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The College Experience Pt 3

Post #1

Chapter Three
?Jesus Christ, what took you so long? You get lost?? Keegan chided as I swaggered out of our building with a grin.
?Oh, not exactly,? I said, figuring he?d either lose his shit or disbelieve me if I told him the truth.
?Where?d your lady go? She was kind of cute,? Zack asked. He hiccupped.
?Don?t worry about her. Let?s head out,? I said.
And with that the three of us began the nearly mile long walk to fraternity row. The two delighted each other with one upsmanship in outlandish tales of sexual conquest:
?This past summer I was a pool boy for this one crazy fine milf. You should have seen her! She always wanted me, I could tell the way she looked at me. Oh man, those tits! Those tits! Like fucking melons, man. One day, I swear to God, one day she came outside while I was minding my own business, netting out the pool, and I looked up and there she was BUTT fucking naked-?
?Shut the fuck up,? Zack would say.
?Man I couldn?t make this shit up if I wanted to!?
Or they boasted about how much they drank:
?Yo this one night, this one night my friend brought up a bottle of moonshine cuz I guess his uncle is like some sort of boot legging hillbilly or some shit. Anyways, I started the night by downing like swigs and swigs of that shit. It?s no joke! One shot of that shit will hit you with a buzz, I blacked out so hard man, I pantsed this chick we were hanging with and slapped her bare ass! Or at least that?s what my friends tell me, how the fuck am I supposed to know!?
And the pranks they pulled:
?One time I told this retarded kid I had a squirrel brain in a jar cuz I ran it over or some bullshit. I pulled him aside and was like, ?yo you got to keep this shit real secret,? and when I had him real close with a few of my other friends around, I pulled up my shorts and took out my nutsack! We all called him fag for like a month after that!?
?Why?? I asked.
?Are you kidding me? He looked at my nutsack, full on fag!?
I stayed quiet, inserting a chuckle when appropriate as the two exaggerated their waning drunk and laughed all the way to the house.
?Here we are Dan, the sig nu house,? Keegan said as he put an arm around my shoulder. ?Yo for real though, even if you don?t pledge you can come hang with us any time. I like your style.?
?Cool man,? I said.
?Yeah unless you pledge with kappa gama!? Zack said.
?Yeah fuck those fags,? Keegan said as they did their high fives and grunt thing again.
It was then I looked at the house. Red brick led a walkway to the huge porch with Greek style pillars supporting a deck above. The letters ?E N? were adorned with white Christmas lights in the center of a large triangle that framed the top of the front face. Windows every ten feet had shutters and shades in all manner of disarray and garish color. Paint chips were visible on every wall, and the grass around the foundation had turned a sickly brown from the nightly piss stops up against the house.
The house seemed to inhale and exhale sweaty, drunk people as herds moved in and out of the building. The majority of those on the porch were in the midst of making out with one another, on the way with excessive PDA, smoking, or playing one of the various drinking games the brothers had set up. The entire scene was overwhelming.
As the three of us began up the walkway, an older student caught glimpse of our big bright eyes and excited faces. He began to chant, ?Freshmen! Freshmen! Freshmen!? Accompanied with a fist pump, slowly everyone else on the porch caught on and kept it going.
Under the ruckus and glare of a hundred pairs of eyes, we entered the house. Waiting for us inside were two brothers, one pouring a beer into a funnel attached to a hose, the other holding it. Three others came up behind us and forced us down onto our knees. One by one we chugged out of the beer bong. Zack choked on his, Keegan took a good forty five seconds, but I muscled through it without too much trouble.
That earned me the respect of the older students that seemed to lead the raucous party. Inside the house, people lined the enormous stair case leading upwards to a balcony. Even more danced in a great empty room framed by blasting speakers and a makeshift bar where two brothers made drinks with generic soda and terrible vodka or handed light beers out to those who asked.
Brothers introduced themselves to me, handing shots or drinks which I gladly accepted. The surroundings being far too much stimulus when sober, I proceeded to get twisted down to their level. I lost Zack and Keegan shortly thereafter, as I bounced around the crowd dancing to the beat of the moment.
There, my memory ended.
