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A friend visits

Post #1

A friend visitsWe had spoken about it and you were sure you wanted him to fuck you so when you arrived at my place, I said that I had spoken to him and he wanted to come over and use you like you talked about. What I didn?t know till I spoke to him was that he wanted me there to direct the whole thing and take pictures; this was all good to me as you know how much I loved to see you filled with cum in every hole.The night came and I had you in my place getting you ready for his arrival, you were to be a total cum slut and I was going to make sure that you got used in every way possible. I had already fucked you hard in the bathroom as you got out of the shower and were putting on your makeup so you looked like you had been ****d already as it was smudged everywhere as I pumped my hard cock in to you while you tried to apply it.This well used look was just what I wanted and even as you tried to apply the lipstick for wrapping around his cock later I fucked you hard making you smudge it each time and made you stay that way for his visit. I had you bent over the bathroom counter as I fucked you hard in your tight ass saying that I was going to tie you up and let a gang of strangers **** you and cum in your cunt, you moaned and said yes master anything you wish and started to cum as I kept talking and fucking you.I felt you cum and as your ass muscles tightened around my cock I fired a hot stream of cum in to you filling your tight ass full. I left you there panting and told you not to touch your makeup leave it smudged and before I walked out I grabbed your hair and dragged you around pulling your face to my cock so I could wipe my cum coated cock on your face and use your hair to clean it up before sliding it in to your mouth for you to suck clean.You were in no doubt that I was in charge tonight and things were going to happen as I wished and you were very excited. I came back in to the bathroom with a top and panties and told you to put them on and once you had I ripped the top exposing a breast and tore it in a few other places and also ripped your panties so the gusset was open. Looking at my work I smiled and called you to follow me in to the front room, where I had a set of cuffs hanging from the hook in the roof, these were adjustable so I could have you at any height I wanted and as you approached I told you to lift your arms as I tied you in to them.So there you hung ripped clothes makeup smudged cum in your ass and over your face and looking so sexy I almost came again. This was how the night was going to go and he was in for a shock as I noted that he was a wimp and despite having a big cock he wanted to be dominated too, and Master was going to to it to both of you. I fed you wine as you hung there making you drink glass after glass till I saw your eyes blur and knew you were tipsy but not pissed, I didn?t want you passing out.A few finishing touches were needed and I started to bite your tit hard marking them and also grab at your thighs making them bruise with my hands I also slapped your cunt lips hard so they were red and swollen making you moan like a whore as I did it. This all added to the image I wanted to give off, I fingered some of my cum from your ass in to and around your cunt smearing it all over so it looked like 10 men had used you.The door went and I walked to answer it with a drink in my hand and as I answered the man smiled and said hello I am studdy from the Hub I said you are late and turned and walked in to the room he followed me in and stood there looking at you and right then you looked like you had just been gang banged by 10 black men and had not recovered. He did not know what to say and I said to him as you were late I let a group of strangers fuck the slut and do as they wanted to her as you can see, He stammered saying he was sorry and I said you will now have to clean the slut up before I let you use her.He looked at me with slight trepidation on his face and I saw the bulge in his pants and knew I had him. I said don?t just stand there get stripped so my slut can see your cock after all its what she wanted and he slowly stripped not sure of what to say, your eyes were fixed on his cock and as it sprang free I saw a smile from your lips,?? You were such a dirty slut?? I told him he would have to lick the cum from your body before he could stick his cock in your cunt but if he did a good job I may let him stick it in your ass too.He walked to you looking at your breast as it hung from your ripped top and saw the teeth marks on it he also saw the ripped panties and the cum smeared all over them and I saw his cock jerk as he got close to you, he spoke softly to you saying how sorry he was that he was late and for this happening and then he slipped his mouth on to your breast and began to suck it softly licking and sucking your nipple. As he looked at you he could see the cum around your face mouth and even in your hair and began to lick it from your makeup smeared face.I could tell he was excited as he licked cum from you and I saw his hand reach for your cunt and as a finger slipped in a little moan escaped your lips, I said make sure you lick that cunt clean and he said yes sir and dropped to his knees pulling the ripped panties off so he could bury his face in your cummy cunt. As you hung there I saw your nipples getting harder and harder as he licked sucked and bit your pussy lips probing with his tongue getting every drop of cum from you, I walked over and said don?t forget those guys fucked her ass too and as I lifted your leg high so your sexy ass leaked some more cum from it and I said every fucking drop do you hear me.He nodded and said yes sir and as his tongue probed your ass so his fingers were slipping in and out of your cunt, I pulled the camera from behind me and clicked away at this sight you hung like a side of meat and him sucking cum from your ass while fingering your cunt, it was a very sey sight and we would enjoy the pics later, as he finished licking your ass and cunt I saw you climax on to his face and as I looked it smeared all over him as he ground his face in to your pussy and ass. I reached over and ripped the top free exposing your tits and he looked as I grabbed one hard marking it with my hand and making you whimper as I sad you missed a bit and straight away he reached his mouth up as I fed your cum coated nipple in to his open mouth to suck clean.I said ok now you have cleaned the slut what would you like to do to her and he looked at me and in a quiet voice said ??I loved the pics of her tits with weights on and I would love to force the cucumbers in her holes before making her eat it. I looked at you and smiled saying I think that will be just fine and I said everything you want is in the fridge and on that table. As he went to the kitchen I lowered you from the hook and kissed you quickly on the lips sliding my tongue in and fingering your pussy as I pushed you forward on to the bench in front.I quickly cuffed your wrists to you ankles as you knelt there and pushed you forward so your face was down and your cunt and ass were exposed in this