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hedonstic crossdressing, part 4

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hedonstic crossdressing, part 4I awoke farily early and feeling a bit disoriented, it to me a moment to realize just where I was. Reality came flooding back as I looked about the dimly lit room, felt the satin on my body from the slip I wore the night before. I was in Vince's bed...this wasn't a dream. I'd really lost my virginity, had sucked cock, had been fucked, hard up my ass a couple of times.My slip had dried cum on it to prove it, from me in the front, Vince's in the back mixed with my own "pussy" stains!I slipped out of bed and headed into Vince's master bath. I clicked on the light and sat down on the toilet to pee. He had a small stand next to the toilet with a couple of magazines on it. One was TV Time contact magazine, which I picked up and started to look through. Apparently, Vince wasn't new to having a taste for transvestites. He also had another mag that had to deal with Dom/Sub type things, and was all men. Certainly a gay theme to this, a bit of leather, cuffs, etc. I'd never seen anything of this type before, and came on one photo of a guy tied down to a bench, with one cock in his mouth and another guy in these leather chap like things, with a really big cock, fucking him in the ass. I had to admit it was an arousing sight.I put the magazines back, got up and headed back to "my" room. I slipped into the bathroom clicked on the lights and started the shower. I pulled off the slip and saw just how crusty it was, especially where Vince had cum. God he came a ton! I put it in the hamper, and stepped into the shower. Grabbing the enema bag, I filled it up and began to administer my enema. God I really do love these, that full feeling...almost as good as having a cock in me!After getting myself all squeaky clean, I got out of the shower, dried off, went and picked out an outfit for the day (or at least the morning). My cock was already springing to life, walking into all these clothes! I pulled out a purple A-line skirt, lined, back zip and cut just above the knee. I found a white satin blouse and my black heels from the night before.I got myself dressed, put on some make up and the same wig. After checking myself in the mirror, I headed downstairs to find Vince. He was in the kitchen, had made coffee and was reading the paper. As I entered the kitchen, he rose from the table and pulled me to him and gave me a warm hug, soft kiss, and a "butt fondle". He showed me where to get a cup for coffee if I liked, and some danish. As I was fixing myself a little coffee and danish, he began telling me what he had on the "agenda" for today. He said he had a small group of friends coming over, were going to watch some basketball game downstairs in his "bar room" (complete with darts!). I must have looked scared to death, and he immediately told me not to worry. They are all cool with alternative lifestyles, drag queens, etc. so it's not an issue. They'll have no problems at all meeting "Elaine". I was still quite nervous about meeting his friends, but obviously they must know that Vince has been with trannies and probably men too. Vince began talking about last night, how much he enjoyed the sex and that he was looking forward to enjoying a lot more of me. He rose from his chair, came up to me and embraced me again, letting his hands fall to my ass. He massaged my butt and told me how erotic it was to have me cum from being fucked...he loved when girls did that. His cock was already getting hard as he continued to talk about noticing how aroused I got while watching the movie. I was really embarrassed and stammered for some type of response. I managed to get out that it was just the newness of seeing something like that for the first time, remembering what he'd said to me while he was fucking me. Remembering him telling me he would have me gang fucked...and now he had some friends coming over.As we stood in the kitchen, his hands on my ass feeling me up, his robe letting his hardening cock slip out of the front and pressing against my skirt,he began to talk more about the days events. My friends will want to watch some of the game, at some point, but I think they'll be a whole lot more interested in finding out if what I've told them about you is true. I pulled back and looked at him very quizzically. He'd indicated that he called them this morning, about a half hour ago, and explained he had company but the were all still welcome to come, just expect to find me with him. I told them just what a hot little fuck you are, and I'm sure that they will want to find out first hand. He had slowly backed me up against the counter, his cock was now getting incredibly stiff. I'm going to