I came to with my hands sliding on a girl?s sweat soaked thighs. We were grinding passionately as she put her arms up in the air and around my neck. Looking downwards, I saw that she had dirty blonde hair parted down the middle. It was thin and light, but wet with sweat. Her tits bounced perceptively with our vigorous movements in her low cut, short dress. Her ass was stuck deep into my crouch and her thighs shot out in front of us.
When the song stopped I turned her around, and excused myself to the bathroom. After wandering about and asking a few people, I had found the line. Exhausted and way fucked up, I started the wait. Once I was finally allowed into the tiny bathroom (after a group of giggling girls filed out), I aimed the best I could for the piss covered toilet bowl with marginal success. Closing one eye and concentrating, I hit the water more often than not and felt something like pride in the disgusting little bathroom.
Then there was a sharp rap on the door.
Knock knock knock
?Eh, occupado!? I said, slurring the two words together and adding an extra ?o? sound.
But it continued.
Knock knock KNOCK
?Fuggin give me a sec, Jesus?? I said, putting my shit away and zipping my pants up.
I unlocked the grimy door, but before I could twist the door handle, it burst open.
?Damn, it?s all yo-?
The last word came out as a UOF! as the wind was knocked out of me and I doubled over.
A bearded dude probably a head taller and fifty pounds heavier than I stood over me as I fought for air.
?Don?t you touch my chick, bro,? he said, ?I?ll fuck you up!?
Still entirely confused and writhing on the muddy tile, I looked up at him and managed, ?Wha?? In between labored breaths.
?Johnny,? a girl screamed behind the guy who just punched me, ?babe, we were only dancing-uh!?
She put both her arms around his bicep and attempted to pull him away from the door.
?Leave him alone-uh!?
She seemed to add an extra syllable for emphasis on the last words in her sentences. Probably a habit she had picked up begging at her moneyed father.
?Listen babe, you always do this shit to me. I go to shotgun a brew with my bro, and you grind on some light weight schmuck.?
?Like you?re one to talk-uh! What about that slut!? She screamed back. At this point, a crowd had gathered around the hall to see what was happening. I finally got my breath back in me and started to stand up.
?I told you that was my cousin! She came to visit over the weekend.?
?So you fuck your cousins now? Why?d she leave at seven in the morning and forget a thong under the bed??
This counter point was rewarded with a chorus of, ?OOOOH?s,? from the growing crowd.
?Whatever it?s not like I?m sleeping with a dude every night. I?ve seen you with that Tory dyke!?
?OH SHIT! OH SHIT! And the plot thickens!? I saw Fish backing people up and adding his commentary like a boxing announcer. His friend had his face in his hands, but his goofy stoned smile couldn?t be concealed.
?She?s my roommate you dumb shit,? she said walking towards me as I was getting to my feet, ?And at least this schmuck knows how to touch a girl. Johnny we?re through.?
She grabbed the back of my head and kissed me on the mouth while giving the finger to Johnny who stood back dumbfounded and irate.
The gawkers rained loud exclamations down on the couple as Johnny edged his way through the crowd and out while the dirty blonde stopped kissing me and moved on down the hall towards the fraternity?s residential rooms.
I stood with my mouth still slightly open as my drunk head started to process what just happened. Then Keegan pushed his way to the front of the dispersing crowd.
?Yo Dan! Where?s the asshole that hit you? Let?s go fuck him up! I would have beat the shit out of him but I was at the back of the crowd. C?mon let?s go man!?
?What? No, no.?
?Are you a pussy? Come on, we can take him.?
?Keegan, don?t worry about it,? I said, feeling better and slightly more conscious.
?Some turn the other cheek shit, alright, alright, Christian style. I like it! Yo there?s some brothers I want you to meet, let?s go downstairs and keep on partying!?
I saw the girl at the end of the hall looking at me before she turned and opened a door to the stairwell.
?Listen, Keegan, why don?t you grab me a beer??
?Awh, my boy wants to keep drinking! Right on! I?ll be right back,? he said as he turned around and hustled down the stairs. I went in the other direction towards the end of the hall and the stairwell.
I opened the heavy door when I reached the end of the hallway. I heard her footsteps. When she realized someone was behind her, the steps stopped. Then started again. I looked up, but she was two flights above me, so I started to climb.
