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The Maid 2 - The New Contract

Post #1

Through a mistake on my part, my Goddess, aka Miss Laura, aka Ma'am or Ma'dam brought me to the realization that I needed to be her personal toilet maid. We agreed that we need to sign a new contract stating everything expected from me in my new duties.

Let me explain.....

I was originally hired to be Miss Laura's house maid to make extra money for college. After I graduated, Miss Laura offered me the position of her personal maid. With this position came all of the normal duties associated with taking care of her personal care. Included in my tasks was to wipe her after she went to the bathroom, or as she prefers to call it.... Her Throne Room.

I was to call her Ma'am or Ma'dam, not Miss Laura anymore. I also received a very nice increase in my salary.

Now, after the series of fortunate/unfortunate events.... I am to call her Goddess. Not Ma'am or Ma'dam or Miss Laura. I am now her personal toilet maid.

My new primary duty is to clean her pussy and ass with my tongue after she uses the Throne. Everytime.... Everywhere.... If enough privacy is available, I may also serve as her toilet at her discretion.

My other duties remain in the contract... Bathing her, manicures and pedicures, waxing her legs, underarms, pussy and anal region once a week. I am to also help her dress for the day , business appointments, parties or bedtime, depending on the occasion or time of day.

She also added that my pussy and anal region are to always be hairless. She agreed to pay for appointments for waxing or even electrolysis. It was my choice.

I chose electrolysis because of my busy schedule.

Her Throne is always to remain clean, sanitized and spotless. Once, when she got some shit on the seat, I cleaned it with my tongue while Goddess was watching before I thoroughly cleaned and sanitized it. She didn't demand it. I chose to do it.

Some of the duties I added to the new contract are to make myself available as her whipping post for days that she needs to release some stress, within reason of course. I also make my tongue available for Goddess's sexual urges or stress relief as needed, 24/7. Anytime...

My pay has increased significantly from my original salary of very low six figures per year to medium six figures as just her personal maid to upper six figures per year as her toilet maid. I am allowed one day off per week, but have yet to use one. She bought me a new car of my choosing. I now own an Alpha Romeo with all of the bells and whistles. I can upgrade once per year. Though I rarely ever use it.

The only alcohol I consume is recycled through Goddess. She doesn't drink often, but when she does, I have caught a buzz.

Goddess added a clause that I can have my own part time personal maid after proving I can handle all of my new duties for a full year as a bonus. Maybe after I have my own personal maid, then I'll use some of my time off and have her fill in.

Now that everything has been ironed out and notorized, I am living my dream and getting paid dearly for it. My Goddess now has the ultimate personal maid she has been searching for.

I'm not a slave in any sense of the word, but to anyone who doesn't know about our contract, I could easily see how that assumption could be made.


My typical day...

My alarm goes off at 5:30. I get up and shower and dress in my maid's uniform. I can still taste the flavor from when Goddess woke me up a few hours earlier to use her Throne. Today it's just the flavor of her pee and her pussy.

I wake Goddess up at 6:30. I have her coffee delivered and ready with the amount of sugar she requires. Her bath is drawn and ready for my duty of bathing her.

Goddess now has two Thrones. One is the normal Throne and the other is a custom made Throne in which my head fits comfortably under the seat. There is a cushion which raises my head to the perfect level for my mouth to be used for Goddess's toilet or just as her toilet paper.

Depending on her mood, she might choose either. I am always laying down with my mouth open under the second Throne when she arrives to the Throne room. If she chooses the normal Throne, when she is finished, she moves to the custom Throne for my cleaning duties.

Once a month, Goddess likes me to administer an enema. I have offered Goddess my services for the release of it. She has only taken me up on this offer once. It wasn't easy to do, but I did swallow every drop of it before my cleaning duty.

After Goddess has finished going and I clean her pussy and asshole, I bathe her. She doesn't have to scrub any part of her body. I take care of everything. There is a low pressure shower nozzle with a hose for rinsing her hair and body.

