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The New Playmate's Friends
The New Playmate's FriendsThe New Playmate's Friends by MaxSebastian 1 The young schoolboy lay back in the bath, entirely relaxed. The hot, steaming water enveloped his firm, slender yet muscular frame, the white foam making little islands of his knees, his slumbering penis and his head as he lay back, closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Jonathan could still feel a tingling running through his body from the morning?s encounter with Lucy, the daughter of his father?s new fiancée. It was the first day of the Christmas Vacation ? his last ever Christmas vacation while at school ? and his father and his father?s soon-to-be-bride Emma were at work, leaving the two young teenagers at home. At almost the earliest opportunity that day, the tender young redhead had slipped into his bed and after having her wicked way with him, she had announced that some of her school friends would be coming around to sample his delights. Lying in that bath, he wondered what would happen that day. His feelings were confused: he was very excited at the prospect of spending the day fooling around with a few schoolgirls, but the apparent ease at which Lucy would share him had surprised him a little. Didn?t she want him just for herself? If not, why not? Wasn?t he good enough? What was he feeling? Did he love Lucy? To think that she might not love him did hurt him slightly deep down: it made him feel empty inside. But was it really love he felt? He had never really had a girlfriend before, so he couldn?t determine the limits where lust became love. He breathed in the humid air of the bathroom, which smelled of the peach bath foam he had in his bathwater. Perhaps it would be less complicated if he and Lucy didn?t love each other. They could be like brother and sister, except with a little more spark between them. He tried not to worry about it, and went about washing himself, cleaning off the sweat and other emissions from the morning?s exertions. ?Jonny,? Lucy popped her head around the bathroom door just as he was getting out of the bath, and she got a real eyeful, ?they?re here!? ?Oh,? he said, pulling a large red towel in front of him. ?They?re sitting downstairs waiting for you,? she said, a glimmer of fire in her eyes as she slipped into the bathroom and put one of her little hands around his damp genitals. ?Mmm?nice and clean?? After her shower, Lucy had changed into a pair of tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt that clung to her girlish figure revealing every curve. ?I?ll just put on a few clothes,? he said, before kissing her offered lips. ?Why don?t you just come down like this,? she said with an impish grin. ?It?ll save time.? He stepped away from her and fastened the towel around his stirring loins. ?No, I think I?ll feel more comfortable in front of strangers if I have a few things to cover me.? ?Suit yourself,? she said, kissing him again. ?We?ll be waiting for you ? a row of little wet pussies for you to check out.? At that, Jonathan felt his manhood blossom into full rigidity under the towel. When Lucy went back downstairs, he quickly went to his room to find some clothes. 2 When Jonathan came down the stairs, he felt as though he were descending onto a stage to present an Oscar ? all eyes were on him, and he felt more than a little nervous. Four girls including Lucy: all of a similar size to the young redhead and all obviously from her school class. Other than Lucy, there were two blondes and a black haired girl. One of the blondes had very long hair in a long ponytail that dropped down her back. The dark-haired girl and the other blonde had bells of hair that dropped to their shoulders. All three girls were very pretty, and Jonathan found it a little hard to believe that Lucy wanted him to fool around with them. They seemed to be looking at him appreciatively, so he felt a little confidence return. ?Ah, there you are, Jonny,? Lucy said as he came down to them. ?Allow me to introduce Penny, Anna and Francesca.? ?Hi,? said Jonathan, and all three girls smiled at him nervously. ?Oh, and there?s beer in the refrigerator.? Jonny smiled ? thank the Lord for liberal convenience store owners and fake IDs. He looked at Lucy?s three friends sitting on the couch. Penny was the dark haired girl. She was dressed in a faded red t-shirt with yellow lettering proclaiming some kind of Caribbean resort she must have visited long ago, and a very small pair of denim hot pants, which showed a whole load of smooth coltish legs. She had jet black eyes that gave her sweet face a devilish wickedness along with her nervous smile, as well as quite a serious look. Penny seemed to be younger than Lucy ? in fact all three of them seemed much younger than the ginger schoolgirl, but Jonathan knew they were all friends, so the apparent age difference was probably more than the real. Girls developed at different speeds ? he knew that from biology lessons. Anna was the blonde with shorter hair. She was easily the most confident, she looked at Jonathan with obvious lust in her expression, and seemed to be trying to catch his eye by crossing her tanned legs to let her short turquoise skirt ride up and give him a glimpse of her little black panties beneath. Jonathan kept his eyes on hers when he looked at her, still wanting to give a good impression. He did flick his gaze briefly down to her chest, however, which was fuller than those of Anna?s school friends. Trapped snugly beneath a white tank top that left her navel and nicely flat stomach exposed, her breasts had a nice roundness to them, the kind of pert abundance that made him want to hold them and touch them, to feel their warmth and softness. Anna loved every minute of his attention, and thrust her chest out to ensnare his gaze. Yet Jonathan turned to look at the third girl, Francesca. Out of all of them there ? possibly even Lucy included, little Francesca was the prettiest and the most enticing to him. She was very petite, but the volume of her blonde hair seemed to compensate as it flowed down her back in a long ponytail. She was a shy one, and as he looked at her, she nervously grasped the end of her ponytail and began to fiddle with it. Francesca had the most delectable face Jonathan had ever seen. Sharp, like a cat, she had quite high cheekbones, a small button nose and similarly diminutive mouth that was so tender and pink, that he longed to kiss her. But it was her large blue eyes that got him hooked ? they seemed to burn into his very soul until they bashfully dropped to her lap. Like all of the others, she was wearing no shoes ? the girls had obviously made themselves comfortable while waiting for him, what with the beers as well. ?How are we going to do this?? Jonathan asked Lucy, his whole body trembling with nerves as though he had to get up in front of his entire school and give a speech. ?The plan?s quite simple,? said the young redhead, smiling wickedly, ?we have all day to do whatever we want to with you.? ?Okay,? he said, ?but before any of that, we have to close all the curtains in the house and double-bolt all the doors ? don?t want anyone peeking or accidentally coming in.? ?Right, come on girls, you heard him!? Anna said, up like a flash, obviously unable to wait for the fun to begin. The four girls scampered around the house pulling down blinds and drawing curtains on both floors, and the snap of the bolts was heard as the front and back doors and the French windows were locked. As they did so, they all grabbed beers from the kitchen and started drinking. Jonathan wandered around making sure everywhere was closed off to the outside. As he did so, he watched the girls ? Anna, the brash blonde flaunting her figure as much as possible; Penny with her smouldering good looks who walked up behind him and patted his behind cheekily, her serious expression cracking into a sweet grin as she raised her eyebrows in mischievous reference to what they?d be doing together some time soon; Lucy, who had an air of confidence about her that came from having already had her wicked way with him, a fact which had gone into her apparent role as group leader; and finally sweet little Francesca, who shied away from his gaze and blushed at his attention, her curves hidden beneath fairly baggy clothing. He acted calmly, taking deep breaths as he strolled around the two floors of the house, but deep inside, his heart was fluttering like the wings of a butterfly: he felt as though it was Christmas morning. He grabbed his own beer before heading back to the living room, but noticed that the four girls had already got through a number of cans: there were empties in the bin. Jonathan thought it would be best if he didn?t drink too much ? his friends had told a number of funny stories about guys they knew getting ?brewer?s droop?, and it was something Jonny could do without in front of four giggly schoolgirls. ?All set!? Anna called, and the four girls all returned to the living room armchair and couch. Jonathan sank down in the armchair next to Lucy and opposite the couch that supported her three friends. He?d never been in the company of so many girls of his own age group before, and it was slightly intimidating. ?So,? he said, his voice portraying complete composure, ?what do you want me to do?? Lucy was the first to speak, though it seemed as though Anna was going to try and put in a word first. The blonde deferred to the redhead, however, showing where the power in this group lay. Lucy lived here, it was Lucy?s choice to share the son of her mother?s new fiancé with her school friends and it was Lucy who already had the key to Jonathan?s sexuality: so Lucy was very much in charge.?Okay,? she said, as though she were Solomon passing judgement, ?here?s how it?s going to work?? all eyes were on her as she announced: ?we?re all going to take turns. When it is your turn, you can ask anyone here a question ? any question ? and they have to answer. Then you can tell someone to do something ? and they have to do it. Got it?? Lucy looked around the group: the three other girls and Jonathan quietly nodded. Jonathan felt his heart quiver again at the realisation that most of them would probably be demanding he do something or other. ?Okay,? said the young redhead, ?a couple of ground rules: you can tell someone to take off an article of clothing, but not all of them ? each article is one demand ? and you can?t tell anyone to take off something that is obstructed by another piece of clothing. You cannot tell someone to do anything with you ? it has to be something on either themselves or someone else. Oh, and finally, you can either ask a question first or make your demand before you ask your question ? it?s up to you. Everyone understand?? They all nodded, and Jonathan felt an involuntary shiver shoot down his spine. ?Right,? said Lucy, ?then we?ll start to my left: Penny.? 