I drunkenly hopped two to three steps at a time, trying hard to catch up. Finally, I saw the back of her long legs. She was wearing high heels with criss-crossing straps that ran half way up her smooth calves. Her feet turned to face me and I looked from the landing up towards her face. She bit one of her fingers between a coy smile and gave me a wink. Then she opened the door and sped down the hall out of view.
?Fuck I like this place,? I said to myself as I caught my breath and hit the last flight of stairs.
Looking down the hall, all the doors were closed, save one. The thump of bass was clearly audible even all the way up on the top floor. Behind one door on my right I could make out the sounds of another two going at it, the bed rocking against the wall with every consecutive thrust. Making it to the room, I leaned heavily on the open door.
Leaning in, I saw the blonde looking in the mini fridge.
?Hey,? I said.
?I was hoping you would follow me,? she replied, still picking through the fridge. She pulled back holding a fifth of Tanqueray and a small bottle of tonic.
?Would you like a drink?? she asked, pouring the two liquids in a plastic cup.
I nodded yes, standing in the door way. The room was sparsely furnished; a bed, a couch and a mini fridge were its only contents. The closet was filled with expensive looking clothing and the bed was made with silky linens. The girl sat on the couch, drink in hand.
?Well are you going to sit with me or no?? she asked.
I closed the door behind me and sat next to her, taking the drink she made. Leaning back, she put one foot on my lap. I looked at her. She merely gestured at her shoe while holding her drink with a limp wrist.
?I hope Johnny didn?t hurt you.?
?Oh, no. Just the wind came out of me, that?s all.? I was fumbling with the straps on her shoe and concentrated hard on her knee, trying not to stare up her open skirt. The straps became loose. I pulled the shoe off her delicate foot. She pointed her toes at me, pressed gently to my chest.
?Good. He was just a dumb jock I was toying with. I?m glad to be rid of him,? she said, crossing her legs and putting the other shoed foot on my lap, gesturing again. This one came easier to me, and she kicked it off on the floor.
?So,? she said.
?So,? I replied. We were looking into each other?s faces, when her chest began vibrating. Vrrrrrr. Vrrrrrrr. She sighed and reached into her dress, pulling out a phone. Looking at it with a slight smile she said, ?Sorry, I really must take this.? Giving me her drink, she made a show of uncrossing her bare legs, and left the room to the hallway.
I sat, sipping the gin and tonic patiently in the darkened room. I wondered at quite a few things: What time was it? Who owns this room? Are they downstairs? Will I get punched again? What?s her name? When do classes start?
Returning, she shut the door behind her and sat back in her spot next to me.
?Whose room is this?? I asked.
She merely gave an uninterested shrug and put her hand on my thigh, took back her drink. At that point, I gave into the situation and pulled her face close to mine for a passionate, but drunk, kiss. Our tongues wrestled for a good minute while we pulled one another closer and closer. I took her ass cheek fully in one hand, and her opposite breast in the other while we grappled. Soon, I worked my exploring hand down her back and started unzipping her short dress. She made no move to stop it.
When I finished with the zipper, she ended our embrace and abruptly stood up. A bridge of saliva lingered briefly between our hot, wet mouths. Looking down at me, she spread her legs wide and pulled the dress up and over her head. With the smooth motion, both her tits fell against her chest. The nipples were firm and round; small. Her panties were black with lace around the edge. They hung tightly to her mound and disappeared into one slim strip around the hips. One could see the tight fitness of her body as the slender midsection melted gently into her hips and thighs. Her stomach was hard with shape, but had soft skin. A cute inward belly button framed her body as she rested both hands on her hips and looked down at me.
?So, you want to fuck me??
I smiled and took a sip of the gin. With a casual lean towards her, I replied, ?I?d love to, but I don?t have any rubbers.?
?Not a problem,? she said. Bending over, she grabbed her purse and began rifling through it. Her ass cheeks made a perfect crescent moon. She pushed her hair behind one ear and let the other side hang down by her face. Seeing her entire body, legs, ass, tits, and face gave me a hardy erection while I sat back. Enjoying the view and swimming in a warm drunk.
