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Lifes a bitch and now so am I!!!

Post #1

Lifes a bitch and now so am I!!!This is Lifes a bitch and now so am I!!! This is a fiction story!! The people in the story are not real!Please exsuse the puntuation and spelling I'm just a blond sissy!I start of my story with my wife leaving to go bingo with her mum, as soon as the car pulls away I'm up to my secret girl cloth's and sex toys.I am a sissy cross dresser, I can't help it i love the feel and how girlie it makes me look. I have tried many times to stop but I cant, so i lay on my bed and put my computer on. I don't know why but I needed to feel a bbc cock, just to see what it is like I wasn't going to suck or let the man fuck me!! Just wonder if a BBC would feel different to the boy I experimented with at school with so I joined a Daddy for sissies meeting site.So I put my picture up on the site no face just my tiny cock, wow it was like fishing my maggot got lots of bites giggle. So I looked through them and got to this one huge cock, my mouth opened wide as I looked at his profile, I needed to just touch that gorgeous BBC cock!!!So I sent him a wink, so he could see I was interested. Waited 5 mins 10 mins now I was getting really horny 15 mins. Ohhhhh sod it I thought, I sent Leon a message.Um hi SirMy name is, at first I put my real mans name, then deleted it. Putting hi Sir my name is sissy Nora I'm a very new sissy, and I was wondering if I could touch your gorgeous cock?Leon replied Want to see your face first bitch!!! Get on Skype now dressed as a girl but with make up and a sexy pink baby doll.I did as he said, so I'm sitting in front of my computer as he shows me. My eyes buldge out of my head, he is huge I think, wow got touch that!! Leon read my mind and said "no bitch you don't tease me if you want to play with Daddies cock you have to at least suck my cock. I froze I needed his big black cock so much to see if I was a faggot or not, I said ok he laughed and I gave him my address. He told me to be ready in no more than 30 minutes, but his bitches are smooth all over.I wrote back saying I can't do this, I only wanted to touch a cock. My wife would ask questions, well that's your problem bitch! I put the phone down on Leon, big mistake in less than 10mins. bang bang bang at my door, Come out little faggot where ever you are, I had to shut him up. So I went out and was grabbed by two BBC guys, they put something over my nose and I passed out.When I awoke there where 10 may be more big black guys, around me " hay boys the faggot is waking up!! I looked down at my body I was shaven all over apart from my head, the rest was smooth as a babies bum. I was dressed in a schoolgirls uniform a very short black mini skirt, a white blouse that was open showing my red silk bra with matching panties. I had faulse breasts glued to me size 38 dd I think, my hair was real long blond.The BBC gang all surrounded me, I could not move as my legs where spread wide open a bar stopping me from closing them, my feet are locked to the floor. I start to shout leave me alone!!!!!You think we are a faggots like you? Ohhhhhh no your the only bitch here, and when we have qsweeze this period blood from a bitch in heat into your pussy. The stud dogs will only see you as a bitch in heat, ohhh yes and your on the studs breeding bench!!!!The gag all laughing as they heared all the dog now whining as a they can smell a bitch in heat, they put a mouth stretcher In my mouth so my mouth is wide open. Then I here the tap of paws, the stud dog pulling his owner. I try to sceam and get loose, just as one of the guys face fucks my mouth. Making me gag and cough, the big black man was so much bigger than me he pulling my long blond pig tails.He then starts to piss in my mouth, I gag and try to pull away. Then I feel the dog licking at my ass, Rio wants this bitch look he's got his cock out. I tried to look but could not see, I think it was a German shepherd.Rio started to lick my ass but what the gang now called my pussy, it felt sooooooooo good my cock started to get hard! "Look Leroy the bitch loves that !! Make sure you video that they all laugh! I gulp when I here that word VIDEO but there is nothing I can do, but my cock starts to drip pre cum as Rio pushes his long tounge up my ass! One of the gang squeeze my cock I scream and my cock shrinks, you get hard again bitch and you will regret it!!!Rio mount, straight away like a desperate old man who had not fucked anything for years. Rio mounted my back pulling me with his claws, he scratched down my side. Rio was trying to take my anal virginity he was jabbing at my rose bud, it fucking hurt so tears roles down my face!! Are the little faggot is crying she is so happy, they all laugh. Yo Leon can I cum on this bitches face and in her mouth bro? yer man then let Rocco out he loves cum, " open up bitch ohh forgot your faggot mouth is always open isn't it bitch!! ". Rio heard the word bitch he loves this word makes him go faster, as the gag trained all 10 of there dogs special trigger words.I can feel a lump on the dogs cock its bigger then his cock keeps on growing, from