3 Penny smiled at Jonathan, then took a quick glance around the group, her dark eyes seeking out her friends and their expectant faces all looking back at her. ?My question is to Jonny,? she said, looking straight at him with clear lust in her eyes. The other girls also focussed on him. He felt himself flush, his face burning as they looked at him and the raven-haired schoolgirl asked him: ?do you masturbate??There was a quiet giggle from Anna, seemingly as much from the sudden bluntness of her friend?s question than from the possibility that Jonathan would touch himself. Jonathan looked around the room, trying not to blush too obviously. Hell, there was no point being shy in this situation. ?Yes,? he replied simply. He knew for a fact that Lucy masturbated ? he had caught her touching herself when she had crept into his room. So where was the shame in the fact that he relieved himself every now and then? The girls all smiled at each other and giggled, and Penny asked: ?how often?? ?No, no, no?? Lucy wagged her finger at her friend, ?you only get one question ? that?s the rule.? ?Oh, but he hardly said anything,? the black-haired girl whined. ?Then you?ll have to ask a more leading question next time, won?t you? Go on, make your demand.? Penny pouted and folded her arms. ?Take off your shirt, Jonny,? she said, and sat back against the back of the couch. Jonathan unbuttoned his shirt slowly, feeling their eyes on him every bit of the way, then pulled it off and dropped it behind him. Anna let out a quiet wolf whistle, and the others let out little noises of admiration or excitement. He felt the cool breeze on his bare shoulders and wished he had put on more clothes. With four of them against him, he?d be naked before the end of the round. He was a little annoyed that he hadn?t even put on socks ? that was two items he was down by already. Anna?s turn. The blonde took a swig of beer, then leaned forwards, perching her behind on the edge of the couch. ?I want Jonny to kiss Penny on the lips,? she said, surprising everyone a little, even though it was a logical question for someone as bouncey as Anna to ask. ?Go on, cheer her up after you disappointed her,? Anna grinned and sat back, showing him more than a little of her black underwear under that short skirt. Jonny swallowed a mouthful of beer before getting up, a burst of adrenaline swamping his bloodstream. He looked briefly at Lucy, who raised her eyebrows in a silent order for him to comply with Anna?s demand, and he nodded and sank down to his knees in front of the little dark-haired beauty. He looked her straight in the eye, fire burning between their stares, and leaned forwards towards her mouth. She met him halfway, leaning into him, and their soft lips met, Jonny?s hands reaching gently behind her head to pull her to his kiss. It wasn?t a long kiss, but it was a good start. Penny had a sweet fragrance, and was so very warm against him. It was a shame to break up, but as Lucy and Anna whooped at the first intimate moment, it wasn?t time for lingering yet. ?My question,? Anna reminded them as Jonny returned to his seat and Penny looked at him with wonder in her eyes. ?Go on,? Lucy said, acting out her role as umpire. ?Jonny,? the blonde gave him a fiendish grin that made him dread what was coming, ?how would you feel if I told you all four of us are on the pill now just so we can fool around with you?? Lucy and Penny chuckled as Jonathan looked at them all, his eyes wide in surprise. Looking over at Francesca, the petite blonde was flushed quite scarlet, which was as good a confirmation that Anna spoke the truth that he needed. What a day this was going to be. ?Go on,? said Lucy sipping from her can, ?answer the question.? How did he feel? His penis was immensely hard ? he was glad to be wearing jeans that covered it up a little. ?Uh?? he said and Anna and Penny looked at each other and giggled. ?Uh?excited?I guess?? Francesca?s turn: the shy blonde fiddled with the end of her ponytail, her eyes nervously flicking up to glance at Lucy or Jonny as she thought out what she was going to do. She blushed again, and said, ?I want to ask Lucy whether she?s ever had an orgasm.? Francesca?s voice was quiet, soft and a clear soprano, she sounded a little like a mouse might if it could talk. Jonathan found her completely bewitching, but as she sat back, hoping that everyone?s attention would now switch to Lucy, she seemed a little horrified that Jonny was still looking at her. ?Of course,? said Lucy, and much to Francesca?s relief, everyone looked at her and laughed and the attention was very much on the redhead. ?Jonny?s given me absolutely loads,? the host of the occasion smiled at Jonathan as the girls all cheered and giggled. ?Frannie, make your demand,? she reminded her shy friend. ?Okay,? Francesca said, ?I want Anna to take off her skirt ? she?s obviously dying to show Jonny her underwear already.? The girls all shrieked with laughter except Anna, who for once seemed a little taken aback. ?Hey,? she said, ?you can?t do that?? Francesca was quietly smirking at her bold friend. Jonny couldn?t help but laugh ? the shy blonde certainly had a sharp edge of wit in her. Anna feigned timidity as she stood up and slipped her short skirt down her thighs and over her knees to reveal her black cotton panties that were fairly plain and simple, but nevertheless made Jonny?s heart rate soar. The blonde sat back down and crossed her legs to attempt to regain a little dignity, but she was obviously loving every moment of showing off her undoubtedly fine figure, as Jonathan could tell from meeting her gaze. ?Jonny, your go,? Lucy announced. ?Oh,? he said, for some reason having assumed he would be left out of having turns, to be an object for the girls to use. ?Oh, right?uh?I?ll ask?uh?Penny?how many people have you ever slept with?? he flushed a little again, and was a little irritated with himself that he did. That would do no good if he kept doing it. ?You?ll be my second, hopefully,? the intelligent dark-haired girl beamed as her friends chuckled. Jonathan felt an explosion of heat within his stomach. It really was going to happen. These girls all really wanted to use him completely ? it was unbelievable.He took a deep breath and tried to deal with his intense feelings. ?Okay,? he said, ?I want Lucy to take her top off.? He felt safest asking Lucy to do something, and no one objected. The young redhead peeled off her t-shirt to reveal that she wasn?t wearing anything underneath. Was this all part of her plan? It certainly seemed to break the icy atmosphere in there as she casually tossed her t-shirt over her shoulder and did nothing to conceal the soft swells of her breasts nor the stiff little pink peaks. Jonathan felt his cock pressing against his unforgiving jeans as the daughter of his father?s new fiancée smiled at him and relaxed back in her chair, her sweet teenage cleavage fully on show. ?My turn,? said the topless redhead as though she were about to start some kind of Machiavellian conspiracy. ?I want to know if the thought of making love to Jonny makes Frannie wet between her legs.? The room fell silent after a horrified gasp from Francesca. Jonathan felt his ears burn ? Lucy must have picked up some kind of body language between the shy blonde and himself and was now stirring away. He looked at the redhead and gave her a mock grimace, which she responded to with a quiet wink, as though telling him that she could read him like a book. ?Go on Frannie,? Anna nudged her friend, ?answer.? The blonde looked straight down at the beer can she clutched, hiding away from the watching eyes. ?Come on Frannie,? Lucy said softly, trying to pull her friend out of her shell, ?we?re all in this together now. None of this goes beyond the walls of this house: no one else?ll know about it.? The blonde looked up at Lucy and nodded quietly. ?Okay,? she said, ?I?ll answer.? Jonathan gulped, and put his hands together over his mouth as a kind of protective measure. Why did he feel this way about this sweet little blonde? It was more than how he had felt about Lucy, it actually altered his metabolism just to look at her. He reached down, picked up his nearly empty beer can and finished it off. Francesca took a deep breath, holding her knees together as though she were a nun at a Chippendales show, and said: ?yes, it does make me wet between my legs to imagine making love to Jonny. Very wet.? 4 Francesca looked at Jonny and blushed again, deeper than before, and there was a slight uncertainty to her expression as though she was wondering if she had gone too far. This time, however, though she covered her mouth with her hand nervously, she stuck her ground and didn?t shy away from his eyes. Jonny smiled at her, and she smiled back, melting his insides. ?Now I want to find out what Jonny thought of that,? Lucy said. ?Jonny, take off your jeans.??Oh come on,? Jonny protested, ?you girls are all ganging up on me.? ?Get ?em off!? Penny and Anna cried, clapping their hands to urge him on. Jonny frowned. Neither Penny nor Francesca had even removed a single thing, but he would shortly be almost completely naked and unable to hide anything. He had no choice but to give in, however, as the noise of the girls got louder and louder. ?Okay,? he said, ?but I?m going to get another beer first.? ?Get us all one while you?re at it,? Anna called as he ventured back into the kitchen. As he returned with an armful of cans, he smiled ? the alcohol was already warming his insides, and it was apparent that the girls were beginning to get a little tipsy ? they had been drinking while he had finished off his bath and put on his clothes. Perhaps it wouldn?t be so bad stripping in front of them. He distributed the beers all around, then opened his own can and took a swig of the fiery liquid. Not having really drunk much before, it was making him a little light-headed. He resolved that that would be his last can. He didn?t want to spoil his reputation. ?Go on, then,? Penny told him, hiding her lustful grin with her beer can. Jonathan put his beer down and then prepared to remove his jeans in front of the four girls. Just as he flicked his top button, Lucy said: ?Are you thinking about how wet Frannie is at the thought of making love to you, Jonny dearest?? ?Lucy!? Francesca threw a cushion at her redhead friend. Jonny frowned, unable to keep the image out of his mind. The girls screamed with delight as his underwear was revealed and so was the extent of his erection ? substantially pronounced under the skin tight grey