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Sub lara - chapter 7

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SUB LARA - CHAPTER 7CHAPTER 7After King pulled his knot out of my pussy, I stood brazenly in front of our guests with my legs apart, my pussy gaping open, and cum running. Jake took me in arms, kissing me passionately, his hands stroking over my bare back and ass. He turned me around, pulling me into his dressed body, one hand cupping my left breast, and his other sliding up and down my stomach.?Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Lara, my newly committed submissive.? They stood as one and clapped. Several of the men whistled and shouted their approval. The women, all of the women, including Jenna and Beth, wore huge smiles. ?Please mingle and give Lara and I a moment to lay out some refreshments.?He took me by the hand and led me through the group to the back of the house and into the kitchen. He turned me around, looked earnestly into my eyes, which greeted him with excitement. He pulled me into his arms and kissed into my hair. ?Lara, you are an amazing woman. Are you still okay with this??I pushed back from him but not out of his arms. I attempted to give him a stern look, how it came off I wasn?t sure. ?Stop asking me that, Jake. Please.? I put my hands on the side of his face and gazed up at him. ?I am so happy. I feel so fulfilled. And, I am so excited for what will come. Honestly, Jake, I believe you have solved me and I am so grateful. I want this with you.??And the nudity in front of our friends??I hesitated. ?I?d be lying if I didn?t admit there was a time of embarrassment, but ? it was SO exciting! Didn?t you feel it, Jake? Fucking me in front of your friends like that? God, that was exciting. And, King ? King was great, wasn?t he? I loved that, too. Jake, I never knew how much of an exhibitionist I was ? do you think they liked it? They weren?t offended, were they??He put two fingers to my lips and shushed me. ?Let?s get this stuff out to them and you?ll see for yourself.? They loved it, I knew they did. God, I was so excited and still so turned on. And still the only one naked.After I delivered a flute of champagne to each, John stepped forward from the group. ?I would like to make a toast.? Everyone stopped talking and gave him their attention, sneaking peeks at Jake and me. ?We all know Jake. Jake is the common thing we all have in common. Some of us know each other, but we all know Jake. To know Jake is to trust him. Jake is that rare kind of guy that if he decides to like you, you have someone who will be there for you, you have his respect, and you have his trust. I don?t know what many of your individual stories are, but it is not an accident that this little group is together for this event. It was this group that he trusted with this.? I watched John, but also the heads nodding in agreement and understanding. ?Jake has set a bold path forward tonight. I don?t mind saying my mind was blown by what I witnessed. The dedication; the commitment; the trust; and, the caring exhibited was stunning. Anyone else feel that way?? Verbal expression of agreement flowed around us and eyes turned from John to Jake and me. Then, John half turned and pointed to me. ?But ? I want you to consider something. I want you to think about Lara. We know what trust and caring and respect look and feel like from Jake to us. Imagine her ? imagine the depth of trust, respect, caring ? love ? that she has for him. I had the chance to spend a little alone time with these two?, there were some snickers, ?yes, well, let me just tell you that what I learned then showed me that what we just witnessed is really them.? He fully turned to face the two of us. ?To Jake ? to Lara ? I believe you two have found your perfect relationship.? Everyone cheered and saluted.Jake led me through guest, his hands touching me as he guided me from one couple to another, from one person to the next, all the time he touched, stroked, and fondled my naked body. Jake gave me a rundown of each as we moved through the group, especially about why they were invited to witness this.Jenna and Beth were the first to rush up to us. Beth seemed reserved and deferred to Jenna. My whole awareness of her was at the office where she seemed quite efficient and capable. In this social setting, she seemed very reserved and deferential, reminding me a lot of myself really. She was 35-years-old, about 5? 6? tall and slightly past trim, curvy maybe. I would later learn she had been divorced by her husband who had been very controlling. It wasn?t until after she was divorced that she went back to work.Mike and April Jacobson were from nearby Fort Myers, FL. He was a former receivers coach at several colleges and a pro team. He currently owns two car dealerships in Fort Myers. April is the bookkeeper for the dealerships. They are both white, about 36-years-old. Sam and Anita Franklin also lived in Cape Coral on the other side of the city. Sam is a retired offensive lineman for the Dolphins and owns four chain restaurants/bars in the area. Anita manages the servers. They are both black and about mid-30?s.Nick and Sarah Jackson are from nearby Fort Myers Beach. Nick was drafted as a high prospect linebacker