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Mac-man?s adventures ? 1

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Mac-man?s adventures ? 1It started out as a long jacket, and highlights from those days were the go-go pubs, and a bosomy barmaid who wore tight tops and occasionally low-cut tops. The jacket stayed done up and meant I could stand there gawping with a bulge in my trousers, that after a few minutes turned to a wet patch.Not long after that, I moved up to a proper ?dirty? rainmac, and I?ve worn one ? in all weathers ? ever since. It?s my uniform, making me look a perv and dirty old man, as well as allowing me to get my hand through my pockets and onto my knob, essential for a compulsive masturbator who has to rub when he sees girls show. Initially I used it to get my pleasure watching a girl at work I was obsessed with ? a bosomy blonde goddess who never acknowledged my existence, even walking past Her in the corridor (and falling over my feet ogling Her lovely big tits). If only She knew how often She made me cum in my pants, watching Her from a window, hidden in the woods, even standing outside Her office. Funny thing was, while I was rubbing through the holes porno hikaye in my pockets waiting for Her to come along, the minute I saw Her I only needed to hold my knob upright, no rubbing, and She made me cum in my pants just seeing Her. Every evening I?d wait near Her bus-stop and on the days She didn?t show, I?d go into the town and mac-wank watching girls go by, often from a phone-booth. I was lucky enough on one of those days to see two girls from work, though they recognised me (the creepy weirdo from the stores). I don?t know if they saw my shudders as I filled my pants with cum as they walked by. At this time I?d made a pair of trouser-legs held up by ?suspenders? (bits of string fed through slits in the trouser-legs) so I could walk around naked around the genitals for extra-easy quick access for wanking. As you can see, the mac was a bit close to the tops of the trouser-legs so for a while I used a longer coat, with holes in the pockets of course, to ensure I wasn?t caught short. This was lovely to use when I went into my dirty bookshops, or on trips to seks hikayeleri Soho to visit more dirty bookshops or go into the peep-shows and video shows. I loved the peep-shows cause you were in a booth with a locking door, so I could unzip my coat and wank watching the miniskirt girls dancing in their skimpy tops, and spray spunk all over the panel in front. Unfortunately there was a tendency for the ?suspenders? to pull out when I sat in my car and I decided against using these any more, and actually I did love going back to my mac because it was the signature perv?s outfit. I was always in bookshops these days, building up a massive collection of dirty books ? all glamour, no more than topless. When mags got more explicit I had to draw in knickers, and eventually give up buying mags and rely on the new Internet. But it was lovely going into the shops where ladies served ? 2 in particular ? and ogle all the mags, then going up to the counter with a big stack. Do you think those ladies worked out that I was a wanker? When they saw inside my case, full of dirty mags erotik hikayeler 3 or 4 times their original thickness due to the wads of toilet paper stuffed inside, I bet they did ? a big pervert wanker. I left my mac open so they could see the mass of crusty spunk-stains over the front of my trousers, on one occasion also with a fresh new wet-patch, when Miss Debbie wore a miniskirt in the shop that time. Then I was put on the road in a van, and swopped my mac for overalls, though I often changed into my mac at the end of the day to go into town and perv. Overalls were good though cause they were designed to allow you to put your hand through to get to your trouser pocket. It was my overalls I wore sometimes when I visited Miss Melanie for Worship Sessions, though I often wore my mac too, usually when I had days off and started with a Worship Session with Her, then perving the rest of the day with Her new pics She?d given me and the video of the Worship Session. Though that was before computers, I was able to film my tributes and put those on VHS tapes to send Her or give to Her ? She watched one at a Worship Session and seemed to enjoy the footage of me pumping spunk over Her photos. Fond memories. I loved my mac!Next time ? watching the clubbing girls!
11-21-2021, at 10:00 PM

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