoolmaster who was standing at the door still wearing his gown and mortarboard. Dillon turned onto the road almost hitting the two cyclists who suddenly appeared at the end of the laneway,he stopped suddenly to berate them but they had already went past,at speed. Dillon glanced in his rear view mirror and was surprised to see the two cyclists turn onto the steep driveway that led to the Schoolmaster's house.Dillon laughed, "They will get what they deserve !"Dillon enjoyed his visits to the Schoolmaster.The Schoolmaster had just taken off his gown and cap hanging them on the coat stand in his study when he heard something come to a sk** on his gravel pathway outside his study window. He walked to the window and was more than surprised to see two cyclists dismounting and walking towards his front door.A moment later his door bell chimed. "Hopefully there is someone in,"Gill said."You look sexy with your hair wet,"Brandon saidShe laughed, "So do you,oh come on please answer," she shivered as she rang the bell again.The door opened and an elderly man stood there,looking at them both through his rounded spectacles."Yes,may I help you?" he asked in a monotone voice."Sorry for bothering you,but we have been caught out,the rain,I'm afraid, can we take shelter here until it stops?" Gill asked with a pleading,pouting expression.The elderly man looked at them both,they were soaked through,their hair was plastered to their heads and their t shorts and cycling shorts seemed to have become part of their very fit looking bodies. "Yes of course,come in,deary me what are you doing out in this wet weather," the Schoolmaster chided.Brandon and Gill smiled and leaving the bicycles outside they entered the hallway. "WOW!, this is beautiful,"Gill said,looking around at the ornate staircase and marble flooring .The door was shut behind them and the Schoolmaster said, "This way please, would you like tea?" "Yes please ," Brandon said as they followed the Schoolmaster into his study.Brandon and Gill stood by the open fireplace,drying themselves .The Master came back into the room with two large towels, "Please,dry yourselves,you do not want to catch cold," handing them each a towel which they gladly took."Thank you,you are very kind," Gill said as she dried her hair with the towel."Not at all,I will make tea,make yourselves comfortable," the Master said leaving the study."I love this house,"Gill said, looking around the study at the book lined walls and the ornate desk and table, "What do you think he does for a living?""Professor,I think," Brandon said pointing to the gown and mortarboard cap hanging on the coat stand.Gill began to walk around the room,amazed at all the books.Then she spotted a large certificate in it's frame hanging on one of the walls. She read the certificate ,"MASTER PHILIPS,DEAN OF DISCIPLINE".She looked at Brandon and asked, "What's a Dean of Discipline?""No idea,but this is interesting,"Brandon said beckoning to her. She walked over to the study desk and saw what Brandon was looking at,they both exchanged glances and stared at the cane on the desk."Bit kinky!" Gill giggled."I got that at school,the cane," Brandon said thinking back to his time over the Master's desk for breaking a window and receiving six of the best."Really,and there was me thinking that you were always a good boy,"Gill said squeezing his bottom.Just then the Schoolmaster came into the study carrying a tray with three cups and a teapot.Gill swiftly withdrew her hand from Brandon's posterior but she wondered had the old man see her?"Ah,I see you have found my cane,I am afraid it is a souvenir of my past," the Master said excited at the thought that they had seen the cane and wanting so very much to bring the cane down on their very firm bottoms."Yes,sorry,we didn't mean to pry, were you a teacher?" Brandon asked."I was a classics master and Dean of Discipline for many years," the Master said resting the tray on the coffee table and beginning to pour the tea."Please,let me,"Gill said coming over to assist."Did you use this cane,?"Brandon asked."Stop,Bran,here's your tea," Gill said,not wishing to been asked to leave while the rain still came down."It is alright,young lady; yes,young man,when it was necessary," the Master said sitting on his comfortable chair and sipping his tea."I got the cane at school," Brandon said ,taking a cup from Gill."Was it deserved,?" the Master asked.Brandon thought for a moment and then said, "Yes,I think probably yes,I had broken a window.""I see,well I am afraid that I would have thrashed you for that," the Schoolmaster said."I got my hands caned,"Gill said suddenly.The Master looked at her, "Indeed,young lady,and did you deserve it?""Oh yes,I was a right upstart,or at least that's what Miss Proctor use to say,she was the Principal,very strict," Gill giggled."Ah but here is a question for you both,while you agree you deserved to be thrashed,did the beating stand you in good stead?, the Schoolmaster asked.Brandon and gill looked at each other,they knew they were warming to the discussion,they had more than once playfully embarked in spanking and light bondage in the privacy of their bedroom.Gill and Brandon smiled and almost in unison said, "Oh yes,it did,"they laughed.The Schoolmaster smiled and placed his cup back on the table,he stood up and walked to the desk,taking the cane in his hand he flexed it and sliced it through the air making a swishing sound."Well I am sure that you both must have got up to quite a lot since you left school,maybe it is time to reintroduce you both to the cane," the Schoolmaster said."Brandon and Gill stared at each other,this was one of their fantasies,they could not believe what was happening."Really,you would thrash us?" Gill asked."Oh yes,if you are both agreeable,you see I do have quite a number of adults who visit me from time to time to relive their schooldays," the Schoolmaster said."And you cane them,?" Brandon asked."Yes,yes,I cane them, boy," the Master replied resting the cane back on the table."What a rush that must be; I mean for them and of course you,do you get excited by caning them?" Gill asked."You are a very forthright young lady;but yes i do,I would not be human if I did not feel something," the Master said.Brandon placed his cup on the table and much to Gill's surprise said, "Ok,cane me,Sir!""Me too,"Gill stood up.The Master smiled,"Only if it is something you both want,you must want it,you are adults and not at school anymore.""Bring us back to school,then," Brandon said looking at Gill who had come to stand beside him.They watched as the Schoolmaster walked to his coat stand,then watched him don his academic gown and mortarboard and then turn to look at them."Fuck me,!" Gill whispered."Very well,I will have you both bend over,side by side,over my desk,"The Schoolmaster said,he felt his penis stiffen.It was Gill who noticed the bulge appear in the Schoolmasters trousers and she nudged Brandon,Brandon followed her gaze but then looked down at his own manhood,Gill giggled to see that Brandon hand become erect through his cycling shorts.The Schoolmaster walked to his desk and took the cane in his hand, "I told you what I want you to do,bend over,side by side.""Do you want us to bare our bums ?" Gill asked."Not yet,it clearly has been a while since Brandon has been caned and you ,my dear have not received a proper caning,so for the moment you may leave your cycling shorts up",the Schoolmaster said walking behind them and gazing with ever growing excitement at their bottoms in their tight cycling shorts.Gill giggled and Brandon smiled as she felt the Schoolmaster place the cane across her bottom and then they both heard the cane whistle through the air before making contact with Gill's,pert posterior."OUCH!" she exclaimed.Then it was Brandon's turn, "OUCH!,OW! " he exclaimed and whispered to Gill, "Fuck my cock is hard!"She giggled and felt the cane crack across her bottom.The Schoolmaster was smiling as he brought the cane down on their bottoms and was surprised when they both volunteered to lower their shorts.As he brought the cane down on each of the bare bottoms the Schoolmaster looked with longing at them, "Beautiful boy,beautiful girl;beautiful bottoms"!Brandon and Gill enjoyed their experience with the Schoolmaster and asked to come again,they were happy when the Master agreed to meet with them both again in his study. That night they talked about what had happened,.Brandon confessed he had seen himself as a naughty schoolboy again where as Gill saw herself as the beautiful young woman she now was but with a proclivity to having her bottom thrashed.
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