by the Buccaneers but was hurt in his third year, traded to a couple teams and finally retired after a total of six years. He owns an upscale dance club in Fort Myers Beach. Sarah is a stay-at-home mom to their young daughter. Both are black and in their early 30?s.Carl Josephs served in the Army with Jake for two tours. He went to college on the GI Bill, eventually getting his MBA. He is a manager for a manufacturer in Tampa. They have stayed in touch over the years. Carl is single and black.And, finally, the local couple. Jim and Barb Adamley who live just down the street. Their 12-year-old son comes to take care of King when Jake traveled. Jim is an executive at a bank in Cape Coral. Sarah is also a stay-at-home mom to their son and 9-year-old daughter. They are in their upper 30?s. She has magnificent reddish, wavy hair hanging below her shoulders. Jake explained that all the couples were swingers of some sort, some much more so and others more selectively. They all asked him in the past and he declined but they all gave him the impression they were looking for situations where they were among trusted friends. Of all of them, the Adamleys? were the most careful swingers and only with very select friends. Like the Jacksons, they were more active before the k**s. All are good friends with Jake, some with each other, but others new to this group. Knowing all of them, though, he was sure of the dynamics. I had no idea when we met and talked on other occasions.There must be something about being the only one naked in a group of dressed people, maybe especially people who have just witnessed you fucking, including the dog, that opens them up.Jenna, with Beth in tow, came up alongside me as I was refilling champagne glasses and refilling snack trays. Her voice was quiet, ?I always wondered about him. He is such a large, confident, and controlled man, I couldn?t help but wonder if he was indeed ? large.? She blushed. ?I can?t imagine what that must feel like.? She was flushed, but when I looked past her to Beth, she couldn?t even look at me as she heard the words. I was really wondering about Beth. Her attitude here was so ? me.I smiled, ?Well, you don?t need to wonder anymore, at least about his size. The other, well ?? When I met her eyes, again, they were almost expectant. I just smiled. I scanned the group to find Jake, then excused myself.Jake was standing with John and Carl. I could hear as I approached a discussion about the motorcycle road trip being planned. I asked for a moment and led him a safe distance from other?s overhearing. I shared Jenna?s comment with him and he sent me back with an invitation for her. I had to scan the group again to find them. I had to wait patiently to excuse them from a conversation. Staring into her eyes, and glancing at Beth, ?Jake sent me back with an invitation. We both appreciate everything you have done to help us. You?ve made us both more aware of who we are and how we fit together, even if you weren?t intending to play match-maker. Jake wishes to offer you to be one of the first he shares me with.? I wink at her, ?And, you may be able to find out what IT feels like.? Her mouth gaped open, ?You told him what I said??I smiled, ?Of course, I am completely open with Jake, you should know that. He would like both of you to spend the night with us. It would be a fitting end for my commitment to share it with you.? She was searching my eyes. I smiled in a way that showed my interest in the offer, also. I sensed she was still discovering some practical aspects of what submissive life was beyond the clinical. She nodded without consulting with Beth, but they needed to get some things from the hotel. ?Don?t be long. I?ll shower for you, clean my ? self out.? I gave them both a wicked grin clearly indicating the implication of the comment.I watched them retreat into the house. I heard my name called and scanned the patio area. I found the guys grouped together in chairs pulled into a large circle, then found the four remaining women in a tight group out in the yard. I saw an arm rise from them and immediately recognized it from Barb Adamley down the street. As I walked past the seven men, I saucily jutted my bare ass at them. I received a chorus of raucous catcalls and comments. I turned around while walking backward, squeezed my left breast and blew them a kiss. I turned giggling as I joined the women.Barb was shaking her head, ?You are such a tease.??That really wasn?t a tease. I heard Jake talking about the rules for tomorrow. I know what is happening, what I will be doing. That wasn?t a tease, that was letting them know I was ready for whatever.?Anita, ?And, you are? I mean, you really are ready for ?whatever???I giggled, ?Honestly? I don?t know. Previous relationships weren?t so good and several times I was used by some men. I do mean used, too. But, it was only a few men at a time. This would be different, but Jake is different and so are your men. Tomorrow is open, though.? I searched the faces. There was something bothering them.April touched my hand, ?We?ve been talking, Lara.? I searched their faces and they must have seen my concern. ?No, we?re fine with tomorrow. We?ve all been in some swinging and sharing in the past. No, we?re excited that