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My Asian Treat

Post #1

My Asian Treat

As an executive my work requires me to travel all over the world. And with the rigorous schedule I am usually out of the US for 300 days out of the year. So having a personal life is not very sustainable. But surprises come in many forms, and usually from where you least expect it.
My latest assignment took me to Japan where I was to meet with a new international client. I have always enjoyed the orient, but this trip was going to top the charts. In setting up my travel I arranged to stay with an old college buddy who lived just outside of Tokyo. With the close location to the business district, commuting would be as easy as a train ride and maybe a taxi from the station, and it would give me the chance to catch up with an old friend. So it was done.

Hirito met me at the airport on the day of my arrival. It was good to see him again. As we drove to his home we chatted about the events in our lives since we last saw each other 5 years earlier when we graduated from Stanford. It was going to be nice having a familiar face around, not to mention a guide, and a place to stay for free even though money was not a factor. As we pulled into his driveway after a 30 minute drive I was already envious. His house was beautiful. Sitting on what I guessed was about three quarters of an acre, his house and grounds looked like a picture postcard of what most Americans consider to be the traditional Japanese home. It had beautifully trimmed ornate trees, stone walkways, and a traditional dwelling with sweeping roof lines and carved accents. I was impressed. One day I hope to have something this nice.

After unloading from the car Hirito lead me to a smaller house located at the rear of the main house. ?This is the guest house,? he said as he gestured toward the smaller building and bowing his head, ?I hope it is acceptable.? My jaw dropped. It was equally as beautiful and ornate as the main house surrounded by an exquisite garden and a small pond with goldfish. ?Hirito, my friend,? I said as I gave him a small pat on the shoulder, ?You overwhelm me. This will be just fine,? and I returned his bow.

After removing our shoes at the front door we proceeded inside and Hirito gave me a quick tour. There was virtually no furniture at all. There were large pillows in a closet for sitting, and a rolled up mat for sleeping. There was, however, a desk and chair in the office which was equipped with a computer and printer, high speed internet, and a fax machine. And on the opposite wall was a big 50 inch plasma screen TV. Everything I needed. ?We will have dinner at 5,? Hirito explained as we walked back toward the front door, ?but for now I imagine you might want some rest.? He was right. If you have ever flown to the Far East than you know what the jet lag is like. And seeing as how it was my middle of the night, I was really suffering. With a bow, Hirito excused himself and headed off toward the main house.

The only down side to traveling is putting you stuff away when you get to your destination. After a 13 hour flight and customs, you simply don?t feel like messing with anything, you just want to lie down and slip into a coma for about 10 hours. But in the business world, if you want to succeed, you have to pay attention to details. So with a quick and steady pace I was done. My clothes were hung up, brief case on the desk, and a change into leisure clothes laid out on the sleeping mat. As I was finishing my task I heard a light shuffle near the door. I turned around and stood dumbfounded. There, at the door, was the most beautiful Japanese woman I had ever seen in my life. She was wearing a blood red kimono that was decorated with an embroidered peacock and bonsai trees. The waist was held together by a large white sachet tied in the back, and the edges of the garment in the front, and at the sleeves were trimmed with gold colored cloth. And on her feet were the traditional white house socks with the cut between the toes to allow for sandals. My god she was beautiful!

?I am Kayko,? she said with a bow, ?Your bath is ready.? Her accent was very thick, but her English was very understandable. She turned to her left and gestured toward the hall giving me a nice view of her profile. She was small, maybe 5 foot 3, and I guess about 105 pounds. Her small breasts were just barely distinguishable beneath her kimono as well as a small hump of her ass, but her features were all very proportionate. Her long black hair was pulled back into one big thick pony tail which hung down to her ass, contrasting remarkably against the ornate kimono. And her soft round face shone like a gem bordered by the black hair and red garment. ?Thank you,? was all I was able to choke out while I gazed at the 20 something year old beauty with a stiffy starting to develop in my slacks. If this young woman was a maid than I really need to rethink where I live!

Without even thinking I followed her lead down the hallway. At the end of the hall was another room which was obviously the bathhouse. Instead of a wood floor, like the rest of the house, it had a polished concrete floor. On the far side of the room was a short stool sitting directly over a floor drain, and to the right was a large pool of steaming hot water. Upon entering the room Kayko gestured to my left and said, ?Undress here,? before continuing across the room into a smaller room. On the wall were several hooks for me to hang my clothes and a robe to the far right. While Kayko was out of sight I quickly undressed and hung my clothes before wrapping the robe around me. As I tied the robe shut Kayko came back into view carrying a metal bucket. But more notably was that the red kimono was now gone. It had been replaced by a large white towel which Kayko had tucked together under he left arm. And to think, I thought I had a stiffy before! Now I had a full on, full length raging hard on!! Kayko walked over to the stool and set the bucket down. Upon standing she gestured for me to come over and have a seat.

I am fully aware of the differences in cultures, and of the small nuances of everyday life, but I must admit to be taken back a little. I had not exactly planned on disrobing in front of someone else, much less a woman while I was sporting a huge erection. As I stepped across the floor she spoke again, ?First we wash, then we bathe.? ?WE?? What did she mean we? As I stopped next to the stool my question was answered. Kayko immediately pulled her towel off and draped it over a small clothes rod attached to the wall just in front of the stool. When she turned back around to face me in all of her beautiful nakedness a smile and a little laugh escaped from her lips. (my mouth was hanging open and my erection was sticking out through the two flaps of the robe)

?It?s ok,? she said softly as she reached out and began to untie my robe.

I just stood there like a deer in headlights as she pulled my robe off and hung it over the same clothes rod, my full 8 inch erection standing up proudly.