the look of fear on my face Leon said " that's his knot bitch he's going to keep on fucking you until that knot gets sooooooooooooooooooooo big it can't come out, then that is when he breeds in your faggot pussy. I try to move, Rio growls at me as he thinks I'm trying to get away. I freeze as I must of moved to much as Rio growled at me again, stay still bitch or he will bite you faggot clitty off your his bitch now!!!As his knot is forced in and out of my ass it now gets stuck inside my ass,I felt it growing some more I was crying in pain as my ass is ripped open. But my cock gets hard as Rio hits my p spot with every thrust, my cock now growing to about 6 inches. Roi could not get the knot out, I then felt his hot cum shooting up my ass, Rio was breeding me soooo much hot doggie cum shooting up my ass the gang member cum at the same time in my mouth over my face he cum hard!!! My cock grew, as I had given myself many facials at home when my wife was away at bingo. The guy who just cum in my face saw me trying to licking my lips, ohhhh no faggot that's Rocco's cum!!! He whistled and out ran another dog this one was a doberman, cum boy cum Rocco. Rocco wet straight to my cum filled face and licked my face all over, I closed my mouth tight. Cum must of been a new trigger word, as Rocco growled and snarled at me!!Open your mouth bitch, or he will rip your tiny clitty and balls right off!!! I open my mouth and let Rocco snowball with me, Rio now was doing something turning around. Even Rio is embarrassed he just fucked a sissy faggot, he's turned around they all laugh in fits. When Rocco had licked up all the snowball cum in my mouth, he went straight for my cock. One of my boys did warn you not to get hard again bitch Leon said, Rocco clitty. With that Rocco licked my cock it felt soooooooooooo good, as he was Rio pulled his cock out of my ass. Fuck your ass is fucked bitch, they put a bowl under my ass Leon said " anything that comes out of your new pussy you are going to lick up"!!!!!I tried to close my ass but it was a hole now not an ass, I feel the hot doggy cum drip out drop by drop! Then I feel a huge but plug the size of a lemon in my ass, "like your tail dog slut? Don't worry Rio's cum can still come out infact most of it will. Then I felt it moving in my ass, god it felt good!! With Rocco's expert tounge I started to cum!!! Ohhhh god no I screamed as I cum onto Rocco's tounge!! Good boy Rocco, Rocco sat in front of me his pink vainy cock right in front of my face.Rocco growled at me, your turn bitch I heared someone say then all ten men said it YOUR TURN BITCH YOUR TURN BITCH!! With that rocco mounted my face!! Fucking it like it was a bitch in heats pussy, errrr I gag and vomit but Rocco carries on. He is leaking pre cum into my mouth non stop, its bitter gagging I try to not swallow luckily the mouth opener is stopping Rocco's knot from entering my wet soggy mouth.Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fuck yuk he's Cummings his 8 inch pink vainy cock pumping puppy jucies deep into my wide open mouth, I swallow the doggie cum as can't breath.They then bring the bowl around that has been under my pussy, lick your stud dogfriends mess up and you can go if you want to! I look at it loads of dogs puppy batter, I bend down and lick the dog cum from the plate, the video camera is brought to my face for a close up of me licking the cum that came from my ass thanks to Rio!Chapter 2 all locked up, with no where to go!I then felt someone was playing with my cock, fuck what's he doing. That's a chastity 2015 titanium, coloured cage bitch. Bitch I told you not to get hard. I hear a click and my cock is locked up, " now you can go if you want? But if you do we are going to flush your cage key down the toilet!! So what will it be tilly? Much better name for a puppy bitch don't you think?Now its up to you bitch puppy tilly!They let me free of my restraints,first my hands, then my legs. I went to get up Leon shouted you get up tilly and we flush your key down the toilet, then kick the fuck out of you before we l let you go, or you become our pet bitch and we may if you are a good bitch sometimes let you cummies?Or go home to your wife and explain ur cute pink cage, the fact your letting a dog fuck you. Because when we have dub out the green chains, it will look like you just stayed still on your own accorded. Not to mention the lapping up of Rio's doggie cum, so as we promised your free to go just your clitty will be locked up for ever if you do!He tells me to crawl to the toilet, when there he hovers the key to my cock prison over the toilet. You have 5 seconds to decide 5 4 3 ok ok don't do it please I beg you, I cry that makes them smile. You dont talk if your our bitch puppy, you bark 2. I bark a little bark, no you whine like a dogs bitch in heat!! I start to howl, good girl tilly. See that pink collar with dog slut on it, I nod yes go fetch girl. I crawl over and pick it up in my teath, I then drop it he pats me on the head good bitch. But you have to give it to me, so I bend down and grab it with my teeth and drop it in my new Owners stretched out hand. Leon puts my pretty