lycra of his Calvin Klein briefs. ?Looks like you?re on to a winner there, Frannie,? Penny grinned. ?Yeah,? Anna agreed, ?and Frannie?s not the only one wet at the thought of her making love to him.? Jonny looked down to find a small dark spot in his underwear at the end of his erection. Damn it. He looked down at the shy blonde, and she smiled at him, seemingly pretty happy at his apparent response to her confession. For a moment he froze there, then he dropped his jeans over the back of his armchair and sank back down into it to attempt to regain some kind of decorum, his hard penis snug again between his thighs. ?My turn!? Penny announced. ?My question is to Jonny.? Jonny groaned, ?what a surprise.? ?Don?t be cheeky,? Lucy smiled at him. ?Go on, Pen.? ?Jonny, what do you think about when you?re masturbating?? ?Sounds like Penny?s obsessed with masturbation!? Anna cried out, and Penny hit her with a cushion. Jonny managed not to blush this time. He was getting a little more confident all the time now. After a swig of beer, he said: ?well, sometimes I think about girls I see on the street, sometimes I think about actresses from television or the movies?I imagine what I?d do with them if I had the chance, what they might do with me?? ?Mmm?you know, I can picture you doing it,? Penny smiled, the beer seeming to take affect in her slightly rosy cheeks. ?Okay, now I want Jonny to take off Anna?s panties.? ?Hey!? Anna shot an angry look at Penny, ?that?s not fair!? ?Oh it totally is,? Penny replied, beaming with sadistic pleasure. ?She?s right,? Lucy passed judgement. ?Stand up, Anna, go to it, Jonny.? Jonny sat up on the edge of his seat as the unusually quiet blonde stood up. His penis was really straining in his underwear, but for once all eyes were not on his erection. Anna turned away from him, presenting her smooth, partially covered behind to his eyes. She seemed to be giving dirty looks to Penny for putting her there. ?Turn to face him,? Lucy told her. ?Why should I?? ?Because I?m the umpire,? Lucy smiled authoritatively, ?and if you don?t, you miss a go.? ?Fascist,? Anna accused the cherry haired host, but nevertheless complied. She turned around and Jonny had a superb view of her black cotton covered crotch that was just inches from his face. He could smell her perfume, and possibly something a little more personal. ?Go ahead, Jonny.? He looked up at the blonde in front of him, and she didn?t seem quite as comfortable as she had been earlier. She took a huge swig from her beer can and then waited for him to remove her underwear, for once not meeting his gaze. ?I?ll get you, Penny. It?s my turn next, you know.? Jonny reached his hands up and placed them on her hips, then hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down her body, revealing her flat, smooth abdomen down to the puff of blonde hair on her curvaceous mound and right between her legs, a glimpse of her pink slit that he might get closer to later. He caught a faint whiff of her pussy aroma as he drew the underwear down her hot skin, which made his erection quiver within his briefs. Anna quickly stepped out of her panties ? giving him more of a view of her pussy lips, which glistened slightly, letting slip her excitement ? and then rapidly retreated, placing her hands in her lap to hide herself. ?Your turn Anna,? Lucy said, and got a little flicker of anger from Anna, too. But it wasn?t at all serious and everyone knew it.?Okay,? Anna looked at Penny, the flames of revenge in her eyes. ?Penny, have you ever had anal sex?? Penny threw her hands to her face and gasped, ?you said you?d never tell anyone!? ?No secrets here, Pen,? Anna nudged her, smirking at her friend. ?You have to answer,? Lucy reminded her. Penny looked at them, blushing deep crimson. ?Yes,? she nodded, not looking at anyone. ?I tried it once with Billy Faraday. But he had a really small penis.? She laughed with the other girls at that, and her self-esteem was returned. ?Take off your t-shirt,? Anna said, and Penny did so, pulling the red cotton item over her head and throwing it down on the floor to the side. She had nice little breasts, tucked into a white lacy bra, and she folded her arms in front of her to hide them.?Frannie,? said Lucy and the buck was passed. ?I want to know,? the young blonde seemed suddenly less shy than before ? as though, perhaps, the alcohol had kicked into her system as it was beginning to do so in all of them, ?how many girls Jonny has been with except Lucy.? She looked at him with an earnest expression, seeking an answer not to shame him, but to find out about him. ?None,? Jonny returned the pretty girl?s gaze, ?Lucy was the first.? Francesca smiled at him, that expression that seemed to ignite fires all around his body. ?What do you want done, Frannie?? Lucy asked, breaking the pause. Francesca leaned forwards, grinning at her friends. ?I want Anna to take off Jonny?s underpants ? with her teeth.? 5 The girls cheered as though he were a stripper at a hen party, and Jonny knew for a fact that it wasn?t worth complaining ? he?d have to do it anyway. He stood up, and felt his penis soften within his underwear ? he was nervous, despite the beer he?d drunk. Anna slumped down to her knees in front of him, grinning at her friends. For her, the alcohol was going far. As she knelt in front of him, he could see the top of her pubic hair, and it made his erection stir once again. Anna looked up at his face and winked at him as her school friends giggled at the scene. Jonny looked at Lucy, who blew him a kiss, then Francesca, who offered a wry grin and unashamedly ran her eyes all over his trim body. He could do nothing but place his hands on his waist and allow Anna to grip the elastic of his briefs with her teeth. He felt her hot breath on his stomach as she pulled down his underwear. As she pulled it up over the tip of his penis, her soft cheek rubbed gently against his engorged manhood causing irresistible sensations to run through his body. He wanted to pull her to him, but that was not permitted. Using just her teeth, Anna could not pull down his underwear in just one tug as he had been able to remove hers. It was not as simple as that: she had to pull down different parts of his elastic to ensure that it came down, so she had to move her head all over his crotch to get the briefs up over his hard cock and over his hips. As she did so, she rubbed her face all over his genitals and even got some of his pre-come on her cheek and forehead. She got a very close up view of his equipment, of course, but Jonny could also see down her top and also a little of her pussy as she moved back and forth to pull down his underpants. The three others got a great show, and were cackling at Anna?s ungraceful method of stripping him. As the blonde pulled his underwear down his thighs, they had a completely free view of his shaft, which was full of blood and quivering with desire on top of his scrotal sac, the soft light brown hair framing the base. Lucy smiled at him when he glanced her way, Penny was obviously admiring his package and Francesca had put her hands over her mouth and nose in apparent amazement. She looked as though she?d never even seen a naked guy before. Red-faced and flustered, Anna withdrew to her place on the couch. ?What did I ever do to you?? she asked Francesca as she wiped the pre-come from her face with Jonny?s underwear. She forgot her own nudity below her waist briefly, allowing her legs to fall open when she relaxed back on the couch so that Jonny had a stunning view of her tender folds, which were already slightly wet. Then she realised the free show she was giving him and like him, she placed her hands over her crotch, flashing him a smile to say that she had seen him more closely than he had seen her. ?Jonny,? said Lucy. ?Okay,? said Jonny, rubbing his hands together gleefully. ?So what?s it to be?? He looked around: Lucy in just a pair of socks, jeans and whatever else she had underneath, Penny with a white lacy bra and blue denim shorts hiding her panties, Anna with her white tank top over a bra, and nothing else bar the socks that all the girls had on and finally Francesca, who had somehow escaped with all her clothes on ? baggy white chinos and loose pale blue blouse. Jonathan wanted to get Francesca to take something off ? badly wanted to, in fact. But he found a frog in his throat when he tried, and also found himself blushing. Why was he blushing still? He hadn?t blushed when Anna had removed his briefs with her teeth ? it was just when he had to talk one on one with Francesca that he choked up. Instead, he told Penny to remove her shorts, which she did quickly and efficiently, not complaining, just standing, slipping them off, then sitting back down. She was clever ? she knew that if she just did it pronto, without whining, it would be over and forgotten. Underneath her denim shorts, she had very high-cut white lace panties ? Jonny would have said thongs if he?d been able to see behind her. He knew he?d like to see more of those. Maybe next time. ?What?s your question?? Lucy asked. ?Oh, yeah,? he said. ?Uh?Penny: which part of your body do you like to touch most when you masturbate?? ?Ha!? Anna laughed at her raven-haired friend. ?Between my legs,? Penny replied. ?More specifically?? he asked. ?No, no,? Lucy said, ?it was a valid answer.? Jonny sank back, disappointed, as the redhead excitedly perched on the edge of her chair, saying: ?my turn, my turn!? ?Wait, I need to go pee,? Penny stood up.?So do I,? Anna admitted. ?Okay, we?ll have a little break,? said Lucy, ?I guess I could do with it, too.? Jonny was glad he hadn?t drunk as much beer as the others: he could stay exactly where he was, without exposing himself any more. No doubt the next few hours would call for a fair bit of exposing, but for now he was glad to be sitting where he was. The only trouble was that he was now alone with Francesca, and forced to make conversation. It wasn?t often he had to sit alone and naked opposite a girl he really had a crush on. He felt suddenly very awkward. He did get a good glimpse of Anna, however, as she passed him to head up to the bathroom ? and also Penny, who was wearing thongs after all, giving him a nice view of her pert behind. ?Aren?t you a little cold?? it was Francesca who broke the silence. ?A little,? he admitted. ?You?ll have to be careful of shrinkage,? she giggled. ?How did you get away without stripping?? Jonathan asked, changing the subject. ?Nobody asked,? she smiled, and the ice between them seemed to have melted. ?Well you won?t last much longer,? he smiled back at her. ?You only have one turn a round ? you won?t be able to strip me very quickly.? ?The others?ll notice how well you?re doing.? ?You looking