position. He came back in and saw you there helpless and exposed and smiled at me saying thank you sir and walked forward with a bag of freshly peeled cucumber and not the small ones these were the biggest I could find. I showed him the weight and sat back with my camera to watch.He grabbed your left nipple and clamped some weights on to it before letting it go to swing down free, he was obviously enjoying this as his big cock bounced and twitched as he moved around you, I snapped pictures of this as he clipped another clamp to your right nipple and this time more weigh was on it and it really stretched your nipple hard I heard you whimper as he did it and as I snapped pictures I saw your hot pussy lips start to peel back a sure sign you were horny and wet and enjoying this as much as I was.He stood back and admired his work before grabbing the bag with the cucumbers in, he selected two large ones and as he looked at me I nodded and he slid the first one to your pussy entrance and slowly eased it in to you, and as you were so wet it slid in straight away your reaction was fantastic and you moaned ??yes that?s it push it deeper fuck my cunt hard like a slut?? He was now stroking his big cock as he forced it in and out of your sexy pussy making it glisten with your pussy juice. I was clicking away and had my cock out too wanking slowly as I watched him work on you.He grabbed the second one having to let go of his cock to do so and eased it to your tight ass before forcing it in to you slowly stretching your ring and making you shout out as he thrust it deep inside you ?? Yes Yes that?s it fuck both my holes please harder make slut come please and he did just that thrusting them both all the way inside both your sexy holes and stretching you wide at the same time. The pictures were amazing and I moved in with the camera my cock hard and proud bouncing around as it took two hands to work the camera. I watched him fuck your cunt and ass hard with the cucumber until the one in your ass disintegrated with all the juice and friction from your ass what was left in there was deep and he could not get it out, That was something you would have to squat and squeeze out later, and my camera was going to get a picture of that too, as I knew it would have cum all over it too.I said to studdy don?t just stand there get your cock in her fucking slut ass and fuck that cucumber out of her and he immediately jumped behind you and as your ass was still stretched from the cumber he slid his rock hard cock in to your tight ass in one easy motion, and went in about four inches before stopping, you let out a loud moan and said your ass was so full. I told him to push his cock all the way in and fuck your ass I don?t care how full it is and as he did just that I carried on fucking your cunt with the cucumber. You were crying out now every time he pumped his fat cock in your full ass and I forced the cucumber in your soaking cunt. The weights on your tits were swinging as we fucked you and they were increasing the sensation in your swollen nipples as we pumped harder and harder. You came again and again pleading for us to stop as you could not take any more but I told studdy not to dare stop until his cum was pumping in to your ass along with the now mushy cucumber stuck in there.He did as I told him and as he pumped harder he grabbed your hair saying the feeling of all the cucumber mushed up in your ass was amazing and he pumped harder and harder in to you, the cumber started to squeeze out as he pumped in and the one in my hand also started to break up in your wet cunt. I forced it deeper in to you till I lost the end in your sweet cunt and then studdy froze with one final pump in to your stuffed ass and he said he was cumming in your ass this made you cum again as you felt his big cock shoot cum in your already full ass. As he finished he slid his sizable cock out of your gaping ass and I told him to get the slut to suck him clean and as he moved to the front of you still holding your hair I slid my cock in to your cunt and began to fuck you with the other cucumber still inside you and it felt amazing as my cock pushed on it every time I pumped in to you.You sucked on his messy cock like a good slut and he was enjoying the sensation as you slowly ran your tongue up and down his shaft licking every bit of him clean including pulling his foreskin down and sucking around his head. By now I was pumping into you hard and close to cumming the cucumber was breaking in to mush just like the one in your ass, and it still felt amazing as I finally thrust deep in to you and spurted my hot cum in to your cunt along with the cucumber that was stuck in there.Study Said that was amazing as he sat there his cock finally slipping from your mouth as you panted hard with all the climaxes you had been through so far, and as I slid my cock from your stuffed cunt a nice drizzle of cum and cucumber juice followed it, I took a picture and then I moved my cock to your mouth and said clean me slut to which you said yes sir and sucked my shaft deep in to your mouth licking and drinking all the juice from my cock.I said to studdy you broke the cucumber you will clean it up do you understand me and he nodded not sure what I had in mind I unclipped you and with a hand on your cunt I walked you both to the bathroom where I told him to lay down in the big walk in shower and as he did so I told you to stand over him which you did, then I removed my hand and said I want you to empty both your holes now slut on him and you looked at me and squatted down and began to push. He lay there and I said hands down and lay still as you pushed it was not long before a long stream of piss and cucumber squirted out all over him covering his face and mouth I patted your head and said good slut but there is more now push it out. And I heard you grunt as you forced the cucumber mush wedged deep in your ass to shoot out covering his body as it flew out all over him. I clicked away with the camera s you relieved yourself and then I said right slut get him in the shower and wash him off as I walked out to get a drink.I gave it 5 minutes before I went in to the bathroom and as I expected knowing what a cum slut you were I saw you on your knees with his fat cock in your mouth as the water cascaded all over your bodies, I watched as you sucked him of and he looked at me worried but I said it was fine as long as she gets your cum and with that he grabbed your hair and pumped harder in to your mouth. I knew he would be reaching the back of your throat and hoped he would shoot his cum in your mouth. I snapped some more pictures as you sucked his cock sliding it in and out of your hot mouth until I saw you gag and knew that he was pumping his cum in to your throat Like I told him too, I said show me slut and you opened your mouth to show me a large deposit of cum in your mouth which you tongued as I snapped away. Then you swallowed it all and finished washing him before getting up and walking out to the bedroom.I said thank you for your cum now dress and leave if you wish to play again drop me a line.
04-15-2021, at 01:53 PM

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