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In the pool

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In the poolOne of my first girl friends (we will call her "C") , was around 45 years old and was a fairly short lady of about 5'2". I am 6' tall and 25 years old. She was a little on the plump side with large breast (I guessed double D's)and bright red hair. Because I was vary shy, we were introduced to each other by a guy that I worked with at the printing company . One of the things she did that I loved(and he knew it) was that she wore dresses most of the time, expressly summer dresses. You know the type, ones that were shot, frilly and had a strait, fairly low neck line that exposed the top of her ample tits! Now "C" was an apartment manager at that time. She was the manager of a small complex by the air port of about 30 units. The complex had a small in ground swimming pool in a court yard in the center of the complex. One night at about 12:30 PM on a Friday night, "C" told me she was in the mood for a swim. I said that sounded nice. She then surprised me and went into the apartment complex office, which has a door to her apartment. I followed wondering what she was doing. "C" went to the circuit breaker box and flipped some switches. Then she went past me, giving me a very big smile, telling me to change there in the office. So I changed into my swimming trunks while she went into her bed room to change. She came out a few moments later in her one piece swim suit. We garbed a couple towels and went out the fount door which leads to the court yard. It was a warm Texas summer night after a hot summer day so the air was still warm. The lights in the court yard we off. That must have been what she was doing at the circuit breaker box. The only lights that were on was the lights by each door of the six apartment doors that faced the court yard on each of the two floors and the under water light in the pool. It was vary romantic. We threw the towels onto a table and jumped in the pool. We swam and played around for a while and after splashing each other for about 10 min. she stopped and gave me a big smile and wigged her finger in the come here signal. So I swam toward her and she started backing up away from me until she got to the side of the pool with her back . I reached her and she threw her arms around me and pulled me tightly to her body and her big boobs. She and I kissed and she started moving us side ways toward the deep end of the pool which was only about 5 feet deep. I could still reach the bottom of the pool but she had to hold on to me to stay afloat. Now she was only my second girl friend that I had sex with. We kissed and hugged for a little bit. Then all of a sudden she took off her swim suit and threw it over by the table where we threw the towels. I followed and took my trunks off and threw them over by hers. So here we are, naked in a public pool, in the center of a apartment complex! I keep her sandwiched between me and the side of the pool, witch seamed like what she wanted by the way she was hugging and kissing me. We smiled at each other and started to kiss again and started feeling each up, all over each others body! After about 5 min. of feeling each other up, she grabbed my cock and started to give me a hand job. After a few min she asked how it felt while still holding my cock. I told her that it felt exciting, there in the pool at the center of the apartment complex. After a bit I decided it was my turn and dove down, pulling my cock away from her hand and started to kiss her cunt lips and feel her up all over, soon putting my hands up on her tits and started pinching her nipples. After a few min, I had to come up for air. then she grabbed my hard cock again and dove under the water. The next thing I knew, she had my hole dick in her month. She started sucking as hard as she could while sliding my member in and out of her month. After a few min. she had to come up for air, So I decided that I would do for her what she had been doing for me. I dove down and started to lick all over her cunt lips and slid a finger in to her cunt, moving it in and out. After a few min, I had to came up for air and she dove down again. By now the air was starting to cool off, so the water felt warm. The feeling of the warm water and then her warmer month really felt great as she sucked and slid my dick in and out of her month. Again she had to come up for air so I dove back down and slid two fingers in to her cunt and started to lick her clitoris. Up and down then side to side went my lounge. I was sure that she was enjoying it by the way she pulled my head in to her and held it there. But sadly I had to come up for air again. Down she went again, sucking my dick into her month. while She played with my balls. By now her sucking and sliding in and out was starting to get to me. She came up for air and down I went. This time I slid three fingers in to her cunt as hard as I could. Her hole body shook as my fingers rammed into her clit on the slid in. In and out went my fingers, in and out, sliding my fingers hard on the in stroke so they would slam into her clit. Sadly I had to come up for air again. But this time before she had time to dive again, I rammed my cock into her hot cunt as hard as I could. She pulled me harder to her and sighed with a little moan as I slid in. And so we started to fuck passionately right there in the center of the apartment complex!!. All of a sudden I stopped. "C" asked what was wrong. I told her to listen. We heard voices and some one laughing. Some one was coming home after a evening at the bars. I hug her as close as I could making sure we were in the dark as much as I could. They walked about half way threw the court yard and stopped. I could tell they were hugging and feeling all over as they were kissing. Suddenly she stopped and pushed him back away form her. I could just barely hear her tell him that there was some one in the pool. They were only about 10 feet away from us. They looked our way and he started to say something but she told him to be quite and grabbed his hand, puling him away toward there apartment telling him to be quite and let us be alone as they left the court yard. They went up the stairs to the second floor and I herd the door unlock and open. As she was pulling him inside he yell," Have a good time you two!" She hit him by the sound of it and closed the door.We smiled at each other and started up again. I had started to go soft so It took a little bit before I was hard again, but with her help it did not take vary long! So we just really started going at it.. After a little bit I exploded in to her and let out a big shy. She smiled, hugging me and kissing me as my cock went soft again. Then she grabbed my hand and we ran to the towels and suits, grabbing them as fast as we could and ran into her apartment. We fell laughing on to the couch and kissing passionately again. It was such a rush!!! The next day we were in the office as she was doing some paper work that had to do with the complex and I was just spending some time with her and watching the small TV that was there. The door opened and a lady came into the office. She looked at both of us with a weird look on her face, then handed an envelope to "C" and said she was sorry if they bothered us last night. We looked at each other and "C" said that she did not know what the lady was talking about. The lady looked at both of us again, this time with a big smile on her face and left. We had another laugh and a great day. Later that day there was a small tornado in the air port that was a little bit behind the complex. It was small and just blew thing around a little bit. Was that a sign???
04-15-2021, at 01:52 PM

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