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Consenting XHamster Adults - Part 1

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Consenting XHamster Adults - Part 1I suppose it all started with a nipple? Browsing XHamster?s galleries of small breasts with gumdrop nipples (a preference of mine) I came across a particularly nice tit and commented upon its beauty. Thus began an online ?friendship? that turned into a torrid affair involving lots of flights between Texas and Colorado....The lady involved is named Leslee (alas, no longer on here?) and we began to PM a lot, telling our tales and stories. She was married, of course, as am I, but we both enjoyed a little spice on the side, as many of us here do. I have met other XHam friends in real life (still do from time to time heh heh) and so had she. After sharing comments, pictures, PMs and online fun, we progressed to Skype, phone and texting/sexting. One day she called me at work while she was masturbating, and it was so hot I had to take a break and shoot my own load! I told her that she was on my bucket list, that I simply had to explore her sexually. A year or two after our friendship began, my wife and I were planning to visit our son and his family in D.C. and I made plans to return a week before she did to ?work.? Leslee told her husband that she was going to Dallas for a ?job interview? over that weekend. Job interview on a weekend - right? I?m sure he believed her....I bought her a round trip on Southwest into Love Field and met her at noon Thursday. She came out the Arrivals gate looking like her pictures, in high heeled ?fuck me? boots, a short skirt and smiling I gave her a big hug, enjoying the feeling of her tits mashed against my chest, and she ground her groin into mine in the middle of the airport while we kissed like we were - well, not old friends but more like lovers even though our sex together had only been over Skype. She had only brought a carryon so we skipped baggage claim and went to the parking garage. There we spent some more time sucking faces, groping each other, and generally getting to know each other physically. On the way back to my house, since she hadn?t eaten on the plane we stopped at a nice Italian restaurant in Fort Worth and had a few glasses of wine, some yummy food and talked and giggled for a leisurely hour. We were both horny, but enjoying the anticipation and verbal foreplay.We finally got to my house, where we adjourned to the patio and I opened a bottle of Prosecco which we proceeded to drain. We kept up the small talk, then went through some Stella Artois - she really likes her drink, and as I was to learn, gets really horny when she?s had a few! After an hour of this, I was getting turned on so invited her over to my lap for some serious snagging. I ran my hands over her body as she felt me getting aroused, and I finally said ?I just HAVE to feel these tits!??I thought you?d never ask,? she smiled, and we moved inside. We started in my guest room, with a high bed just right for me to stand and do my thrusting. I had opened the blinds to the street, both for better light to see her by and to give the neighbors a peek if any happened to look. I took off her top and gently groped her brashe likes slightly oversized bras that let her jiggle inside! I squeezed her breast softly and she said ?HARDER, dammit!? So I removed it to get to the juicy fruit inside...I took her wonderful gumdrop nipples and they were perfect - I don?t know if they are ever not stiff and erect, certainly I?ve never seen them not erect! I suckled on them for a while, then then she dropped her skirt to reveal she?d been commando ever since Denver! Her clit was already peeking out of its hood as I laid her, naked, back on the bed. I naturally had to taste her, and soon she was panting and urging me to keep licking. Her juices were all over her thighs as I lapped them up. I pushed one, then two fingers inside and felt the heat on my face as her hips began bucking with her first orgasm. She grunted and her belly quaked as her legs began shaking - this girl has BIG climaxes! When she finally said she was too sensitive to be touched for a while, I stood back while she unbuckled my belt, unzipped me and dropped my pants. I, too, was dripping down my thighs with precum. Leslee gently took my hardon to her lips and savored my taste just as I had hers. She soon had me all the say in, tickling my balls and swirling her tongue around my oozing penisA little of that was all I could stand so we moved to the bed. When she laid back, I was at the perfect height to enter her as she laid on her back. With my hands both free, I could massage her erect nipples, twiddle her twat, and do everything to her without having to keep from crushing her. I tried my best to last, but when she began groaning and gyrating her pelvis again, I couldn?t keep from erupting my load of sperm into her hot, wet cunt! I gasped as my body stiffened, my entire being focused upon being inside this woman who had travelled so far for her fucking...Sweaty, we both collapsed onto the bed and cuddled as my semen trickled from her hairy vagina. After a brief nap, I awakened to her lips urging me back to another erection Insatiable woman! This time, she got onto her knees and I mounted her from the rear, which became one of our favorite positions as I can go deeper inside and rub her G spot. As we fucked, her pussy queefed as I forced the air out of her vagina, now slippery with my first load. This time I lasted much longer, and was rewarded when she almost bucked me off with the force of her orgasm! I grabbed her little tits and twisted her nipples, causing her to contract violently on my cock. This time when I shot my seed, I kept her on her knees as I licked our ?meow mix? out of her twitching hole until she collapsed face down We went out to a Cajun restaurant for fuel, returning to the house in the early evening. This time when we went out to the patio to smoke, we didn?t bother with clothes - I sat with my sore penis dangling, while she sat legs spread, tits swaying until I put some music on and she wanted to dance. Now my back yard is pretty private, so she got out in it as a shower be continued...
06-25-2021, at 01:56 AM

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