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Strange meeting ll

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Strange meeting llAfter dinner mother said she's worn out from the visits and was going to have a couple of drinks. I said OK, and went to my room. I sat listening for her to come back to her room. It was about a half hour when there was a knock at the door. Opening it, mother said, I hope I didn't wake you. I'm going to bed. I ran to the phone and call his room. I thought I scared you off being so forward. No, I said. I was waiting for my mother to go to bed. Oh good, he said. I was wondering why you didn't undress like usual. I said, can you come over in an hour. Sure, he said. I closed the curtains just in case others were watching and stripped. I started to worry about what if mother woke up. I nearly talked my self out of it when he knocked on the door. I was nervous and excited. I slowly opened the door to see who it was. Opening the door, he stepped in quickly and locking the door. Turning he hugged me tight. You feel so good, he said softly. Going to the bed he said, let me get a look at you. As he sat I stood in front of him. He ran his hands up my stomach to my chest, then down my sides. Holding my hips, he turned me around. Placing his hands on my shoulders, he moved down slowly. Reaching my butt he slid a finger from the bottom of my butt upwards between the crack of my cheeks. I closed my eyes and my breathing quickened. Very nice indeed, he said. Turning me around facing him, he grabbed me and pulled me to him. As he laid back, he pulled me up on him. My dick was brick hard and my heart pounded. All the worries I had were gone now. As he moved his hand up my back he asked, is this your first time. Yes I said nervously. Hugging me he said, you're in for a treat. Rolling over, he laid on me. He stroked my face softly with the back of his hand. He slid down slowly and kissed my chest. Circling my nipples with his tongue he sucked each one before pinching them between his teeth and pulling them. The pain shot through my body. It hurt some but exciting at the same time. Sliding down further I seen they were red and erect, shining with his saliva. He kissed my stomach and tongued my naval. As I let a soft moan out he said, I'm glad you like it. My head was spinning. Never in my life have I ever felt like this. Reaching my crotch, he pushed my legs apart. He licked and kissed either side of my dick and balls. Lifting one leg, he kissed the inside of my thigh, then the other. Closing my eyes I enjoyed everything that was happening and wondered why I never did this before. Pushing my knees up, he pushed my legs as wide as they could go. He sucked at my balls for a minute, then raised them. He licked the under side of them, then my scrotum. He said, I want to watch you play with yourself. It felt like I was floating. My dick jumped when I touched it. I moved my hand slowly. As I moved up, pre-cum came out of my piss slit. He said, rub it around the tip. Cover the head with it. I shook with excitement. The head of my dick was so sensitive I nearly came. As he pressed against my scrotum, more came out. As it ran down my dick he said to play with myself again. As I moved my hand I felt the urge to cum. Grabbing the base of my dick and squeezing tight he said, not yet baby. When my dick stopped throbbing, he said to get on my knees. Laying between my legs he squeezed my balls sack tight. It hurt and I let a moan out. Don't worry, he said. I won't hurt your wonderful dick or balls. Sucking them into his mouth, he squeezed my dick and stroke it. My heart nearly stopped when he said, spread your butt open. He's going to fuck me, shot through my mind, but I didn't want him to stop. Nervously I opened my butt cheeks exposing my tight hole. The feeling of his tongue on my hole felt strangely nice. As he moved his hand up and down my dick he circled and lapped at my butt hole. I pressed my face against the pillow to cover my moans. After a few minutes he laid down under me and sucked my dick. As he bobbed his head, he rubbed my butt hole with a finger. Just as I started to cum, he pushed his finger in me. He sucked me till I went limp. I was covered in sweat and shaking. My whole body was spent when I heard he said, you taste wonderful baby. When he left I collapsed exhausted.
04-07-2021, at 02:35 PM

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