this might become an intimate group for sharing. We talked about that, too. A group of good friends is a much better situation.??Then, what??Barb jumped back in, ?Jake. Honestly, it is Jake.? She saw the surprised look on my face and she realized her mistake and they all laughed. ?No! Not Jake as Jake! We all know and love Jake. No, I mean, we mean, his ? hmmmm ? size?? If the light was better, I would probably be seeing her blushing. ?We want all this to work for us as a group, but ??Anita blurted it out, ?We all agreed we are scared of his cock. I think we are afraid it will hurt and he might feel bad or it might ruin the mood.? I looked at them and laughed. ?Believe me, I understand. I won?t forget the first time I took his pants off. And, yes, my reaction did cause him some grief. So, what are you saying???We?ve agreed and we?ll cover it with our husbands if you can explain to Jake and establish a new rule. For tomorrow, our husbands are the only men who can take us because we know we?ll get too hot watching not to be fucked. Do you think you can handle all of them for the most part?? I smiled. Jake?s original thought for tomorrow was a gangbang for me but didn?t know how he could leave out the wives. I assured them it was fine.Barb broke in, again. ?We were more than impressed that you could take him so easily. How??I chuckled, ?Practice, wonderful, delicious practice. King?s knot is huge, too. I get lots of practice.? I thought for a moment and they could tell I was working something out and waited. ?You want to be with Jake, though, right?? They all nodded very eagerly. ?I have an idea, then. Each of you couples come for a night or weekend and stay here with us.? I smiled devilishly, ?You can see what it is like to have a submissive to take care of your needs day and night. And, it will provide plenty of time to comfortably adjust to Jake. I can show you how I did it.? I asked about sitters for the k**s and both mothers assured that their parents were close and loved taking them for nights.I was a few steps away when my hand was grabbed. All four women walked up to me. Again, it was Barb who was seeming to communicate their feelings. ?We agreed on something else, Lara. This was the hottest thing any of us have imagined. And to think this is the beginning of what you and Jake are going to be calling your life. It is something any of us might pretend at, play role sex, but we could never do for real. There is a part of us that will envy you and a part of us that would be terrified to give up that control.? Each of them came to me, hugging me tightly, their hands not shy about touching my naked body.?Thank you. As Dr. Jenna said, my nature is different, especially to extent. I was worried we might offend you.? They just laughed. ?Have you ladies ? well, do you also enjoy women?? They nodded enthusiastically and I smiled.As I walked back to have that private word with Jake, it was sinking in how sensual and blatantly sexual my life was going to become. I was not only preparing myself to be fucked by all these men the next day but assisting the wives on how they would come to fuck my man. And, my thoughts of enjoying them sexually myself. Very interesting. Very erotic. And, I could feel my entire body tingling.After the last of the guest left, I hustled past Jake. ?I?m going to shower for Jenna and Beth.? I heard him call out not to get my hair wet. He wanted me back quickly.I didn?t bother replacing the stocking or heels. I padded out of the bedroom and down the hall to the kitchen where Jake was just putting the last of the snacks in the refrigerator. I poured some wine and stepped up to him and kissed him.?Thank you, Jake, I loved everything about tonight.? I put my face against his chest, my free hand stroked outside his pants over his cock. ?I get so excited when I think about how strong you are. How were you able to hold me up like that when you fucked me facing our guests?? I looked up at him. ?Just thinking about it makes me hot all over again.? Just then, the doorbell rang.I opened the front door and hugged each one of them in the doorway. Jenna chuckled, ?You are a hussy. Naked at the front door. Aren?t you afraid someone will see you??I laughed, ?Not really. They would have to be in the ideal spot and paying attention. And if they were going to that much trouble, well ?? Jenna shook her head.I set their one small bag on the floor and walked them to Jake in the family room. Jake got up from the couch and handed Jenna a glass of wine, then guided her out the door and back to the patio. Beth looked bewildered. She turned to me and I was ready with a glass of wine for her. She looked at it and my naked body at the same time. I pushed the glass closer and she took it.She sipped from the glass and eyed me over the rim of the glass. When she pulled it away, ?Was that on purpose, to separate us for some reason??I smiled what I hoped was a reassuring smile. ?He didn?t tell me, Beth. Remember what I am? We talk about some things. Other things he will just tell me.??Yes, I know. Actually ? this is nice because ?? She looked at me and I could see she was weighing something. I waited. ?Can I ask you some questions??I smiled. ?Of course, but first, my questions.? She nodded nervously. ?We