She pulled out a square wrapper and sat on my lap. I took her head in my hands and began kissing her once again. She put a firm hand on my hard cock, pressing it against my jeans. After a few dry rubs, she worked up to my belt and slowly unbuckled it. Once the belt was off, she put her hands round my neck and lowered her bare body onto my clothed crotch. I was wildly turned on. Gyrating against her panties, I began sucking hard on her neck, her rock hard nipples. She put both her hands on my knees and leaned back, her smooth stomach sticking out in my face. I followed downwards with wet kisses.
She pushed my head off of her and stood again, bending over but keeping her legs straight. I helped her as she lifted my shirt over my head. Standing straight again, she looped both her thumbs through her panties and lowered them an inch or two. Then she abruptly pulled them up again and turned around. I was driven to distraction and couldn?t keep still. Backing up slowly, she bent again keeping her legs straight putting her ass directly in my face.
I reached out to pull her underwear down. She smacked my hand away and stood up. She waved a finger at me. Both her palms rested on her tits as they both descended her body. All ten fingers were open as she closed her eyes, feeling herself. I shuddered in anticipation. Her hands hit the black lace. One stopped, but the other continued into her nether region. A slight sigh escaped her mouth while she rubbed herself.
I sipped on my drink, sat back, leaned forward. I was too aroused to just sit and watch anymore. I unbuttoned my jeans and ripped them down my legs. Standing up, I let my boxers fall to the ground allowing my dick to shoot straight in the open air. I too began touching myself, stroking the tip of my penis. My forefinger and thumb tickled precum around its head.
She removed her hand from her crotch and sucked slowly on two fingers, devilishly looking into my eyes. With that, she started to slide her underwear slowly down her thighs. The middle stuck for a moment, sticky with wet. When they hit the floor, she stepped out of them and spread her feet wide. I looked at her pink pussy lips, slightly rough with a few days old stubble. They split only so slightly right down the middle of her.
She approached me, barely brushing her lips on mine. We still smelled of stale sweat and dance floor excitement. With one arm around my neck, she ran a finger down my throat, past my pounding heart, through my trail of hair, around my belly button, and onto the base of my cock. She moved her hand just over it, hovering enough to avoid its throbbing, then gently caressed my balls. I groaned in wanting. Without warning, she gripped my dick with full force and started pumping.
We kissed. I roughly threw her onto the couch, spilling our drinks perched on the arm rest. She reached for the condom and quickly dismissed the wrapper. Walking over to her, I presented my erection and made a similar gesture she used earlier. With a smirk, she carefully unrolled it over the head, the shaft, but didn?t let go. She tugged on the base, prompting me to stand over her on the couch as she put a leg up on the top and another on the floor. The move parted her pink lips, revealing a red, soaked inner layer. I needed to be in her.
My quivering member inches away from her hot box, I waited a moment to plunge. She put her head back in desirous anticipation. Slowly, I placed the tip on her threshold as she readied herself. Then, I let my head into her entrance.
Suddenly, I pulled back. She opened her eyes, searching. Then I began again. Just the tip. Then the head. She bit her lip and grabbed on her breast as I released out of her again.
At this point, she was just as ravenously needing of my body as I was of hers. She grabbed a handful of hair and let a lungful of air out through her nose. Just as I was about to dive deep into the sweet ecstasy and release of flesh, a knock.
Knock? knock.
?Fuck, I?m going to get punched again,? I said aloud, looking towards the door. Luckily, the blonde got up from the couch first, leaving me nervously watching. My rubbered hard on persisted. She opened the door a crack, mumbled a few words I couldn?t catch. Her naked body was guarded, but the light poured in through the sliver open about her face.
An anxious moment went by as I contemplated escaping through the window.
It had to be the top floor, I thought, Johnny is going to beat me while I?m bare ass naked. And aroused. Fuck.
I braced myself as she opened the door up more.
My jaw dropped. To my instantaneous relief, it wasn?t Johnny coming back to beat me senseless for mucking around with his recent ex. It was a girl. Petite and bashful, she was looking at the ground when she entered. Wearing leggings that funneled into black and white sneakers beneath her jean shorts and a tight t shirt that accentuated her sizable bust, she was exceptionally cute. Her naked friend toyed with her dark brown curly hair. Putting an arm around her neck she introduced her.