Goddess informs me the night before as to what clothes she wants to wear each day so I have them ready to dress her after her bath and lotion massage.

The house maid has prepared Goddess's and my breakfast according to our preference and requirements, and delivers it when required. I eat in my own quarters while she dines and reads her financial reports and The Wall Street Journal.

After breakfast I go everywhere with Goddess. In public, I call her Ma'am or Ma'dam, but in private she is always Goddess.

I tend to all of her personal needs. Goddess's secretary takes care of her business appointments and meetings, etc. Her executives have their responsibilities.

She has a private Throne room attached to her office. I go with her everytime. I thoroughly clean her pussy and ass with my tongue when she is done. Goddess also has a custom Throne there for this purpose. When she is having a bad day or is having a good day and wants to give me a treat is when she usually uses the latter Throne before my cleaning duty.

Even though it's not very often that I am Goddess's toilet, I am always available for this purpose. But... I am always her toilet paper. Her personal Throne room doesn't even have a toilet paper dispenser anymore or any evidence that one existed.

Once, Goddess had a business client who she knew would be difficult to come to terms with. That morning I was her complete toilet. Recycled shit passes through the body quickly. On the way there I drank her pee in the limo for the same reason..

We were at his office and she finally told him that the only way she would agree to his terms was if he served as my toilet. For some reason, I didn't even flinch at her suggestion. I wouldn't have expected anything less.

He tried to object. She took my hand and got up to leave. When he realized that she was serious, dead serious, he agreed. Millions of dollars were at stake. He looked at me and I just raised one eyebrow.

Goddess made him lay on the floor in his office. I pulled my public uniform skirt up and pulled my panties out of the way and proceeded to pee in his mouth. I didn't even squat down, but just peed on him while I was standing up. My piss splattered on his face, in his hair and on his expensive suit and tie and the carpeting too. Goddess watched me and smiled with her approval.

Goddess agreed to half of his terms and then told him that unless he ate my shit too, she wouldn't agree to the rest of the terms.

He knew that he had been beat and humiliated. I took my panties off, squatted a little and shit in his mouth. He ate all of it. I went into his personal restroom and cleaned myself while they signed the contract. When I came back, I saw that his cock was hard in his business suit.

On our way down the elevator, Goddess said that his wife probably makes the weasel eat hers too.

Goddess actually got more than she originally wanted out of the deal. That was my first experience using a human toilet.

From that point on, I make sure that I don't poop in the morning before a big business meeting and consume Goddess's shit so that I have a lot to give the uncooperative client. I also drink a lot of water on the way to the meeting.

Goddess gets a kick out of knowing that he or she drank her piss and ate some of her shit indirectly.

In the limo, on the way back to her office, Goddess gave me celebratory spankings. Then on my knees orally worshipping her pussy until she came several times before we arrived back at the office. I also consumed Goddess's personal champagne again while she sipped Dom Perignon. This was my reward for my services at the meeting.

What was originally a punishment is now a reward I cherish.

Part of my business uniform is now a thong. Easy to move out of the way and not in the way of spankings or Goddess's crop or very rarely, the paddle.

The next morning Goddess used me for her toilet as a reward. She also made me cum until I couldn't cum anymore by fingering my pussy and my asshole.

I was really surprised when Goddess licked both of her hands clean.

Goddess has mentioned getting a strap on for my pleasure also as a reward. I reminded her that it's in the contract. She also said that maybe she should get another one for uncooperative clients. I commented that sounds like a good idea.

I feel like more of Goddess's confidant than her maid. I know all of her secrets and am earning an undocumented masters degree in business.

Goddess is planning on taking a trip to the Caribbean on her yacht, The Goddess Throne, in the near future. She informed me that we will both be nude except for land excursions or if another ship is close by. Her crew is all females and very trustworthy. I can't wait...

Where I used to feel like this lavish lifestyle came with a price... Goddess is now paying my price.

I'm just living my dream. I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything.

I look forward to serving my Goddess for many years......
09-11-2021, at 08:45 PM

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