fuck you so hard again today Elaine, and, I'm going to enjoy watching a few men gang fuck you. It'll probably be hard to keep them from r****g you as soon as they see your hot little bod!I was getting a little friegtened, thinking of the gay bondage mag he had in his bathroom. He sensed my fear, leaned in close to me, kissed me on the lips, practically jammed his tongue in my mouth, ran his cock up under my skirt and started dry humping my thighs. In my head, I wanted to push him away and slap him right across the face. My body, however, seemed to have control as I moaned softly, and met his thrusts, holding him tightly as we dry fucked standing in his kitchen! After about a minute, he pulled away. Looking me in the eyes, he just said "you'll be getting plenty of this cock soon"...time for me to get ready. Vince went upstairs to get ready, told me to stay downstairs as his freinds would be arriving within the next half hour or so. My head was spinning, again. Vince had just told me I was getting gang banged, and, I didn't even say if I wanted to or not! Fact was, I wanted to, but I was scared to death. A ton of "what if's" and "I wonder", etc were scambling through my head. What a combination, arousal coupled with fear! I fumbled about for the next 20 minutes or so, wondering what I was going to do when the door bell rang.As I opened the door, there were 2 men standing on the stoop...and damn it was cold. I stepped to the side and they came in, shuddering from standing in the cold. There was Bradley, a white male, about Vince's size, although not quite as heavy set, and then Nathan, a black male, maybe a couple inches taller, but much broader and heavier. Probaly 300#'s or better, a very big burly guy. I introduced myself, and then the 2 of them in turn. Bradley eyed me for a bit, but was rather quiet. Nathan made conversation about the weather, then asked if there was any coffee made. I replied yes, and led them into the kitchen. Nathan commented on how very pretty and sexy I looked, and was glad that Vince had "found me". I'm not sure what story Vince gave them, but the way Nathan was looking me over, I'm sure he knew Vince had fucked me hard a couple of times yesterday. Bradley finally spoke up, and I was rather taken aback. He spoke rather softly, and began saying just how much I'm going to love having him "in me". He had moved close and was rubbing his hand on my thigh. Nathan was just watching intently as Bradley continued. I know how you reacted last night when you watched the movie of that hot queen getting nailed by 3 men. I'm really going to enjoy making you squeal like the hot little sissy slut Vince says you are.Just then Vince walked in and "rescued" me. Don't mind Brad Elaine, he's really a nice guy once you get past his "game face". Just then, the door bell rang and Vince motioned for me to go answer. I opened the door and there were 2 more gentlemen which I again stepped aside, let them enter and introduced myself. The first man, Clyde, white, thin about 6 foot tall introduced himself and introduced the 2nd man, Reggie, black about 6 foot as well, and quite stocky. I indicated everyone was in the kitchen and we all walked in and joined the others. Once they'd all said their hello's Vince indicated we should head down to the bar. Nathan, who had moved next to me, put one hand on the small of my back, the other grabbing his cup of coffee and "escorted me" downstairs to the bar. Vince asked all what they wanted for drinks...being 1pm they all, but Nathan, ordered up. Vince made me a "slow, comfortable screw, announcing it to all in attendence. Nathan, who still had a hand to my back, let it drift down to my ass and moved in rather tight next to me. I really didn't know what to do at this point. I was rational enough to know that the cocks were coming, and going to cum all on, in or around, me. I was 1/2 terrified, but also aroused, almost feeling a bit dizzy...maybe from all the testosterone in the room! Nathan was freely feeling me up now, and Bradley, about my least favorite man, had his hands back on my thighs, standing in front of me. Vince began to speak, talking to the guys about being considerate of thier "new playmate", but assured them they would all enjoy my company immensely. I stepped sideways, trying to get away from Bradley and bumbed into Clyde, would turned me to face him, lowered his head and placed his lips to mine. Next thing I knew, all 4 men were around me, hands touching me, fondlling my ass, stroking my legs, even massaging my cock. Reggie, who at this point hadn't said or done anything, began removing his clothes. I looked for Vince but didn't see him anywhere and I started to panic. Just then, bright lights lit up and I could hear the projector noise. Vince spoke out and made some