forward to that?? she pushed out her chest and wiggled her hips, seeming to have grown a whole load of confidence ? no doubt inspired by the number of beer cans she had emptied. He was picking up a little confidence of his own, ?isn?t it obvious?? he said, briefly lifting his hands to show her the fully extended pillar of strength between his legs. ?Mmm?? she said, as though she had been presented with a wonderfully sweet Italian pistachio ice cream. ?I wish I could tell you to do a few things to me,? she said, her speech slurring very slightly, ?but it?s against the rules?? ?Well, perhaps another day,? he said provocatively. ?Is that a promise?? she asked. ?Of course,? he said, ?we have all vacation to do whatever we want to?? ?I can?t wait,? she said, clapping her hands together. ?I?m going to get another beer ? want one?? she hopped up and skipped towards the kitchen. ?No thanks,? he said, enjoying the plateau of lubricated sobriety that he had reached. He noticed that though she had fairly loose clothing, her chinos were fairly tight around her behind: wrapping around her curves. His eyes locked there: she was stunning, there was no denying it. Anna returned then, holding her hands over her pubic mound but still giving him a healthy glimpse of her cute behind. Jonathan found it very difficult to conceal his erection while sitting there: it was just too large to just keep under his hands and he had to push it down between his thighs. He slightly envied Anna, who had it fairly easy, but it was getting to the stage where the girls were beginning to get drunk, so he wasn?t so shy about showing them. ?Hope you two haven?t been breaking any rules while we?ve been away,? Anna said, and caught a beer that Francesca threw her before she sat back on the couch. ??Course not,? he said as Penny and Lucy came from the kitchen with their own fresh beers. ?My turn,? Lucy announced as they sat down and the company was reformed. ?My question: Anna, have you ever put a foreign object inside you to get off with?? Anna laughed this time, as did everyone else: it was getting to that drunken stage where dignity was no longer the primary imperative. Jonny felt he might want another beer, too, but he didn?t particularly want to get up in this state. ?I tried it with a banana once,? she said, ?it wasn?t very good ? the end was all hard-edged and nasty.? Lucy laughed especially hard, but then turned to Francesca. ?You?ve gotten away with a fair amount tonight, haven?t you Frannie?? ?Huh?? the petite blonde knew what was coming, and her face dropped. ?Go on,? said Lucy, ?take off your chinos.? Francesca sighed and stood up, unfastening her fly button and drawing down the zip. She looked briefly at Jonathan, who winked at her knowing that what he had predicted was coming true, then pushed her chinos down her thighs and over her knees. Underneath, Jonathan caught sight of her underwear before she rapidly withdrew back to the couch: she had a pair of soft white cotton panties with tiny pale pink strawberries forming a pattern. She had an exquisite v-shaped mound, and before she sat down, he noticed a small patch of moisture soaked through the thin material. Now it was Penny?s turn, and she quickly told Francesca to remove her blouse. ?Hey!? the young blonde exclaimed, ?is this some kind of conspiracy? Have you guys teamed up against me?? ?Maybe,? Penny grinned, ?you have got off lightly so far.? Francesca pouted, but began unfastening the buttons of her blouse. Taking it off, she was forced to push out her chest as she drew it over her shoulders and threw it behind her. She had sweet, firm little breasts snuggling in a soft cotton bra that matched her panties. They could see her hardened little nipples pushing against the material. Nervously, she fiddled with the end of her golden ponytail once again, silently wishing that Jonathan wouldn?t look at her quite so much. ?What?s your question, Pen?? Lucy asked. ?Uh?can we have some food sometime soon? I?m starving.? They all chuckled, the tension of a possible killer question being entirely dispelled. Lucy looked at her watch, ?well, I suppose I could rustle up some nibbles. You guys continue on without me.? The ginger haired topless teen got up and ventured into the kitchen. ?Okay,? said Penny, rubbing her hands together. ?Hey, you?ve had your question, Penny,? Anna pointed out, ?my go now.? ?That is so unfair!? the raven-haired beauty exclaimed. ?That?s the way it goes.? The short-haired blonde grinned. ?Okay, while Lucy?s away, I want to ask Jonny: what was best and worst about Lucy in bed?? The other girls laughed at the question, peering at Jonny as gossip Queens desperate for scandal. Jonny shrugged, ?I haven?t had anyone to compare her with,? he said. ?No excuse,? Penny said. ?Tell us.? ?Well?worst, I?d say?well, the fact that her mother is engaged to be married to my father, so we can?t go out with each other.? He looked at them, and they all seemed impressed at his diplomatic answer. ?And the best?? Francesca asked ? she seemed pleased when Jonny mentioned that he couldn?t go out with Lucy. ?The best?hmm?? he decided to up the pace of the proceedings, a wicked smile growing on his lips. ?Well, the best thing about Lucy in bed is?? The girls were concentrating on his lips avidly. ?The best thing for me, anyway, was going down between her legs and tasting her.? Three loud gasps were all that greeted Lucy as she came back into the room carrying a tray full of various foods. ?What gives?? she asked, placing the tray that was stuffed with fruits, chips, nachos and things on the coffee table beside the couch. ?Jonny was telling us what the best and worst thing was about you in bed,? Penny told her. ?And?? Lucy prompted. ?Not your turn,? the black haired girl wagged her finger at the redhead. ?My demand still,? Anna reminded them, and they all waited for her to decide. ?Okay,? she said, ?I?ve got one. I want Jonny to rub his face between Frannie?s legs for a full minute.? 6 ?Hey!? Francesca shrieked, holding her knees together tightly. The three other girls shared conspiratorial glances. ?Go on Jonny,? Lucy told him, and he sank down on his knees in front of the timid blonde. He laid his hands on her firm little thighs, and looked her straight in the eye, the corner of his mouth curling up in a smile. She peered down at him, smirking to show him that she could see his hard penis staring up at her. Jonny knelt up, placing his hot erection between her knees ? everyone had had enough surreptitious glances of it already, there was no point hiding it any more, and he knew from Lucy?s comments that he definitely had nothing to be ashamed of ? the effect of it touching Francesca?s bare knees was electric: the surprise made her suddenly open her legs, much to the amusement of her friends. ?It can?t be that bad, Fran,? Anna said as Jonny took advantage of the breech in the shy blonde?s defences and lowered to her thighs, touching his cheek against her hot flesh. ?I have a timer,? Lucy announced, ?I?ll start it as soon as you begin Jonny ? but don?t stop, or I?ll stop the clock.??Fine,? Jonathan said, and looked up at Frannie?s face, smiling at her horrified expression. ?I?ll tell you when to stop,? Lucy said. He had such a wonderful view. Her skin was so perfect, soft and flawless, her aroma tantalising his very soul: a mix of her perfume, which was a completely exquisite vanilla scent like the most expensive ice cream, and the muskiness that came from his proximity to her damp panties. Her soaking cotton covered mound was right there in front of his face, so close he could see the individual threads that made up the material. A few golden pubic hairs strayed out from the edge of her underwear, and when she shifted down to give him more access to perform his mission, her panties accidentally shifted to reveal a few more straggling wisps. Jonny hooked his arms under her thighs so that her legs dangled over his shoulders. Then he moved to place his mouth on her softly moist underwear. He felt Francesca flinch at the contact ? had she ever had someone else touch her there before? He somehow suspected that she hadn?t. He felt the raw heat of her pussy through the thin material, and the sodden material against his skin. Her aroma was intense: the strong musk of her arousal laced with her sweet vanilla, a heady mix that made him want to bury his face in her and lap up her juices. His hands found their way to her cute behind, gripping her gently yet firmly to aid himself in pressing his face down on her wet panties. He began to rub his lips up and down the depression in her underwear where the heat and moisture was strongest, that valley that betrayed her tender young pussy. As he did so, he had no concept of time, just the sound of her deep breathing and soft moans as he grazed his mouth along her cotton covered slit and up her mound, brushing over her most intimate region. Unknown to his audience, he allowed the tip of his tongue out and was able sample her delectable flavour. She flinched as she felt his hot mouth and tongue caressing her through that thin cotton, and her moaning became considerable. But it was not to last. There was a tap on his head, and he broke away from his ministering to the sweet little blonde?s needs. ?That?s a minute,? Lucy told him, and he was forced to sit back in his armchair. Francesca stayed still, her legs still wide apart, displaying her wet cotton-clad crotch to all concerned, still getting her breath back. Jonathan couldn?t help but look: she was beautiful, and he wanted more. He could smell her still, her juices cold on his skin as they evaporated. He licked his lips and tasted her salty spice. She opened her eyes and lifted her head from the back of the couch and looked straight into his eyes, a hungry fire in her stare. ?Your turn, lover boy,? Anna said, with a little envy in her tone. ?Well?? he said, not wanting to make Francesca do anything because he was still a little embarrassed at how strongly he felt about her, ?I think Lucy shouldn?t be wearing those jeans.? Lucy frowned, but stood up and did her thing, whipping down the tight Levis and rapidly stepping out of them to reveal yellow cotton thongs underneath, nicely clinging to her mound. ?Question?? Anna demanded. ?I want to know,? Jonathan asked, ?if Anna?s ever had sex with more than one person at a time.? ?Why me?? Anna looked outraged. ?Just because I?m not particularly quiet, doesn?t make me the group slut you know.? ?Well? Have you?? Jonathan asked. ?Not yet,? she gave a cheekily provocative grin to him. The five of them were now tucking into the food as they continued, helping themselves to the fine feast Lucy had prepared. The redhead told Anna to remove her white top ? bringing her