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What does sex do to your body

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WHAT DOES SEX DO TO YOUR BODYSEX what's happening to your body during sexWhat?s Happening To Your Body During Sexwhat sex does to your body6 reactions your body experiences during sexual intercourseHave you ever thought about what?s happing to your body during sex? Not only does a sexual intercourse pumps you up and fills you with excitement, but it is also very beneficial for your health. Pretty much a win-win combination.That said, why aren?t we practicing it more often? I can?t stress this enough: have sex on a regular basis, like 2-3 times a week. Indeed, I read somewhere on the web about the suggested number. However, I would not be saying it if I would not undergo years worth of trial and error, figuring the right amount of weekly action. I am certain it will work out for you, too. Especially in combination with the right length of the sex.Sex is good for your heart, sleep, immune system and brain. Moreover, it kills stress and helps you live a way more joyful life. Yes, you will walk around with a wide smile decorating your face. A nice morning romp will help you go through the day effortlessly. Just give it a go if you do not believe me. People will envy you.Talking to friends and strangers, many say that they are having sex maybe every f******n days ? some even once a month! I seriously am in shock each time I get an answer like this. Why oh why do couples jump between the sheets less often the longer they are together? Sure, you get used to each other, but that freaking does not mean you need to lack horizontal refreshments. Going bang-sy will do only good to your body and mind.When you will find out what?s happening to your body during sex through this cool infographic we put together for you, I am sure you will think about the bang-bang differently. It is an exercise, it will improve sleep, and it will help you enjoy more of that delicious food. Not to mention, whenever you are in any kind of pain, just introduce a little kink into your life and you will immediately feel better.Without further ado, let?s find out what?s happening to your body during sex activity.HEARTSex is a very fun heart exercise. The more energetic and vivid you are, the more your heart benefits from it. When you are about to orgasm, your heart rate can hit up to 150 beats per minute. It is compared to walking fast or light jogging, burning 85 to 250 calories.Are you up for a challenge to beat that number?STRESSSex requires a more complex brain activity what causes the systolic blood pressure to drop back to normal faster, resulting in stress reduction.Got a big presentation or meeting coming? Just have sex, and everything will be OK.sleepAfter you reach an orgasm, the body releases hormone prolactin which hits you with the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. Sex is more likely to make men sleepy than women.No doubt, you will retire quicker after sex.IMMUNE SYSTEMResearches showed that having sex on a regular basis produces more infection-fighting antibodies what reflects in increased levels of certain pathogen-fighting white blood cells.Sex every day keeps the doctor away.BRAINSex reacts similarly to a d**g. It is all because of the release of the dopamine, a neurotransmitter that activates the reward center of the brain. Just like when taking cocaine, smoking a cig, drinking a cup of joe, or wolfing down on that delicious chocolate bar.It?s good to be high on sex.STOMACHAs a side effect of adrenaline, the boost of acid production is very likely to be responsible for an increase in appetite.Make sure your fridge is stocked all the time ? someone might get mad instead!
04-15-2021, at 01:52 PM

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