were initially surprised that Jenna wanted to bring you, but then it seemed to make some sense. You are in a relationship, aren?t you?? She nodded without looking at me. ?And, you?re submissive.? She looked up quickly. It looked at first as if she was going to deny it, but she didn?t. Finally, she nodded. ?You?ve talked about it and how it might affect a healthy relationship for you, and Jenna wanted you to see what one such relationship would look like to help you understand, even if it isn?t exactly like ours?? She nodded. ?How could you know all that???I was you, Beth. Jenna helped me to understand what and who I was. She helped me to understand the kind of man and relationship I might find fulfillment in. That is what Jake is for me. Is that what you are talking to Jenna about??She gushed it out now that it was in the open, ?Yes, all of that. I?ve had bad relationships, bad marriage, and divorce. I let people walk all over me and make me do things I don?t want.? She looked intently at me. ?Tell me, Lara, when you do these things like today, do you feel bad later? I always felt bad later, even if at the moment I might have been excited.??No, Beth, I don?t. I know what you mean, though. My other relationships were the same as yours. Jake is different, though. Even if he has me do the same things, it is different because his intention and motivation are different. There is no abuse or meanness involved. With Jake, I don?t feel like I am being forced into something. It is more like I am being guided into something and it is a completely different and good feeling. Jake cares for me. He loves me. He?s not going to do something that will hurt me or make me feel bad about my self-worth.??Jenna said you would be able to explain it to me. She tried, but she is so clinical and professional. You say it in a way that expresses the feeling.? She studied my face. ?Tomorrow will be like a gangbang for you, right?? I nodded. ?And ???And, I am so excited. I suppose you are wondering if he asked me. No, he didn?t. Jake told me we would have a celebration BBQ and I would be available to all the men and probably King, again. Did I feel abused and used? No.? I took her hands in mine and looked in the eyes. ?This is the bottom line, Beth, I have Jake?s respect, honor, and caring. Our natural craving is to please and serve those in our lives. Find that person that will honor, respect and care for us and we can be fulfilled in our need to please and serve. And, we are all different as to what that pleasing and serving is. Me ? well, I have always known I was highly sexual. I love orgasms and I have lots of them. And, my pleasing side means I also love to help others to orgasm. I just love it! As a result, Jake?s guiding of me will include a huge dose of sexual activity under his watchful eye and protection. I?m fulfilled in both ways. You see??She wrapped her arms around me, ?Thank you! I feel so much better. Now I think I know how to approach the discussions with Jenna.?I put her out at arm?s length, ?Do you feel the same way about Jenna?? She nodded excitedly. ?Beth, I am so excited for you!? I hugged her deeply, again.?What?s all this about?? Jenna and Jake were standing just inside the kitchen entrance.I smiled at them without releasing Beth from my arms, ?Just a couple of submissives having some quality talk-time.?I finally did break the hug and we turned in unison toward them. Jenna?s face showed some surprise by my comment. She was looking only at Beth, though. ?Really?? Beth nodded as they went into their own hug. ?Yes, she was very helpful and I think I understand better now. We have a lot to talk about, I think.? They kissed, passionately, and neither seemed embarrassed. I wasn?t even sure who initiated it, though I would have bet it was Jenna.As they separate, I stepped up to Beth and walked her further into the family room. ?Are you ready to start being a submissive to Jenna? Not as far as me, at first, but a start?? She nodded while glancing at Jenna. My questions had been quiet, intended for her, but loud enough that Jenna and Jake would also be able to hear. Jenna watched expectantly as my fingers moved to the buttons of Beth?s white blouse. As my fingers worked, she nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other but I reached forward with my face to hers to kiss her on the lips softly. When I pulled the blouse tails from the waist band of her skirt, she sighed heavily. I kissed her, again, then slipped the blouse off her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor. Her bra was white lace and attractive on her, not too supportive for her breasts.I pulled her into a hug and whispered into her ear, ?I always knew you had a lovely body, Beth. I would really like to make love to you tonight.? When we separated, she was blushing and giving furtive looks to where Jenna and Jake were standing and watching. I moved to her side and loosened the fastenings of her skirt, then slipped the little zipper down. I could see lace panties underneath. I pulled the skirt down over her hips, down her legs, and assisted her to step out of it. I tossed the skirt and blouse to one of the easy chairs. I helped her off with her low heels, then slid my hands up her left leg to grasp the elastic top