substantial cleavage out into the open, bound only in a black cotton bra that accentuated her luxurious shape. Lucy?s question was to Francesca, asking whether she had enjoyed feeling Jonathan?s face between her legs. She had flushed deep crimson before gently nodding her affirmation. Penny revelled in making Anna remove her bra so that the brash blonde was now completely nude bar a small pair of white ankle socks. Jonathan found his eyes drawn to her stiff pink nipples, imagining plunging into them ? but was then asked if he?d ever considered fooling around with another guy. ?No,? he said earnestly, ?I?ve never really thought about it ? too busy thinking about women.? The girls giggled, and it was the naked Anna?s turn. Naturally, off came Penny?s panties ? but out of revenge, Jonathan again had to remove them for her ? this time with his teeth. He got a good glimpse of her jet-black hair covered mound, and as he endeavoured to remove the garment, he even got a taste of her tender slit, sweeping his mouth down her glistening pink folds. Not quite as nice as Francesca, he decided ? but that could have possibly been purely psychological. The girls then took another toilet break after Anna asked Jonathan if Lucy swallowed when she went down on him, and he had replied in the affirmative. This time, Jonny was left on his own as all the females vanished upstairs, and he found a nice little bowl of strawberries to attack. The girls all eventually returned, Lucy in her sexy yellow thongs, Penny with her white lacy bra and two hands covering her crotch, Anna with only a pair of socks, who had given up trying to hide herself by now and Francesca, with her full underwear set. It was the petite blonde?s turn. ?I want Penny to put Jonny?s penis into her mouth for a full minute,? Francesca demanded, raising the stakes once again. Lucy and Anna cackled like witches at Halloween, and Penny at first gasped and put her hands over her mouth in surprise. But then she shrugged and went for it: dropped down on her hands and knees to crawl over to Jonathan?s seat. The other girls all gathered round to make sure she didn?t cheat, and they saw that Jonathan?s penis was only semi-erect after the break. Penny stooped down and with one hand, peeled back his foreskin and placed the glistening purple bell of his cock in her mouth. The other three schoolgirls laughed and cheered at their friend, and it wasn?t long before Jonathan?s cock was fully engorged inside her mouth. He closed his eyes to fully savour the feeling of her hot mouth around the end of his penis, and had to fight the urge to move within her ? but the pretty black-haired girl was played it by the book, not moving an inch, just resting his cock within her cheeks, her tongue languishing against its underside. ?That?s a minute,? said Lucy, and they all sat back down again. ?Question, Fran?? ?What did it taste like, Penny?? Francesca asked, her face blushing a little. ?Mmm?? said Penny, ?hard to describe. Soft, I think ? I know that sounds dumb, but it tastes soft, like unsalted butter, but also creamy and with a little edge of?something?I don?t know?devilish. You?ll love it, Frannie.?The petite blonde blushed a very deep crimson and took a large swig of beer. Jonathan?s turn: he asked whether Anna had ever masturbated in front of anyone before, which she shook her head at, and then, to move things on a little in the nudity department, he told Lucy to take off her panties. Lucy did so, exposing her cute little cherry curls and cheekily tossed her underwear to Jonathan. ?Add to your collection,? she said, and he replied with a smile. For her turn, she told Francesca to remove her bra ? which she did, and Jonathan got his first view of her beautiful little breasts, which may have been small, but had great definition and poise, and was peaked by the most tender, pink, kissable nipples. Lucy asked the topless blonde how far she had ever gone with a guy and poor little Francesca blushed a little again and was forced to confess that she hadn?t really ever gone as far with anyone as she had with Jonathan that day: kissing him and allowing him to rub his face in her crotch. ?But we haven?t even started yet,? Lucy chuckled, and Francesca smiled at Jonathan and the rest, clearly slightly embarrassed, hiding one of her nipples with her long golden ponytail that dropped down to her lap. Penny?s turn, and she said: ?Jonny, take off Frannie?s underwear ? you know the drill.? Francesca groaned, but since she was the only one there now with any panties on, she knew it was coming. Jonathan sank down beneath her again and repeated his trick ? he was becoming an expert at using his mouth to remove panties ? but since it was Francesca, he was much slower and more tender with his removal, and made sure that when he pulled the front of her underwear down, he pressed his head against her so that his face ran down through her golden pussy hair, letting his lips and tongue pass through her succulent pink labia. She tasted magnificent, and he breathed in her wonderful aroma while he was at it. A brief moan escaped her lips as he finally allowed the garment to fall to her ankles, but it was heard by only herself and Jonathan. Eventually, he returned to his seat, but before dropping Francesca?s little panties to the floor on his pile of the schoolgirls? underwear, he pressed them quickly to his nose, inhaling her exhilarating scent once again, drawing in her syrupy vanilla fragrance and that underlying muskiness. Lucy was the only one watching him as he did so, and she gave him a wink to show him she?d seen and knew what he was thinking. Penny?s question was to ask Jonathan if he?d ever tried to perform oral sex on himself. He had laughed with the girls, asking them which male of the species hadn?t? Before the noise died down again, he had said that after one attempt, he knew it wasn?t going to happen and had never tried further. Anna made Penny remove her bra so that they were all now without any clothes ? save for the ankle socks that the girls wore. Jonathan felt a slight twinge in his bladder, and excused himself after answering Anna?s question in the negative as to whether he had ever had anal sex with Lucy. He slipped up the stairs to the bathroom and took a leak, thinking all the time of the amazing situation he was in. Downstairs were four naked schoolgirls, all edging towards getting him to do everything with them. He cleaned himself up and quietly went out onto the landing, crouching to spy between the banisters at the nude teens in the living room below. He watched them for a little while as they carried on without him. He couldn?t hear their questions, but could see what they were doing. As he watched them, he couldn?t help stroking his hardening penis. He found his gaze increasingly fixed on the petite, pretty blonde, Francesca. She really was stunning. Even when Lucy had to spend a full minute fondling Anna?s substantial breasts, Jonathan was looking at the puff of gold between little Frannie?s tender white thighs. He had to stop himself before he went over the edge after he watched Francesca doing a handstand, flashing her little mound in the air for all to see. He managed to calm down a little while the girls just nattered and tucked into the various tasty foods. Eventually, he descended the stairs again, an act that made it impossible to hide his erection. The girls cheered as he came down, and he found that it was in the middle of Francesca?s turn, and the little blonde was about to tell someone to do something. ?Okay, here?s what I want,? she said, her mousy voice quiet again as though she was plotting something. ?I want Jonny to take ten of the plumpest strawberries in that bowl there,? they all looked at her closely: especially Jonathan, who just knew she?d take them all up another level. She seemed quite an imaginative, provocative girl ? and that was something that really stoked up the embers within him. ?I want him to take some nice juicy strawberries?and one by one, dip them in Anna?s vagina, then eat them.? 7 A surprised silence descended on the group. Jonathan looked at Anna, who had drawn her knees up under her chin: inadvertently showing off her pussy in her defensive act. ?I?m going to get you, Frannie,? Anna said to her fellow blonde. ?You have nearly a whole round to wait before then,? Francesca elbowed her and laughed. ?Come on, then,? Penny and Lucy were loving every minute of Anna?s humiliation. Penny picked up the bowl of strawberries and offered them to Jonathan. ?You know, it?s going to get a lot worse than this,? Lucy told them. ?We?re going to need some more beers,? Francesca got up and rushed out into the kitchen, her little pussy and then cute behind drawing Jonathan?s eye as she went. As Jonathan settled down on his haunches in front of Anna?s knees, accepting the bowl of fruit from Penny, the petite blonde returned with an armful of fresh, chilled beer cans that she then proceeded to hand out to everyone. Anna popped her can open and took a huge swig, then leaned forward to put it down before accepting the inevitable, and opening her legs. Framed in darkish blonde hair, her pink labia were closed up, though undoubtedly moist. Jonathan looked up at her face, and she seemed trapped in two minds: she was still very excited and obviously loved playing this unorthodox game, but though she was ordinarily a very forward extrovert, she was still unsure about both displaying herself and performing sexual acts in public. Still, they all had to face that from now on ? especially Jonathan, who being the only guy there, would be called on to do more than anyone else. He found he was no longer worried ? they?d all seen his cock now, countless times, and thanks to Lucy, he had enough underlying sexual confidence to know that he wouldn?t make a fool of himself. Jonathan leaned forward, resting the weight of his upper body by gently placing his arms on Anna?s thighs. The blonde had folded her arms over her breasts, but looked over them down her body to what he was doing. Close up, the air was full of the scent of her arousal, and when he placed two finger either side of her slit to part her labia, he found a hot stickiness to her velvety flesh that announced that she was very turned on.As he gently opened her pink petals with one hand, he took a blood red strawberry with the other, then pressed it into the hollow between Anna?s slippery labia. He heard his audience quietly giggle, and Anna flinched slightly at the contact with the fruit. Jonathan coated the strawberry in Anna?s juices, then popped it into his mouth, biting it away from its green stalk. The first thing he tasted was Anna?s emission, slick on the surface of the fruit. It was slightly salty and tangy, but when