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Karen - From Trophy Wife to Slutwife - 4

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Karen - From Trophy Wife to Slutwife - 4Chapter OneKaren and I have been having some fun lately with her new found sluttiness. She has been teasing the bag boys at the grocery store. They fight over who is going to sack our groceries, so they will get a nice tip when they help bring our bags to the car. What?s really funny is I have someone on staff that grocery shops for me. So our trips to the store are just to tease them.I know its cruel in a way, but those boys will have some visuals for their spank bank when they head to bed. Karen usually is dressed in a very revealing manner. Whether its her short skirts or low tops. Her nipples have always been in a perpetual state of arousal, something she always used to cover up with bras, but now they are left to be proudly viewed by everyone that cared to look.I try to keep up with Karen?s constant need for excitement. Each time is another adventure for her. That?s what I call these things I come up for her to do, adventures. I?ve had her come to my office several times. Of course, there?s the time I took her on my desk with the door unlocked. She was looking back at the door the entire time, wondering if someone was going to come in on us.Once I had her giving me a blowjob under my desk when a client came in. I had planned it that way. She tried to be silent and not be noticed, but I had other plans for her. When I came down her throat, I had her come out from under the desk, exposing herself to the client. After I instructed her to swallow, she used her manners and thanked me. She then gave the client the same treatment, much to his amusement.We often played games in restaurants, and bars but this was becoming too easy. She needed a challenge. Something that would tip her off balance. She longed to be set free, not in the literal sense, but to be allowed to be the true slut that she longed to be. To do things that liberated herself from the moral compass we all have.When I came home one evening after work, I fould Karen in a very excited state. She told me that Chad, our yard boy, had come by to visit. She told me that he was wanting to ask me if she could be the entertainment for a bachelor party for a buddy of his. It was coming up this next weekend. I told her that I thought it sounded like a fun idea.I made the call to Chad and discussed my ideas and demands. I wanted all of the participants to be tested and have their results by the the time of the party. He felt that wouldn?t be an issue and really sounded excited about my ideas. I know Karen couldn?t wait to have Chad?s big cock inside her again.The day finally came and Karen was so excited. I had picked out a beautiful silk mini dress for her. She wore thigh high stocking and 4? heels to match. She didn?t wearing any body jewelry this time, as I felt she would get lots of use and it might get in the way. We arrived at the suite I had arranged for. We were early and had a few drinks before the guys arrived. Karen wanted to suck my cock before they came but told her that I wanted to wait, that this night was for her. She smiled and thanked me.The first knock of the night came, and she answered the door. It was Chad and another five guys including the groom. Karen greeted everyone with a kiss and a hug, then served everyone drinks. We all were mingling when the door rang again. Karen went and let a large group in. This made the total count at 14 guys. We all went to the main room of the very large suite. Karen began dancing to the music. I?ve always thought that she dances sexy, but this was lust inspired. She finally started to reveal her breasts, then the dress was off. She was dancing in a room full of young men in just her stockings and heels. She was obviously turned on by all of the attention.She would pick out a guy and go up to him. Karen would grind on his cock through his clothing, then move on to the next. The groom had been placed in a chair like a King. She sauntered up to him and sat in his lap, facing him. She rubbed her breasts in his face. He took her hard nipples into his mouth, sucking on them, back and forth. She kissed him deeply, while she rubbed her wet pussy on the crotch of his pants. As turned on as she was, I would imagine that his pants would have to thrown away after tonight. I knew that she had cum at least a few times from all of this grinding.When she found Chad in the group, she fell at his feet and nuzzled his enormous cock. She opened her mouth and sucked his bulge through his pants. This left a giant wet spot where his cock was. She had been giving me head all week thinking about his monsterous cock. Chapter TwoI had ordered some appetizers from room service. When the guy came up with the order, Karen answered the door naked, in just her collar, stockings and