of the stay-up stockings. I looked up at her smiling, then glanced to the side at the other two.?Excellent. Never wear pantyhose. If you have any left at home, throw them away. Jenna will want to have easy access to your ?? I smiled up at her, ?? to you.? She blushed, again, but gave Jenna another look that bore a shy smile.When she was undressed to her bra and panties, I stepped behind her and presented her to Jenna. With my hands on Beth?s shoulders, I looked at Jenna and glanced at Jake, ?Ma?am, this woman believes she is coming to understand what it means to be submissive and what is required to have a sound relationship.? I whispered into Beth?s ear.She nervously fidgeted and nervously looked from the floor to Jenna, back and forth. ?Lara has ?? I whisper into her ear. ?Jake?s submissive ? has shown me what it takes for us to be fulfilled. I would like to pursue the same with you. I know I have a lot to learn and we have a lot to understand about this life, but ? will you lead me through it??Tears came to Jenna?s eyes and she opened her arms. Beth rushed forward into the embrace.I waited patiently until they separated without outside pressure. Then, I took Jake?s hand and led him to the couch but didn?t allow him to sit down. He smiled at me, guessing my intent as familiar as he was with little physical indicators between us. I began undressing him as he stood there with Jenna and Beth now standing behind me. They watched as I slipped him out of his shirt for the second time tonight, kissing, licking, and sucking at the flesh of his chest and stomach as my fingers again worked at his belt and pants. I pulled his pants and shorts down his powerfully muscled legs, then very unsubmissively pushed him onto the couch. I pulled off his shoes, pants, and underwear, then moved between his knees to begin kissing and licking his cock to life. As it began to expand, I rose from my knees, which brought a groan of frustration from Jake.I smiled down at him but stepped to Jenna and Beth. ?Ma?am, may I borrow her??, as I glanced from one to the other. A gentle push into the small of Beth?s back was all she could manage to indicate her consent. I took her hand and brought her to stand in front of Jake with me. One naked and one in bra and panties. Jake gazed unabashedly at the two of us. I smiled at him and he seemed to understand by directing his full attention to Beth. ?Beth, do you know how beautiful and erotic you look right now?? She blushed deeply, her eyes sinking to the floor at her bare feet. Jake pursued her, however. ?Look at me, Beth.? She nervously, shyly raised her eyes to meet his. ?You know how beautiful and sexy I think Lara is?? She nodded. ?That is why I want her naked so I can enjoy seeing her beauty completely whenever we are near. It pleases me to be able to enjoy the view of her and if I am pleased, she is happy, right?? Beth turned her head to look at me but was already nodding her head. She understood the need to please. ?Beth, you are beautiful, too. Would you let me see all of your beauty??That gave her a start, though she should have been able to anticipate where Jake was going with his comments, if this wasn?t all so new to her. She turned her head to Jenna behind us. I didn?t bother to follow her gaze, I would know the result soon enough. I heard Beth take a deep breath and saw her hands move behind her back, her bra sagging on the shoulder straps, then her arms sliding out through them as she held the cups to her breast. Jake was watching her carefully, but I could also detect his quick glances behind us. I knew Jake would be ready to stop this instantly if he felt it was becoming too much for Beth at any moment. I heard her suck in another lung full of air as she released her bra and pushed her panties down her legs, stepping out of them and standing shyly in front of Jake as he admired her, me, and back to her.Jake smiled at her and I heard her sigh in relief as if she had just passed some major hurdle. And, maybe she had, at least to herself.I took her hand and stepped to Jake, sinking to my knees on one side of his legs. She watched me, gazed down at his cock, which had expanded even more as this had played out, then knelt down on the other side of him. I placed the hand I had been holding onto his cock, my hand joining hers. She gasped when her hand went around it. I slid mine up to the head and waited there. She slid her hand up to where mine had stopped, then moved hers down and mine followed hers.I moved in to press into Jake?s legs and lowered my lips to his cock that continued to grow and expand. I watched her watch me as I kissed and licked the side of the cock toward me. She then repeated the actions. Soon our mouths met at the head of his cock and we came together in a kiss. I raised up and took the head into my mouth, then pulled back. Beth?s eyes were riveted on his cock now and lowered her mouth over the head and pushed down, her mouth stretched wide as she tried to force more inside. She pulled up, sucking all the way, then gave a kiss to the head.We both had a hand on his cock, but hers was above mine and she was steadily stroking him. I caught her eye, ?Jenna needs to be readied, too. Then, we will assist them in their fucking.? She groaned, her eyes