he crushed the fruit in his teeth, the strawberry flavour dominated. He repeated the trick with the ordered ten strawberries, dipping them into her pussy to give each one a glossy coat of her juices. As he ate, the girls watched his face, curious as to his reaction to the taste. It was unseen to them, then, that while biting into his second fruit, he dipped a finger into her vagina, coated it with her juices, then for the rest of his strawberry extravaganza, he pressed it down on her clitoris: making it look as though he were only putting his hand there to hold open her pussy. Anna clearly liked what he was doing, and gave him a slight smile as he looked at her during his third fruit. Eventually, though, it was over, and Francesca wasted her question asking him if he had enjoyed it. So it was Jonathan?s turn again. He was getting a little more confidence about talking to Francesca, so he managed to ask her what turned her on most. ?At the moment?? she asked, her voice slightly slurred from the alcohol, ?You, Jonny.? The other girls all giggled, and Jonathan felt his ears burn. He glanced at Francesca, who blew him a drunken kiss, then decided to divert attention away from his blush by making a demand. He said: ?I want Penny to put that banana inside her vagina as far as it?ll go.? Shrieks of laughter, especially from Anna. Penny picked up the fruit from the coffee table and opened her legs as Anna just had. Penny?s pussy was nestled in a thick wedge of black hair, but her labia were smaller than Anna?s, and already open, her pinkness inside glistening and pale in contrast to the surrounding hair. Penny looked at Anna and said, ?well if you can do it, Anna, there?s no reason why I can?t!? Anna smiled, knowing it was a fair cop: she had admitted to doing the same in the real world. They all watched the raven-haired girl place the long, yellow banana to her pussy, then very slowly, fraction by fraction, she pushed it into her, moving it in circles to get it coated in her lubrication as it went in. Eventually, it stopped, with an inch or two protruding. ?There we go,? said Penny. Jonathan couldn?t help but stare ? it was quite a sight seeing Penny?s little pussy stretched around the phallic shaped fruit. ?My demand, my demand,? Lucy said quickly as Penny withdrew the fruit from her vagina, ?I want Jonny to lick off the banana.? Jonathan groaned, but shrugged and leaned forward to take the slippery yellow fruit from Penny. He sat back on the edge of his chair and darted his tongue over the banana. ?My question,? said Lucy when he put it down, ?who tastes better ? Penny or Anna?? ?Well,? he replied diplomatically, ?I didn?t get to taste an awful lot of Anna ? the strawberries were too strongly flavoured. So from that I?d have to say Penny.? ?Thanks Jonny,? Penny winked at him and nudged Anna at her winning another battle. Anna flashed back a ?you may have won the battle but you haven?t won the war? kind of look. ?I think it?s time Lucy did something,? the raven-haired girl said. ?What do you want me to do?? Lucy asked. ?Get some Nutella,? Penny said, ?and spread it all over Jonny?s penis, then lick it off.? Lucy had to go back into the kitchen to find a knife and the Nutella, but in no time the little redhead was kneeling down between her mother?s new fiancé?s son, picking up his hard penis in one hand and spreading it with thick chocolate spread with the other. The other girls whooped and cheered as she started licking Jonathan?s erection. She licked the bottom two-thirds of his cock clean from the base upwards, and he couldn?t help moaning quietly and closing his eyes as he leaned backwards. Then, suddenly, he felt the tip of his penis engulfed in her hot mouth, and opened his eyes to find her bobbing up and down on his rigid shaft, her tongue swirling around his penis as she sucked up the chocolate, much to the other girls? delight. Jonathan was worried he might go over the edge, but Anna stopped in time, the chocolate finished. She placed the Nutella on the coffee table with the other food, and sat back down in her armchair, her face flushed from the activity and smiling at the others. ?What?s your question?? Lucy asked Penny. ?I want to ask Jonny if he has any friends from school as sexy as he is.? ?Well, Jonny?? Lucy prompted him. ?I don?t know if they?re sexy,? he protested. ?Well I think you should invite someone else along as well, next time,? said Penny, ?then there?d be more cock to go round.? ?Pen, you?re a closet minx!? Lucy laughed. ?Anna?s turn.? ?Okay,? said Anna, ?this one might take a little time.? They all looked closely at her as she looked at Francesca, revenge in her eye. ?I want Jonny to take Frannie up to the bathroom and shave her pussy.? 8 ?You?re k**ding!? Francesca cried out. ?No I?m not,? Anna smiled, ?I can demand anything, and you have to do it.? ?But ? ? Francesca said, but she knew it was useless. Jonathan stood up, ready to go, his penis at half-mast and quivering in anticipation of what he would be doing. Francesca groaned, but stood up and took his hand. ?Don?t do it too quickly,? Lucy told Jonathan as he passed her, ?take your time, Jonny. It?ll hurt her if you go too fast.? He nodded, and led the petite blonde by her hand to the stairs. ?We?ll inspect you afterwards,? Anna called as they climbed towards the landing, ?make sure you?ve done it properly.? He followed her into the bathroom, then closed the door. It was Francesca who locked it. Locked in a tiny bathroom with the most gorgeous creature he had ever met, not a stitch on either of them. Jonathan?s cock leapt to full strength. ?How are we going to do this?? she asked, facing away from him, towards the bath. Her voice sounded sad, showing that she was clearly worried by the prospect of what could happen to her. Jonathan moved behind her, touching his cheek to hers over her shoulder, reaching round her to hug her tight and press his hard shaft against her soft flesh. ?Don?t worry,? he said into her ear in little more than a whisper, ?we?ll sort something out.? She closed her eyes and pulled his arms up so that his hands held her soft, firm little breasts. He coaxed her nipples in his fingers and thumbs and kissed her cheek, breathing in her irresistible fragrance of sweet white chocolate. ?Is it going to hurt?? she asked, in between little moans from Jonathan?s treatment. ?No,? he said, and broke away from her to lean over the bath and put in the plug before turning on the taps. ?If you soak it for a while, it?ll be easier to do,? he said. She nodded and he stood up and held her again, this time looking into her eyes and running his fingers behind her head, pulling her to his mouth. They kissed, and he felt her hands slip down his back to his behind, pressing him close to her body so that his hot erection pressed into her stomach. He broke away from her, slightly breathless from the passion between them. ?I?ll need you to lie down first,? he said, ?so I can cut off some of the longer hair with some scissors ? it?ll make it easier.? ?Okay,? she said. ?Wait, I?ll get you some towels to lie on.? He turned and went to a nearby cupboard, which he opened to find it stuffed with clean towels. ?There we go,? he said, pulling out an armful. ?Jonny, I?m worried,? she said, as she laid out one towel all over the floor and then dumped a heap of others to form a pillow. ?Don?t be,? he said as she lay down on the floor and he checked the bath water level. ?If we do it right, you?ll hardly feel a thing,? She bent her knees upwards and spread her legs, and he got his first full view of her beautiful naked pussy. Jonathan found a pair of sharp nail scissors in the cabinet above the sink, and knelt down between her legs, ready to use it. ?Now, try not to make any sudden movements,? he warned her. She nodded, and he began to snip away at her golden down. As he did so, he breathed in her wonderful fragrance of vanilla and arousal, and he ran his other hand over her hot flesh to steady himself. She was truly beautiful, right down to her tender pink petals glistening in the light. She didn?t have too much hair between her legs anyhow, so it didn?t take long to snip it away leaving just spiky tufts over her mound and either side of her labia. It looked slightly odd, but he knew she was going to be exquisite when it was all done. ?Okay,? he said, ?that wasn?t too bad, eh?? ?I suppose not,? she smiled at him, that uncertainty still in her eyes. ?Time to soak it for a while,? he said, moving away so she could get up and climb into the bath. ?You know,? she said, as he turned off the flowing water and tested it for temperature, ?no one?s even seen me like this before ? let alone?touched me?? ?Temperature?s fine,? he said, and she lowered herself down into the tub. ?Are you going to come in here with me?? she invited him. ?Uh?oh?okay,? he didn?t need to be asked again, climbing over to sit behind her in the bath: a tight, snug fit but so sexy to have her sitting between his legs like that. He put his strong arms around her and began to softly kiss the back of her neck as his fingers slowly swept up to enclose her firm young breasts, flicking her tender nipples with his fingers. ?You?re beautiful,? he whispered into her ear and her lips curled into a warm smile. She let out a quiet moan as he coaxed her breasts with his hands while nibbling on her ear lobe. The end of her golden ponytail tickled his erection, so he pushed it to the side. He felt better than he ever had before: d**gged by her sweet vanilla perfume, addicted to her velvet skin, dependent on her warmth and the pure chemicals between them. ?Come on,? he said, ?we better get going or they?ll think something?s up.? He climbed out of the bath and she followed, closing the lid of the toilet so that she could sit on it. Jonathan pulled a can of shaving cream out from the cupboard next to the sink as well as a few new safety razors. He looked up at her and smiled reassuringly. She returned the smile and began to actually relax as he coated her nether regions in white foam, gently spreading it with his fingers. ?We?ll have to wait a moment,? he said, ?so the hairs soften a bit.? ?Okay,? she said, and her noticed a slight tremble in her body. ?Nervous?? ?A little. I guess I?ve sobered up.? ?Hmm, and lucky for you: so have I.? ?You know when we get down there again, the girls will have been drinking even more?? there was a hint of a warning in her eyes. ?Probably,? he agreed. ?And that means it?s going to get seriously dirty,? she giggled. ?Definitely.? He stroked her breasts and nipples gently as he waited there between her legs. ?Jonny?? ?Yeah?? ?You think?after this?we could?you know?get together?? there seemed to be real fear in her expression. Jonathan smiled, ?I?d love to.? She