remark about how others would really enjoy viewing this. It hit me, the movie from last night...the gurls initial reaction. A similar event, thousands of miles away...and now it was Vince's turn to reciprocate.Reggie was pretty massive, and very well endowed. He took hold of me next, and the others peeled off of me and got themselves undressed. The men started to talk about what they were going to to do, with me, and how, as if I wasn't even present. Reggie had his lips all over mine as Bradley came up behind me and was pulling my panties down. He whispered into my ear how he loved butt r****g sissy whores like me. I could feel Clyde and Nathan on either side of me, thier cocks pressing against me...hands were everywhere on me. Someone was massaging my cock now, and I was getting a very hard erection.I knew Bradley was behind me, and he would be the first to penetrate me. He told the others to lean me forward, which they did, and he hikded up the back of my skirt, spit several times on my ass, rubbed his cock around in his spit, and then pushed inside me, hard.He pushed until he was all the way in me, and, with the other men holding me bent forward, began thrusting rapidly in and out of me. He wasn't quite as big as the other men, but he was ruthless, and verbal as he was calling me all kinds of names as he continued to slam his cock up into me. Reggie pushed his thick, black cock in between my lips...and I tried to suck him but was so difficult with Bradleys battering ram pounding into me. Clyde was humping my side, saying how much he was going to enjoy fucking this hot little sissy bitch. Bradley pulled out and directed the guys to get me over on the couch. Bradley came around the back of the couch where my head was and shoved his cock into my mouth....telling me to suck the cum out of his cock. Reggie took Bradley's place in my ass. Coming up behind me as I knealt on the seat of the couch, leaning agains the backrest as I sucked on Bradleys cock. I sucked on Bradley hard, as his threat of "skull fucking" was something I didn't want to endure right now. Reggie's cock was thick, and probably about 9". He spit on the head of his cock for some lube, then began working himself inside me. He asked me if I'd ever had black cock before, but I couldn't respond as I was sucking hard on Bradley's cock. Once Reggie got himself all up inside me, he began a very rythmic fucking of my ass. Bradley commented on how hot a big black cock looked fucking a tight little white sissy ass...then told me to get ready to drink his hot seed...and began to pump his jizm into my mouth. Clyde suddenly clamped down his hands on the back of my neck, not letting me retreat at all from Bradley's cock. Take him slut...take his cum Clyde was saying as Bradley bucked and pumped a huge load of cum into my mouth...I had to swallow a couple of times to keep up with the flow. Once Bradley finished, Clyde brought his now throbbing 6" thin cock to my lips and I sucked him between my cum stained lips.Reggie was slamming hard into me now...his thick cock stimulating my prostate, making my own girl cock pulsate and throb from the pleasure of being fucked. I couldn't help it...I was soo turned on...Reggie's cock was going to push me over the edge....and then it did...I started to cum, hard, really hard.I could see his big black frame in the mirror on the wall...,the contrast of big black man, pumping into a little white slut...I kept cumming and cumming.Again, I was cumming from being fucked. Then, Reggie pushed deep into me, leaned forward pressing me hard into the back of the couch...and exploded, pumping his thick cum deep inside me, seeding my ass with his big, black cock.Clyde shot his load right then, shot all over my face and hair. When I started to cum I let his cock slip out of my mouth as my climax was so intense.I don't know whether he jerked off on me, or the sight of Reggie's cock fucking me to climax was too much, but he shot off a lot of hot cum.It took Reggie a couple of minutes before he finally finished cumming. It was so much cum that it was running out my ass, a small stream trickling down the inside of my thigh. There was cum everywhere, and Nathan had yet to have his way with me, and Bradley was still looking at me intentely, and I knew he hadn't had enough of me yet...and then, Vince?I'd cum again from taking cock in my ass, and being fucked like a little sissy slut. I loved Reggie's big, black, beautiful cock, it was so hot to have him take me as he did. I'm cumming, harder and more intense than I'd ever known...cumming from being a slut for men. The day has really just started, where will my next cock come from...and will I ever be "sane" when this is over?!
04-07-2021, at 02:34 PM

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