again locked on his cock. I asked my next question with an intention of an answer. ?Should I prepare Jenna while you continue with Jake?? She didn?t answer with a nod, verbal ?yes?, or grunt, she simply lowered her head and retook his cock into her mouth.I was smiling at that as I approached Jenna. She hugged me, ?I can?t believe what you have her doing. We?ve talked about submissiveness and how she fit into that description, but she was nervous about it. Thank you.??It is my very real pleasure, Ma?am.? I turned her to face away from me and I unzipped her dress. It was a quick movement. She sucked in her breath and shivered. After pushing the dress off her shoulders, I unfastened her bra. Both dropped to the floor together. I pushed her panties down over her hips and down her legs, then her stocking and shoes. I turned her around with my hands on her shoulders, positioning her directly in front of Jake. I saw her glance down at Beth still sucking and licking on his hard cock and the full size of it being apparent as she watched Beth licking at the base of it, the cock head extending well above her face. I also saw Jake watching Jenna, examining her body for the first time without the clothes that had hidden her all the other times they had been communicating. He smiled.With Beth seeming very content to continue sucking and licking Jake?s cock, I moved Jenna to the couch next to Jake. I lifted her right leg and d****d the knee over Jake?s left leg. Jake used his right hand to pull her face to his and they kissed. The pent-up desire that had been simmering underneath for some time now burst into passion. I pushed her left leg to the side, splaying her body out in front of me.I kissed her pussy, licking up and down her slit, forcing my tongue between her lips, and sucking on her clit. At the same time, one hand was on her breast, fondling and tweaking her nipples. My other hand found its way probing at her pussy below my lips and tongue. One, two, then three fingers were sawing into her pussy as my mouth continued to work on her clit and outer lips.When I judged her moans to be sufficient after a mini-orgasm, I stood and tapped Beth on the head. She almost seemed reluctant to yield. I?m not sure I have encountered someone so into oral sex and from the look on Jake?s face and his cock, he was enjoying it immensely. I assisted Jenna to her feet and took her in my arms, our breasts mashing against each other, our hands roaming freely over naked skin.I gazed into her eyes with a smile on my face. ?Are you ready for a truly intense experience?? She nodded and looked down at the hard cock still being held by Beth who was looking up at Jenna with pure lust in her eyes.I moved her in front of Jake who had closed his knees in anticipation of her mounting him. I stopped her, however, and turned her to face away from him. I nodded at Beth who held his cock up in the air, then I assisted Jenna over the cock.I was watching below her but spoke encouragingly to her, ?Take it easy. It really is that big. Use your hands on his knees for support. We?ll see how much you can take, but I recommend taking just some of him the first time.? She looked at me startled. ?Beth and I will help him to cum while you are partially penetrated, then when you orgasm the next time you should be able to take most of this wonderful cock. Then ? then you will know you are being fucked.?She looked a little concerned, but she followed my instructions. With his cock head inside her, already stretching her more than she had been before, Beth rejoined her efforts on his cock. I massaged and sucked his balls while she licked and sucked his exposed cock. I noticed, though, that her tongue frequently strayed up higher onto Jenna?s pussy and clit. Jakes, hands weren?t idle, either. His hands were fondling and teasing her nipples.When they both came, Beth continued to lick and suck at the cum leaking from around the junction of cock and pussy. I knew Jake would remain hard from past experience.?Lower yourself now. Easy does it. Inch your way down.? She moaned and groaned, gasped and sighed as she took more and more of his cock until she was stopped by his cock head hitting her top inside.?Oh ? my ? GOD!! I have ? never ? ever ? felt anything ? fill me ? so ? completely!?I smiled and stood before her. I put my hands out to her. ?On the floor, now. Now you get fucked.?She looked at me with some trepidation but raised herself up, her head bent down to watch as more and more cock was exposed from her pussy. ?My God ? all that was inside me??She lay on the floor, a pillow from the couch slipped under her hips. Jake followed her. With her legs spread wide and her arms out to him, he positioned himself and slid his cock along her pussy, touched her hole, and pressed forward. Her mouth opened in an ?O? and it seemed that as he pressed his cock into her, he was pushing air out of her mouth. This time he lasted much longer. He fucked her strong and firm, but with care and sensitivity, too.When she came this time, she might have awakened a neighbor if it wasn?t a habit for them all to live in air-conditioning.* * * CHAPTER 8 (and final) to follow * * * Thanks for reading.
04-30-2021, at 04:26 PM

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