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Weekend with Mistress and Master.

Post #1

Weekend with Mistress and Master.This weekend we were at home. I have been in chastity non-stop all-week. I don't usually stay locked up that long but Mistress has been gone. I have been with master and we have been fucking. Normally I will cum from anal every couple of days or so but I haven't at all this week. Mistress thought she had a plan. After she put me in a cute babydoll, she blind-folded me, handcuffed my hands behind my back and led me through the house.She hand led me to and put me on her sybian. She put a collar around my neck hooked me to the wall. The sybian felt very good. Mistress was touching my body she was grabbing my ass, playing with my balls. She was kissing around my neck and ears, and biting my nipples. She would sometimes stop, let me eat her out from behind. The sybian had me breathing faster. I have never used it before but it is amazing. Her touching the sensitive parts of me, like the insides of my thighs made me aware I was moving around so much. I was moving in circles. The light cloth bolu escort of the babydoll and her touch was really teasing my body.Unexpectedly Mistress says, "try to stop him." Still blind-folded and hand-cuffed, I was picked up by my throat and I knew what was going on. Master already had me against the wall. Before I was able to react I could fell his cock near my ass. I was still struggling and it hurt when he stuffed his cock hard into my ass. I was doing as mistress said, but with my hands behind my back I couldn't do much. I got away for a second, I ended up in the floor. I was face down. He had his legs on the back of mine and I couldn't move. I was forced doggy-style. My face was in the floor and he fucking me deep then pulling out slowly. He kept doing that and he took one hand off of me, I tried to move and he plunged deep inside me when he grabbed me again and righted me back. He went back to slowly fucking me balls deep and pulling out. He finally took both of his hands off of me and burdur escort I really just wanted to cum. It had been so long since I came and I was extremely horny, I stopped struggling. He slapped my ass really hard, I felt someone around my cock. My chastity cage was off. Mistress, whispered in my ear, "do you want to be broken?" I told her I needed it. She said, "beg for it."I said, "please break me master, make me your bitch. Please, PLEASE fuck me." I was so very horny. He started fucking me slowly, then faster. I was rocking back into him. I really did want it. He felt so good. His cock makes me feel so full. He had his hands on my hips and he was squeezing me really hard. He picked me up toward him and he was hitting the perfect spot super hard. I felt like I was going to cum, I was saying, "please master, please, more." He was fucking me even harder. He would slap my ass and call me a 'little bitch' while he was fucking me full deep stroke.Master slowed down a little then stopped. Mistress, bursa escort pulled off my blind-fold. She tilted my head back and emptied a glass with my cum down my throat. I didn't realize I came that much. Master was sitting down, I was on my knees, hands still behind my back. My face was moving toward his cock.He put my mouth at the tip of his cock. I was playing with his foreskin, he drops my head and I have his cock in my throat, gagging, choking and my head starts moving up and down. I felt Mistress around my cock. She was sucking it. I was still soft, I was really trying not to vomit. Mistress was sucking and fingering me.Master was moving my head very fast. Master stuffed his cock suddenly down my throat. He came a lot it quickly all came right out of my nose. He caught it and wiped it all over my face. He got up and left me on the floor. Mistress made me cum again while she was sucking my cock. She couldn't help fingering my prostate while she was doing it. After she kissed me and left me with my cum. I just laid there.It wont be long before Mistress will come to bathe me put me in my chastity cage and back to panties and skirts. The world all seemed right with cum in my mouth, cum on my face, gaping ass, hand-cuffed and feeling used like a slut. Temporary nirvana.
10-10-2021, at 12:22 AM

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