?I?d like you to meet Tory. Tory this is,? she looked at me curiously, ?this is???
?Shit Rachel you don?t even know his name??
?Yeah if we?re going to do this I guess we should just keep it that way. We?ll just call you Pablo. Okay Pablo, me and Tory here have been wanting to do this for quite some time. If we like you, maybe we can do it again. Alright we all know each other! Let?s have fun,? Rachel said as she turned into Tory and kissed her deeply.
Thinking about Johnny?s fist and where it might go first made me go soft quick. But these new developments had my gloved pole back on the parade grounds at full attention. This time, Rachel went to work without delay. She ripped Tory?s t-shirt off the first chance she had. Tory?s red bra was unhooked with a quick snap. It fell to the ground to reveal large, shapely and rounded breasts with light, large nipples.
Over the brief shock of seeing a naked stranger, Tory returned her friends kiss and began searching her slender figure with lusty hands. Rachel broke their passionate embrace and squatted down. Both Tory?s hands rested on Rachel?s head as she unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them quickly from her hips. Rolling the leggings down, both Rachel?s hands ran all over her thighs and light blue underwear. Those were also bunched in between her ankles leaving her naked with the exception of her shoes and a bundle of clothes keeping her legs together. Her mound supported a lightly cropped bush, but her lips were shaved clean.
I still sat to the side in mild disbelief and a stew of sexual tension. My wide eyes drank in Rachel touching herself again with ferocity in one hand, the other attacking Tory?s soft booty. Rachel?s lips and tongue started at the inside of Tory?s knee and worked their way upwards. Tory swayed while brushing Rachel?s blonde hair with a flat hand. When Rachel?s tongue met Tory?s clit, she went stiff and tense against the door. Which she took a second to lock. Both Tory?s hands left Rachel?s head and glued themselves against the door, her fingers once smooth and relaxed, now hard with visible tension.
Tory being thoroughly worked, Rachel ended her tongue lashing and walked back towards the couch. And my waiting, wavering cock. She splayed herself into the same position as before and prompted that I should enter. Playing with her, I started just the tip. When she gave me a spiteful look, and I slammed my full length into her. Her sharp eyes widened as her eyebrows flew up her forehead and her mouth blew open in a shocked gasp. I grabbed hold of both her legs and worked myself into her with the same amount of intensity Rachel?s extended tease brought. We carried on in this manner for a few moments, forgetting the third party in the room. Rachel?s hands gripped the arm rest tightly while I kept pounding her swift and hard.
During this initial intercourse, Tory had sat down and struggled to get the shoes and clothes off her feet. She switched back and forth from pulling things off of her and putting hands on her bothered body. Once she was free, she stood and gently touched herself while pondering on where to join her body with ours. I caught her wandering eyes and exited Rachel, to her confusion. I crossed the room and kissed Tory, feeling the thrill of an entirely different body. After a moment?s hesitation, she relaxed and received the kiss warmly. I grabbed her hand and led her to the bed, using a softer touch than on Rachel.
Her ass sitting gently on the edge of the bed, she fell back onto the soft linens. I lifted her legs up, holding her ankles. After running my dick up and down her smooth slit a few times, I gently entered her. Rocking her slowly at first, the room was filled by the soft gripping sound of the wet rubber, cloying against Tory?s soft inner flesh. I felt every individual rib of the condom against my skin, and all the smooth textures inside as I slowly dipped in and out of her. Two arms wrapped themselves about my neck and were joined by soft kisses. Rachel stood behind me feeling my body. I sensed her hard nipples against my back as she pressed into me. Putting her head on my shoulder, she grabbed the base of my cock and thrust with my body.
With a twisted smile she said, ?Ooo Tory do you like it when I fuck you slow??
?Mmmhmm,? murmured Tory through closed lips.
I took Tory?s right ankle and put it down over her left, giving me a display of her ass and tightening the walls of her already gripping vagina. The three of us continued in this manner for a time, me fucking Tory, Rachel pretending to fuck Tory, and Tory just plain getting fucked. Rachel released herself from me and climbed over Tory?s sweet body. She gave me an extended look as she moved towards Tory?s heads on all fours, her butt swaying back and forth with each move. She came to sit at the head of the bed, her legs spread above Tory. I repositioned Tory?s legs so they were dangling down off the foot of the bed while I stood, never leaving her, but now continuing from behind.