?Sit.? she said while gesturing to the stool and reaching for the bucket.

?I?m sorry,? I said to her while taking the seat. ?I am not used to this.?

?It?s ok,? she replied while pulling a soapy sponge out of the bucket and began lathering my shoulders, ?I?m not either.?

I couldn?t take my eyes off her. Her small breasts looked solid and firm with small dark nickel sized areolas and hard eraser nipples at their centers. Her skin was a smooth caramel color enveloping her gentle curves and toned legs. Her arms were toned and graceful with long delicate fingers and manicured nails. And her patch was a neatly trimmed forest of that same coal black hair on her head. She was, in my opinion, the most exquisite vision of female beauty I had ever seen. I could only sit and watch as she moved gracefully around me, washing every last inch from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet. On occasion our eyes would meet and she would smile at me, especially when she began the drawn out process of washing my dick. Kayko knelt in front of me and positioned herself between my legs. Holding my erection gently in her left hand she slowly lathered up my dick from top to bottom with the soapy sponge. When it was no longer visible, due to the suds, she placed the sponge back into the bucket and used both hands to stroke me from bottom to top. The feeling was indescribable! Her soft hands sliding up and down my shaft, which was more than adequately lubed with the soap, almost made me shoot my load all over the place. And she was very sure not to miss a spot. Stroking from top to bottom with a slow but firm stroke, she was quickly bringing me to the point of no return. When I started to tense up she stopped. Removing her hands from my engorged member.

Looking at me with a strange expression on her face Kayko then said, ?Now we rinse.?

Kayko stood, raising the bucket over my head. As she stepped up to my side I could very distinctly smell her scent just before the remaining water was poured over me, washing all the suds onto the floor and toward the drain. It was a little cool, but it felt good. As I wiped the water from my eyes Kayko stepped back into the small room and almost instantly returned with another buck of water. I watched her raise the bucket again and closed my eyes. The water was warmer this time, but without the sweet smell of the soap. As it cascaded over my body I felt really clean.

?Now we bathe,? she said and gestured toward the pool of steaming water.

As my right foot entered the water I was almost shocked as to how hot it was, almost to the point of being painful. After just a few hesitant moments I was leaning back in the steaming hot water, relaxing with just my head and shoulders above the water. Kayko stepped back into the small room and returned with another bucket of water. Sitting on the stool she began to soap herself from head to toe. I was really enjoying the show as she lathered herself up, noting how hard her nipples got as she washed her round breasts. When she was finished she poured the remaining water over her head and washed off all of the suds. Again she retrieved another bucket and rinsed herself again before coming over to the hot pool.
?You like?? she asked while gliding slowly into the water
I honestly didn?t know what she was talking about. Did she mean do you like your bath? Or did she mean do you like what you see? Seeing as how she was looking at my raging hard on I guess she could tell I liked the view. I chose a universal answer and said ?Yes. I like very much.?

She smiled as she waded across the pool to where I was sitting and said, ?Good.? And then, without saying another word, she knelt on the bench, straddling me, and guided herself straight down onto my cast iron cock, engulfing my whole length down to my nuts inside her tight snatch. I could not help the small gasp that escaped from my mouth as her tight body held me firmly inside her. It felt like my dick was inside a silk vise. Closing her eyes she let out a soft moan as she came to rest on my base, undoubtedly completely full. I was in heaven! As she slowly opened her eyes she brought my hands up from under the water and placed them on her breasts. They were firm, and the little nipples poked into the palms of my hands like small spikes. I gently squeezed and got the surprise of my life. As I squeezed her breasts, Kayko would squeeze with her internal muscles and tighten her grip on my dick.

(Guys. This is the most fantastic thing you could ever have done to you. If your girl is into it, I strongly suggest you buy her a pair of big ben-wa balls and get her to practice daily.)

Kayko didn?t have to move an inch. With each squeeze of her breasts, Kayko would squeeze and release my dick, sending waves of glorious pleasure through me. I started to speak, but Kayko just leaned forward and kissed me deeply, covering my mouth with her sweet lips. I took my hands from her breasts and threw them around her back, hugging her tightly to me while we kissed passionately. Kaykos? response was to begin squeezing and releasing my dick at a furious pace. It seemed like my dick was in a milking machine. It was fantastic! Her muscles would squeeze from the bottom to the top in what seems like a rippling effect. The sensations were just too much for me and my dick began to spasm, shooting 4 years worth of saved up load up into my beautiful Japanese bather. With the first pulse, Kayko clamped down with her muscles and forced her crotch down as far as it would go, locking herself into place by hooking her feet under the sides of my thighs. She then just froze in place and accepted all that I had to give her, moaning almost inaudibly.
As the throbbing in my dick began to subside, Kayko began squeezing and releasing my dick once again, prolonging the sensations of my orgasm. After several minutes my dick began to deflate. With one more extremely hard squeeze Kayko pulled herself off my dick and sat down next to me.

?Wow!? I said as I looked over at the young beauty sitting next to me, ?That was incredible!?

?Thank you,? she answered with a slight bow, ?But now you rest.?

Kayko waded out of the pool and retrieved two large towels. After wrapping one around herself she motioned for me to come out of the water, to which she dried me from head to toe. After putting the robe back on Kayko lead me back down the hall to the sleeping room and rolled the mat out for me. As I lay down I looked up at the beautiful girl.

?Who are you?? I asked while looking directly into her shining eyes.

?I am Kayko,? she replied with a bow, ?Hiritos? sister.?

End 1

This is my first text and an account of some events from my life a few years ago. Please be nice. If the reviews are good I will post additional chapters and tell you what happened during the rest of that buisness trip.
09-11-2021, at 08:45 PM
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