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Kansas City Embassy Suites

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Kansas City Embassy SuitesAlthough this story is true to a point, I have changed a few things to protect the not so innocent and to set my wife's mind at ease so she may enjoy this little bit of our history as much as she did at the time. This took place on a trip from Kansas City to the west coast. I was moving the last of my belongings back home to California, Gloria, my new girlfriend at the time flew out to drive one of my vehicles back. Sounds weird to call her a girlfriend as we are so much more than that actually then too but we were new and so girlfriend fit back then.It had been a long two weeks but it was finally time to pick Gloria up at the airport, somehow IM on the computer just doesn't do our sex life justice. We both were so horny for each other that just taking the shuttle to my truck was a chore without attacking her. As soon as the shuttle moved to the next row we were on each other
04-30-2021, at 04:26 PM