heels. He was gawking at her loveliness when he pushed the cart inside. There was no doubt that he knew what was going on with a naked female and a room full of turned on guys.To Karen?s credit, she dropped to her knees at his feet and took his cock out with her teeth. When she swallowed his hardening cock to the roar of the crowd, she was in her element. We all watched in amazement, as she bobbed her head up and down on his throbbing cock, while her hand was diddling her clitty.Being in a room full of guys while she performed fellatio on the waite staff, Karen was in control of the crowd. Her fingers were going away on her sloppy pussy. The sloshing sounds were getting everyone, including me, into the scene. When the room service guy blew his wad into her waiting mouth, the crowd went wild again. I let them all cool down for a bit. Karen saw to everyone?s drinks. I?m sure they all just wanted to line up and start fucking my slutwife, but I wanted everyone to be at their peak before the fun started. Once everyone had a fresh drink I had Karen come to the center of the room. She knelt at my feet in her presentation pose. When I lifted her face with my finger, I could see the lust in her eyes. I could already smell her arousal. I leaned down and kissed her. She moaned into my mouth. We kissed for several minutes. When we finally broke our embrace, I instructed her to assume position #6. This is the surrender position, her legs are brought together and under her. Her head is down on the floor, with her arms pointing back and at her side. I primarily used this position for her to relax, refocus, and meditate. It brings Karen back to center.I did let her focus her breathing and relax. But I wanted to prepare her for the upcoming festivities, so I took some lube and spread it on my fingers then onto her ass. I entered her puckered hole with first one finger, then two. I let her adjust before I started spreading my fingers to loosen her up. I instructed her to maintain her breathing, while I worked my fingers in her ass. When I felt she was ready, I took a large butt plug, lubed it up and pressed it against her tight hole. Like a good girl, she pressed back against the invading plug. It took a few minutes but it seated easily into the recesses of her ass. I reached down to find her pussy dripping wet. I knew she was ready for use, but I still wanted to prep the crowd some more.I gave her a few slaps on her round ass, to get her color started. I knew that this would stimulate her, as well as, the crowd of horny guys. When I instructed her to assume the #5 position (ass up) this would get her in the prime mode for sex. This the position that she gets in every evening when she waits for me to come home.Karen is now on all fours, with her legs spread wide. Her head is still on the floor, with her back arched, to present her cunt and ass. She?s resting on her elbows with her hands even with her shoulders and pointing forward. She wiggled her plug back and forth, teasing the guys with her overt sexuality.I reached down and spread her labia, showing her swollen and glistening pussy. It was already primed for use, but I wanted to continue to work the crowd. I fingered her waiting hole, sloshing her juices as I did. She asked to cum and I allowed it. Her spasms clinched on my fingers as I continued to work them in and out of her hole.I took the largest dildo we had and pressed it against her lips. She pushed back and swallowed in into her wet pussy. The phallus is about 14? long and very thick. I left it hanging partially out while I reached down and cupped her smallish tits. Her moans were audible to the crowd. I pinched her diamond hard nipples. The crowd oh?d and ah?d when her pussy clinched the dildo with my ministrations.I had Chad come down and work the cock in and out of her tight hole, while I pulled on her nipples. She came instantly, much to the delight of the guys. She was one hot slutwife and she had the crowd in the palm of her hand. They were ready for some action.Chapter ThreeI told them I was taking her into one of the bedrooms to finish preparing her for them. They were all high fiving each other. Karen was just as excited as they were. I made her walk in front of them with the plug and dildo still embedded in her holes. Her face was filled with lust. These guys didn?t stand a chance of surviving.So we went into the bedroom. I removed her plug and dildo. I had her get on all fours on the bed. I placed a spreader bar between her knees, so they were as wide as she could take. Then I secured her hands to the bar. I told her that I would be in the room at all times for her safety. She repeated her safe word.I checked her splayed pussy and found it dripping wet. I applied some more lube to her puckered ass hole and fingered her awhile. When I thought that she was ready for the guys, I gave her a nice hard slap on her upturned ass. I told her to cum