pink collar around my neck, good girl tilly! He attaches a pink lead to my collar and makes me crawl at his side to the dog encloser.I think well they won't be able to fuck me anymore with my tail in, I crawled in thinking well they can't take it out.I crawl in and the dogs all surround me, sniffing me my caged cock. Piss Leon laughed out, all nine studs pissed in my face all over my body I stank!! The gang left, warning me I'm the studs bitch when they want to breed with you, you take out your tail butplug ok bitch! I went to talk and my Owner smacked my ass woof woof, don't forget we are watching you bitch!!I look up loads of CCTV camera's all over the dog enclosed.Chapter 3 ready soon please leave nice comments if you like it? The nine dogs where now following me sniffing my cock, then they all ran as the Alpha pac dog an English Massive growled like a lion. I shit myself as this massive dog walked around me, his huge pink vainey coc swaying as he crawled. I think his cock must have been at least 12 inches swaying from side to side like a bell penderlam. The other dogs pulling away as they know not to upset this huge dog, he puts his huge pink cock in my face next to my lips and barks a massive sound WOOF WOOF!!!! I open my mouth and he rams his cock deep in my throat, gagging trying to breath this brute scull fucks my mouth!!I try to swallow all his precum but there is sooooooooooo much, I gag and spew being sick every where. I here laughing and try to look around, the b**st growls an I turn back. Mount Tyson I hear Leon shout, with that the huge dog goes to my ass. No please he can't fuck my ass I scream!! That's not an ass any more tilly dog slut, its a pussy and not any pussy but these ten dogs pussy. Pull your tail out bitch tilly or you will be sorry, I shake my head no, Leon shouts now bitch!!!Ok hard way it is tilly, I feel the tail but plug expand in my pussy just like a knot. It gets to the size of a lemon I scream ok ok ok, no more please they all laugh! The tail is defated and I bend around and pull it out, lots of blood poor's out. Ohhh forgot to tell you your but plug is filled with bitches seasonal juices, you are going to be a bitch in heat to my studs 24\7 day or night. I then feel Tyson walk over the top of me, his huge pink vainy cock jabbing at my rose bud. Then in one quick motion he rams his huge cock right up my ass, his knot going in and out with his huge 12 inch cock!!I start to scream as the pain is so intence!! Tyson licks my face but carries on fucking his noisy bitch, deep thrusts until his knot is lodged in my pussy and can't come out. His knot now the same as my but plug tail in size a small lemon, began to grow more and more.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXOwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fuck arrrrrrr I cry as my ass is made wider by this huge dog that is over the top of me, getting bigger and bigger now the size of a big orange. I'm crying tears rolling down my face, the gang all laughing. When I think I can't take any more Tyson starts to breed my ass, well say ass its going to be so loose now this huge bastard has fucked me. Bet a real women's pussy is tighter!!My pussy is on first this Alpha Dog is making me his, as he shoots load after load of hot doggie cum up his bitch he leans over and kisses my face and mouth. His huge tounge kissing me, this makes the BBC gang laugh again. "Are how romantic Tyson is when ruining a sissies ass"Then Tyson turns on me locked to him he drags me around the dog enclosure, I have to crawl backwards with him or my poor pussy would be ripped open.He drags me to a corner and trys to pull his huge cock out again, I scream in pain as his knot is still huge!! One of the other dogs a springer spaniel licks at Tyson's cock and my poor battered pussy, this helps Tyson huge cock to go down. When Tyson's cock is about the size of a baseball he rips his cock out of my pussy, a flow of blood and doggie cum shoot out my dog ****d pussy.I grab my tail thinking if I put it in the dogs will leave me alone, I put the lemon sized but plug tail in my pussy and it just drops out straight away!!I try again splat it lands on the floor again!! The BBC gang all laugh as I try over and over but it just falls out my battered pussy!The springer spaniel jumps on to my back ripping my sides with his paws, as he rams his cock in one push into my doggie cum filled bloody pussy knot as well. He keeps on fucking me his knot growing I feel him cumming in what used to be my ass, now a ripped open pussy for all my 10 dogfriends to use and abuse!!I can feel the springers knot growing but only the size of a tangerine, he starts to cum in the dogs bitch ie me. I think god going to be tied to him like I was Tyson, then POP the dog just pulls out.Fuck Tyson has made my pussy gape so big the other dogs can't knot my pussy!!I crawl to my kennel and lay down blood and doggie cum leaking non stop out of my swollen pussy, then I see my Master Leon he puts lead around my collar and takes me inside.I think thank god I'm out of the dog encloser.
04-06-2021, at 11:51 PM

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