With the position change, Tory came face to face with Rachel?s twat. She grabbed her thighs and ran a finger through it before licking Rachel?s hooded clit. Rachel took a fistful of Tory?s hair in revelatory excitement. I put a hand on the small of Tory?s back and quickened the pace. The smack of my thighs against Tory?s round, large ass echoed through the room. The blunt smell of latex wafted to my nostrils accompanied by the sweetness that can only be produced by female.
I exited Tory and climbed on the bed.
?You go on top,? I told her.
She nodded as I lay in her spot. Rachel moved for me as Tory took my dick and directed it towards her spot. Rachel squatted over my face expectantly. Normally I save that for a special occasion. Considering two naked girls were hovering inches above my two favorite regions (my mouth and my crotch),I was drunk, and both were having freaky, interesting sex with me, I gave in and made this a special occasion. Rachel spread her legs and kneeled on either side of my face. Tory slowly inched down onto me and rubbed her wetness on my lower stomach. They both made out above me as Tory kept grinding and I kept giving lip service to Rachel. She tasted fruit-sweet.
Soon I felt Tory speed up to a pace I knew she would not be able to maintain for long. I was right. She started to moan in her friend?s mouth and I felt her walls shake against my wrapped penis in a momentous orgasm. She stopped, resting on me for a moment, my hardness still jutting into her. Still quivering, she came off of me and plopped over on the side.
Rachel moved herself off of my face and put her legs down to either side of mine, so her ass was on my stomach. She leaned back, taking my face in one hand and my length in the other, repositioning it into her own hole, still wet with my saliva. I propped my feet up for a better angle and put myself into her while she rested her full weight across my body. We were both slick with sweat when I began pushing into her from below. We kissed before Tory positioned herself above Rachel and lowered into range. I worked my hand down Rachel?s body, past her hard nipples, and on towards her clit. I rubbed it in time with my ramming dick. I quickened the pace, wanting to see her cum.
Being on the bottom I could feel the entirety of Rachel?s hard body on top of mine and see her eat her close friend out a foot above my face.
?Don?t stop, don?t stop!?
?Say my name,? I said, jokingly.
?Oh! Don Pablo! Don Pablo!?
I furiously rubbed her clit and she finally burst in orgasmic ecstasy with a scream muffled by muff. I rolled her off of me and snapped the condom off. Working myself, I said, ?Make me cum.? The two obliged and quickly repositioned themselves around my cock. Rachel took the lead, stroking my shaft with the head in her slobbering wet mouth, while Tory sucked on one of my nuts. My orgasm welled up shortly after, Rachel rotating her tongue around my sensitive tip sent me off, bursting a load straight in her mouth.
?Ungggh,? I said as I put my head on a pillow in drunk exhaustion and endorphin induced nirvana.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the two making out, swapping both cum and spit between them in a mash of mouth and tongue. Satisfied, I nearly passed out. But the thought drifted across my brain of the man who owns this room, and the punch I suffered earlier in the night and decided against it.
?Well girls it has been a pleasure and an honor,? I said, ?but I must be going.?
The two of them occupied my spot in the bed, Tory?s soft and voluptuous figure fitting around Rachel?s hard, tight body.
?Maybe again sometime, Pablo,? Rachel said.
?Nice to meet you!?
I pulled my boxers and pants over my extremely happy penis, bowed my head, and gave a dramatic wave as a sign of my gratitude. I unlocked the door and walked out into the hall, unconcerned.
?Hey! What the fuck were you doing in my room?? a voice said down the hall from me.
I turned and shrugged with a slight smile and continued on. The owner of the voice ran to his room in deep suspicion.
?If anything?s gone, motherfucker, you?ll be hearing from my law-? he stopped dead in the doorway.
Out in the hall I could just barely make out Rachel screaming, ?EW! Get the fuck out you perv!?
A pillow hit the kid straight in the face. He made no move.
?DID YOU HEAR ME? GET THE FUCK OUT!? she screamed again, this time the fifth flew over his head as he ducked. It shattered against the wall behind him. He shut the door in confusion as I slipped out down the staircase and back into the night.
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