as many times as she wanted, but to count them and to remember her manners.I went back out to the main room. I spoke with Chad and the guys about what the rules were. All of Karen?s holes were open and ready for their cocks. Each guy would get a chance to fuck her wherever they chose. Once everyone had had their turn, then we would see if she was up for repeat performances. they were all good with that, Chad and I escorted the groom in first.Matt (the groom) came in and already had his cock out. He was nicely hung and went right to work. He slipped into Karen?s wet pussy with ease. With her not being able to move, he set the pace. At first he was rather slow but when Karen came in the first 2 minutes, he couldn?t hold back. When she hollered out, ?One, thank you SIr.? he totally lost it and fucked her hard for the next minute before cumming deep inside her. When he was getting off, Karen was screaming ?two?. The next several guys gave her a good hard and fast fuck. She could hardly keep up. Her breath was ragged and her count was going up rapidly. Chad came back in to check on things and I had him sit on the bed beside her. I wanted her to be looking at the one cock that she was craving, while the others took what they wanted from her.Her eyes never left his huge shaft, while guys took her ass and pussy. She had come from every single cock that entered her. Her count was in the double digits quickly and we were only half way through. Chad was stoking his cock right in front of her face. Karen was licking her lips and begging for him to let her taste it. Some of the guys were getting impatient so I let a few come in and have their dicks sucked while they were waiting. During one particularly rough fuck, Karen had a big cock down her throat when she tried to thank me for her orgasm. I had everyone stop. I explained to her that having a cock down her throat was no excuse for not thanking me properly.I gave her 10 nice slaps on each cheek to remind her that her orgasms still belonged to me. She came from her punishment, but thanked me for the correction. This really stirred the crowd and resulted in several very short, fast fucks. Karen was becoming overfilled with cum. She had cum oozing from her ass down through the swollen labia and dripping on the sheets. She asked for a change in position.We flipped her over on her back and she took another several guys like that. Her count was up to 22 orgasms when Chad?s turn came up. I wanted something special for him, so I had two guys unstrap her and had them hold her legs over her head and her arms were over her legs and out to the side. This lifted her ass up in the air and displayed her pussy and ass hole nicely.Chad stood over her on the bed and looked down at her splayed sex. She was looking up at him and licking her lips. He bent his legs and eased right into her drenched pussy. Karen?s eyes rolled back in her head. His thick shaft sent her over the top. She was thanking me for the next 2 minutes. Her count was going up like a ring of a cell phone.Chad was impressing his buddies with his cockmenship. Karen was reaching a point with Chad that she needed a rest. So I had the guys take a break and refresh their drinks. Chad and I stayed with her and let her lie flat, while we stroked her softly. Chad was kissing her, when her body came alive again. I went and got Karen a bottle of cool water. I knew that she needed to re-hydrate. When I returned, she was between Chad?s legs and had his massive cock down her throat. Her gagging had saliva dripping from her slutty mouth. I let her finish him off before I had her sit up and drink the water. I asked her if she would be able to go another round with a few of the guys. She said that Chad had helped her get her second wind and she?d be glad to take all comers. I had Chad get her a towel and help her clean some of the cum from her sex. When she was more presentable, I had him fetch the guys that wanted another shot at her.She handled them all like a trooper. She continued to count her orgasm and thank with each one. She got up to 35. I really did that to try and help her stay focused. It seemed to work. When everyone had finished, I thanked them all for their using my slutwife. I had Chad wait while they all left. I asked him to spend the night with us as a reward for Karen?s being such a good girl.We all took a short nap spooning with Karen in the middle of us. When I woke up, her hand was stroking my cock while Chad was down eating her pussy out. We all made love for the next few hours. Karen ended up with Chad cumming in each of her slut holes. We all but carried her to the car in the morning. When we arrived home, I put her in the hot tub and let her muscles loosen a bit before I made her go to bed and get some much needed rest. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow.To be continued??.
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