grinned, ?you know, I?ve never even had a boyfriend before? Not a proper one.? ?Well I?ve never really had a proper girlfriend before ? just Lucy, and she?s?well?almost family, I suppose,? he said, ?but are you going to be all right with me fooling around with your friends down there?? She ran the fingers of one hand through his hair, ?they?ve been waiting for this for weeks,? she said. ?Besides, they?re my friends?and anyway, I?d quite like them to know what I?m going to have as my first boyfriend.? She giggled, her eyes looking down at him with unconcealed adoration. ?We just won?t start going out until after today.? ?Okay,? he grinned, ?it?s time?? Francesca was surprised just how gentle he was as he swept the razor over her most personal area. He only shaved any particular patch twice: once with the grain to remove the majority of the hair and once against the grain, which he said would give her the closest shave. Every now and then he would rinse off the blade in the warm water of the bath, and twice he got new razors so that he was using the sharpest possible blade. And the feel of his warm fingers all over her pussy was divine as he checked he was not missing any areas and guarded her sensitive slit from any accidental wandering of the blade. Finally, all done, she got back into the bath and allowed him to cover her in soap and wash the whole area.She finally stepped out and there wasn?t any hair at all that wasn?t sprouting from her scalp. She looked absolutely spectacular. Before the two of them unlocked the door, however, and headed downstairs to the whistles and catcalls of the drunken girls, Jonathan rubbed moisturiser all over the sensitive region he had just shaved. Francesca just adored the delicate attention he was giving to her, and when she went downstairs holding his hand, she felt that the odd hairlessness between her legs was becoming more than a little wet and sticky. ?Show us, then,? Anna said, ?show us you didn?t cheat.? ?How was it, Frannie?? Lucy asked as the giggling eventually subsided and the petite blonde took her seat opposite Jonathan. ?Fine,? she said, and opened her legs to allow them to inspect her. ?Jonny was like an expert.? ?Hmm,? Anna capitulated, leaning over to inspect her school friend?s smooth pussy ?no hairs there ? very well, well done Jonny.? ?Now it?s my turn,? Francesca declared. ?Uh?by the way,? Lucy said, ?we?ve decided to do away with the official questions: we want to speed things up a little. So just make a demand, Fran.? ?Okay,? the blonde nodded. ?I want Penny to masturbate in front of us for a full minute.? Penny, Anna and Lucy were quite badly affected by the drink, so Penny seemed fully happy to spend a minute with her legs open before them, running her hands down over her breasts to languish between her thighs, writhing and squirming for that full minute. She was beginning to pant as she rubbed her palm against her vulva, slowly starting to gyrate her hips. At one point it almost seemed as though she didn?t know they were in the same room as her. Watching her fingers dancing with her pussy lips and tangoing with her little clit, framed by her dark bush, Jonathan?s penis was rock hard between his legs. It was an odd experience being there with four naked schoolgirls ? especially with one of them touching herself so explicitly in front of them - and in his increasingly sober state, it was becoming even more surreal. Next up was his turn, and he simply asked Penny to continue masturbating ? but this time using the banana she had earlier slid inside herself. It wasn?t long before the raven-haired beauty was screaming out the first orgasm of the day, her slender body shuddering through the climax. Then it was Lucy?s turn, and she told Anna to sit on Jonathan?s face for a full minute. He looked at Francesca, and she smiled at him impishly. He slid to the floor and lay down as the extrovert blonde stood up over him. When she lifted one leg and stood directly over him, he had a view right up her legs to her vagina, and as she knelt down over his head, he found himself breathing in her intimate scent, which got stronger and stronger with her glistening folds getting closer and closer to his mouth. She gasped as his tongue first came into gentle contact with her swollen little bud, swirling around the tiny pink button in a circular motion that sent shockwaves through her body. She pressed herself down so that her oozing sex was all over the lower half of his face. She shifted her position slightly and his tongue darted in between her pussy lips. He was rewarded with the sudden intense tangy flavour of her arousal. She gyrated her hips as he lapped at her hot juices, teasing her clitoris with his nose as his tongue delved into the depths of her sensuality. But then prematurely it seemed, time was called and there was to be no peak for the blonde schoolgirl. Penny?s turn next: ?Now,? she said, ?I want Jonny to go down on Fran for a minute and then tell us if we girls really would get more oral sex from our boyfriends if we shaved our pussies.? It was as though a bonfire had just been lit inside him: this was what he?d been waiting for. Looking at Francesca, it seemed that she had been waiting for it, too. She looked thrilled at the prospect. He got up and knelt between her legs as her school friends looked on. Slowly, he lowered his head between her legs and inhaled her scent. So incredibly sweet and intoxicating: it drove him wild. He kissed her soft inner thighs, then ran his mouth up to her hairless mound to get his first real taste of her succulent little pussy. She was delicious, so tangy and fresh. He ran his tongue all over her soft labia, flicking her clit, and darting into her vagina. Yet in what seemed like no time at all, Lucy announced that the minute was up. Slightly disappointed, Jonathan was forced to sit back down in his armchair. As he did so, he wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and then licked his hand to take up the rest of her tantalising juices. ?So aren?t you gonna answer the question?? Penny asked him. ?Huh?? ?Tell us if we girls really would get more oral sex from our boyfriends if we shaved our pussies.? ?Well,? he thought about it for a moment. It certainly had been a more pleasurable experience for him not to get hairs in his mouth during the process, and it had meant no interruptions for removing hairs from his mouth. ?Yes,? he said earnestly, ?I think you probably would get more oral sex if you had no hair to get in the way.? ?Okay,? said Anna, ?my turn. Now I know for a fact that Frannie here has never even had an orgasm before. So I want Jonny to give her the first one. Right now.? There were gasps all round, especially, it seemed, from Francesca. ?You can do it however you like,? Anna said, ?but if she doesn?t come, you don?t stop.? 9 Once again, Jonathan knelt down before the petite blonde, gently parting her knees to gain admittance to that beautiful pussy. He smiled up at her, and she returned the emotion, and then spread her legs fully. He leaned in, reaching under her legs to pull her crotch towards him for easier access. He began kissing all round her exquisite mound, revelling in the smoothness, the heat and that syrupy white chocolate scent. Then his tongue was once more between her labia, lapping up her nectar as it squeezed into her flesh. Much to the delight of her friends, Francesca let out a clear moan, sighing at the irresistible sensations flowing through her body as he began to focus on her little burning clitoris. His fingers reached her tender pink slit that was already so very wet, and two fingers slipped inside her young, hot vagina, seeking out her inner topography, finding her most sensitive point and kneading it gently to spur on her heavy breathing and soft moans. It all became a little much for her then, since she hadn?t experienced anything like it before, and the pent up need that had been building up throughout the day was suddenly released in an enormous burst of energy. Her moans became more like desperate yelps and her legs visibly trembled as she was overcome with the colossal power of her first climax. She pulled Jonathan?s head into her to squeeze out the feelings, and his tongue took up her oily emissions, the teenager not wanting to lose any of that wonderful ambrosia. ?Oh my God,? said the little blonde, releasing Jonathan, ?that was so incredible.? Jonathan felt warmth flood through his bloodstream knowing how he had made her feel. He quickly cleaned up her pussy with his mouth ? an easy thing to do with no hair getting in the way. ?Oh shit,? said Lucy, ?I think I hear Mom?s car.? 10 ?Okay,? Lucy took charge, ?everyone grab your clothes and beer cans and head upstairs.? They all scooped up their abandoned clothing ? Jonathan taking the small pile of female underwear he had kept ? as well as any traces that they had been drinking and rushed upstairs. The girls all went into Lucy?s room, but Jonathan thought it would look more innocent if he was in his own room. He stashed his collection of the schoolgirls? intimates under his bed ? they could go commando with no harm done. He was just slipping his t-shirt on again when he heard the front door open and close, and Emma called for them. He left his room at almost the exact time as Lucy ? though all her friends stayed put ? and they went down to greet her mother, explaining that they had drawn all the blinds to watch a scary movie. ?Your friends all okay?? Emma asked her daughter as she took off her coat and hung it up on one of the pegs by the front door. ?Fine,? she replied, ?we?ve had a great day.? ?You had a good day too, Jonny?? Emma asked him. ?I have thanks,? he said. ?You?ll have to invite your friends round some time, Jonny.? ?Yes,? Lucy gave him an expression that added a hidden sexual meaning to her mother?s suggestion, ?you will, Jonny.? ?Your friends staying for supper, Lucy?? her mother asked her. ?Is it okay if they sleep over tonight?? the young redhead asked. ?Of course,? Emma smiled, ?we?ll just call their parents to let them know.? The other girls came down then, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day. They all sat watching television for a while as Emma rushed around the house getting various things done. Anna, who was wearing her turquoise skirt, mischievously flashed Jonny a few times, flicking up the pleated garment to show him her golden bush and pink labia. But the mood was very obviously muted now Emma was back. It wasn?t long before Jonathan?s father returned home and they all had a light supper. ?We?re going upstairs,? Lucy said after their food had settled a little. The girls all got up and headed for the stairs. ?You coming, Jonny?? she asked, and he nodded and followed. ?Don?t