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BEST Job Interview

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BEST Job InterviewI got to the job interview early; I used the time to go over everything I think they would ask. The secretary called me in and showed me to the head HR lady?s office. She looked to be in mid to late 50s and didn?t even stand up to shake my hand? ?Mr. Sam? she said pulling her glasses down slightly over the bridge of her nose ?I regret to inform you that the position you applied for has been filled, we? tried contacting you by phone and via email, but none of them seemed to work ? cause here you are? ?I??, ?I?ll tell you what? she moved the papers that were in the middle of the desk to the left side of it, she got up from her chair, she wore a beige suit and her skirt was almost to her knees with a slit to the side. She stared at me ?handsome man? ?thank you? I responded feeling very disappointed. I watched her slowly pulling her skirt up, ?Since you made it here and I am feeling very generous? and horny? ? Her skirt was up to her waist now, her pink VS undies were stretched to the max, and on both sides were thick bushes of hair. I looked up at her, my eyes were bulged out, she reached forward and pulled me up by my tie and than pushed my head down ?eat this pussy and make me cum, I will give you 500 dollars? BUT you need to get it done in less than 3 minutes, no fingering, just lick and suck? she added while pushing my head in between her thighs.I could not believe it, but I was on a timer, I quickly pulled her panty to the side? Her clit was huge, even through that entire bush it extended out. This was the first time I was eating a bushy woman, I?ve had trimmed and bald but damn? She had a faint smell of soap and sweat and musk, I flicked my tongue on her clit and started licking as fast as I could ?I know you can do better than that? she said now caressing my head, I looked up at her and spread her pussy wide open, slight smell of piss hit me but I didn?t care, I took a long lick from her hole to her clit ?Two minutes and 10 seconds left? she said, the pressure. I took her big clit in my mouth and started sucking on it ?yyyyeeeeessssssssssss? she moaned and leaned back on her desk, I pushed her legs far apart and sucked her clit faster, it got hard in my mouth, within 20 seconds she came in my mouth, it was salty but I swallowed as much as I could. ?GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR? is all she said, she held her mouth not to shout out loud, than she pushed me off. ?I still have one minute 50 seconds? I told her and pushed her back down, the look on her face that moment was priceless, this time I inserted two fingers inside of her, as I fingered her, she squirted all over her desk I had to hold her mouth shut for her not to scream. Once we were done, she fixed her skirt, grabbed some tissue on her desk and asked me to clean it up. As I did that, she reached in her purse and handed me my money, when I counted it, it was 1000 dollars? ?But you said? ?, ?I can?t hire you here Sam, but I can give you a job to do for me for the next 6 months? she approached me and kissed me on the lips ?I?ll give you a thousand a week just to come in and make me cum like that? but no fucking!? That was more money than I was getting at my last job, so for the next six months, I?ll keep you all posted? O
04-15-2021, at 01:53 PM

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