stay up too late,? Emma called after them, ?it may be the vacation, but it?s not healthy to stay up late.? ?We won?t,? Lucy replied, as the rest of them filed into her room. ?I think we?re going to the Mall tomorrow, so we?re going to get some early sleep.? ?Good,? said Emma, and it was clear from her look that she didn?t want anyone to come down and disturb her fooling around with Jonathan?s dad. Up in Lucy?s room, the girls all sat on her bed and Jonathan sat in the chair next to her computer. They all seemed to have sobered up and looked a little uncertain as to what they should do. Lucy wasn?t at all uncertain. She stood next to the door and suddenly, her hand went to the light switch and the room went completely dark. There was a little surprised reaction form the others, but Lucy didn?t turn the lights back on. ?Okay,? her voice came out of the darkness, ?the light stays off. I?ve locked my door, so we?re safe from interruption. With no light coming under the doorway, mom will think we?re all asleep anyway. Everyone has to take off all their clothes, right now. Then Jonny has to lie on his back on my bed. The rest of us will manoeuvre around each other to take advantage of him. Sounds like a good game?? They all murmured excitedly. Jonathan was suddenly nervous again. But the darkness seemed to put him at ease, and as he heard the others pulling off clothing, he stood up and followed suit. There wasn?t a lot of room in there, and as he made his way to the bed, he knocked into a few soft, female bodies in various states of undress, and they chirruped at the contact with his nudity. ?Jonny, you ready?? Lucy asked as he made himself comfortable, full outstretched on the bed. ?Ready as I?ll ever be,? he said. The first thing he felt were hands: four pairs of hands, sweeping over his body, mapping out his topography, sounding out where he lay. Then two pairs of fumbling hands closed around his hard penis and cupped his balls gently. Another pair of hands grasped his head, and suddenly he was locked in a passionate kiss with who he knew to be Francesca: he could smell her exquisite vanilla perfume as she kissed him. The two girls that were fooling around with his genitals were now using their hot mouths. He felt them sit astride his feet, wedging his toes in their wet little pussies. He did his best to move his toes inside their heated, moist vaginas, but they were soon gyrating their hips to take control. He felt a smouldering mouth engulf the tip of his penis and moaned as he kissed Francesca. The other girl down there was licking around the base of his erection and taking his sac into her mouth. But where was the other girl? As he was wondering this, he ran his left hand through Francesca?s hair, then down underneath her to find her velvety breasts. As he began to massage them, flicking her nipple between his fingers and thumb, he felt someone take hold of his right hand. A hot female body sat on the bed up against his chest, putting his right hand between her legs. In a moment, his fingers were seeking out her moisture, and using it to coat her clitoris and her tender labia. ?Touch my pussy,? Francesca whispered to him as she broke off for a moment. He found that in the position she was in, he could reach down with his left hand and replicate what he was doing with his right hand on the petite blonde as she kissed him.?Let me taste you,? he said to her as they came up for air once again. ?Right now?? she whispered. ?Right now.? He felt her climb onto his chest, her legs either side of him, then she delicately touched down to press her hot, hairless pussy to his lips. He opened his mouth and she flinched at the contact of his tongue on her dripping vagina. She was so wet ? and he could instantly tell that she was the wettest of the four schoolgirls currently using him as a communal sex toy. Her juices were all over her smooth vulva, and dripping down his cheeks as she rocked herself against him, holding his head like a rodeo rider held the saddle of a leaping horse. All four teenagers were moaning as they used him, but as Jonathan attacked Francesca?s pussy with his lips and tongue, her moans became very loud. She was urged to quiet down by her school friends, which she somehow managed. Jonathan was in heaven, with one girl using his hand almost to masturbate with, two girls grinding their pussies onto his toes while seeming to take it in turns to bob up and down on his cock. Francesca came with a powerful shudder as her emissions flowed into his mouth. He loved her flavour, her scent: it drove him wild. Francesca moved off after a while, and he heard her talking to the girl at his right, which turned out to be Penny. The raven-haired girl lifted his hand out of her lap, and Francesca took her place. Penny climbed onto his chest and leaned down to his head. ?Make me come just like that, Jonny,? she whispered into his ear, then moved up to mount her own pussy at his lips. Penny?s pussy was not quite as wet as Francesca?s had been with to begin with, but soon made up for lost ground. Her pussy was framed by hair, which Jonathan had to avoid getting in his mouth, but nevertheless he loved it. Her fragrance was muskier than Francesca?s: pleasant, but stronger, with just a little flowery perfume to sweeten it. Her flavour wasn?t quite as delicate as the petite blonde, either, much more tangy and salty. He really had to control himself to keep from coming into whoever?s mouth was currently around his hard erection, but he didn?t find it too difficult. Then the two girls on his legs moved. One of them moved round to his left hand, and mirrored the position Francesca had taken up on his right, picking up his left hand to place it between her legs. The other girl, who he assumed to be Lucy since he thought she would be the one to have the confidence to do it first, moved up and slid his rock hard erection slowly into her slick pussy. As Penny ground her wet vagina onto his mouth, Lucy took up a rhythm on his cock and the other two used his hands to manipulate their own genitals. Things couldn?t get better than this: four schoolgirls all over him. After a long while, Penny built up to a colossal climax, pressing her clit against his nose as his tongue penetrated her burning pussy, brushing her bush against him as she went over the top, pressing his head into her as she shuddered on top of him. And so it went for a long while, the girls rotating around taking turns at his hands, on his face and on his erection, and it went on for a long, long while. Yet Francesca avoided his penis: she moved from his hand to his face several times that night, but only the three other schoolgirls ended up sitting on his hard cock. He could always tell where the sweet little blonde was, because she was the only one with a completely smooth pussy, and he was slightly disappointed that she wasn?t following her friends? leads. Nevertheless, it was an amazing time: orgasms firing off so frequently it seemed like a sexual firework display in that dark bedroom. Jonathan was only human, of course, and no tantric master, so several times that night he found himself exploding inside heated tightness, releasing his hot come inside one or other of the three teenage vaginas. But when he did so and the girls moved round again, whoever it was that was posted at his crotch used her mouth to slowly bring him back up to hardness. At last, with all four bodies bathed in perspiration and a cocktail of four schoolgirls? pussy juices and a schoolboy?s creamy semen, Jonathan came inside Anna?s little pussy, and though he came hard and powerfully, almost nothing seeped out of his penis. He was completely spent. Anna came with him that time: it had been going on so long that it had become easy to send the girls over for another orgasm. Francesca was on top of his mouth, and she came as well when Jonathan gently sucked her clit. The other two also sensed the finality of the moment, and used his fingers to send themselves to their final peaks too. And five bodies collapsed on that bed, in a heap of satisfied exhaustion. 11 Some minutes later, Jonathan made his way back to his room, creeping along the hallway to avoid being seen by his father or Emma. On the landing, a quick glance through the banisters down to the living room made it clear that neither would have noticed what was going on upstairs. They were in passionate embrace on the couch. Jonathan slowly got ready for bed after a very quick shower, and climbed into bed ? without bothering to put any clothes on ? with the day?s events burned into his mind. What a day. So powerful were the thoughts going through his mind, however, that Jonathan found he couldn?t get to sleep. His energy seemed to return, and as he thought about what had happened, he found his penis swelling once again. He felt slightly annoyed: if the rest of the vacation turned out like the bit he?d already been through, he was going to need as much sleep as he could get. He tossed and turned for what seemed like ages, hearing Emma and his father head off to bed, and still could not get to sleep. He was beginning to get a little annoyed, but then he heard the handle on his bedroom door turning. The door slowly edged open, and someone slipped inside. In the vague light from the streetlamps outside coming through his curtains, he could see who it was. ?Jonny, you awake?? the petite blonde, Francesca whispered. ?Yes,? he replied in a similar whisper. ?Do you mind if I?if I?? ?Not at all,? he pulled the covers back to invite her into his bed. She climbed in and the air around him was filled with her sublime vanilla scent. She ran her hands all over him in the darkness and was a little surprised at his nakedness. She herself was wearing a long soft cotton nightshirt. He ran his hands through her hair. She had let it down now, releasing it from its ponytail, and he adored the silkiness of it in his fingers. They kissed for a long while, like lovers reunited after a long break. He pressed his hard penis between her legs and she circled her hips to rub herself against it. ?Jonny,? she said softly, ?I want you to do something for me.? ?Anything,? he said, ?I?d do anything for you, Frannie.? ?I?I couldn?t do it in there?not in front of all of them. I just couldn?t?? ?I understand,? he said reassuringly, stroking her cheek gently, ?don?t worry ? no one will think any less of you. I certainly don?t.? ?But I did want to?I just?didn?t feel it was the right place.? ?Of course,? he kissed her gently. ?But,? she said, ?we can do it now if you like. I want it to be you, Jonny, you are so amazing and?and I?ve never felt this way about anyone before?Jonny?will you take my virginity?? To Be Continued?

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