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Staying Alive 2

Post #1

I spread my daughters legs and lowering my head I start to eat her pussy, streching my arms forward I grab and squeeze her very large breasts. She lets out a moan and stares into the camera on the ceiling above the bed and she says " Oh yes daddy, right there, that's the spot " and I can feel her whole body shaking. After a while she tells me to lay on my back, then getting on her knees to my left she cups my balls with her hand and starts to suck my rock hard cock, I place my hand on the back of her head an let out a moan as she takes every inch of my cock into her mouth. After a while I get my daughter into doggy style position and I get behind her, spitting on my hand I lube up my cock and I slide all 8 inches of my rock hard pulsing cock deep into her pussy. She moans and says " Your cock gets bigger when its inside me " wich puts a smile on my face, that's quite a ego boosting compliment.

I fuck her hard, fast and deep both my hands on her shoulders pushing her into me and she moans so loudly saying " Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard ". This proves to much for me and I tell her that I'm about to cum and I say " get on your knees " wich she does, then standing on the bed I shoot ropes of cum all over her face. Her eyes are closed and I shove my still hard cock into her mouth and she starts sucking the rest of the cum out of my cock. She opens her eyes and says " I had no idea you were so good in bed, I can't understand why mom left you " and she laughs , I laugh and say " Because I'm white and my cock is only 8 inches " we both head towards the bathroom and take a shower together and then stand under the red heating light wich dries us up pretty quick and we go to bed and fall asleep.

The next morning we get up and find that the table has a large tray of bacon, ham and sausages, another tray has scrambled eggs. A third tray had toasted bread and cream cheese and the fourth tray had 2 pitchers one is full of orange juice and the other is full of grape juice there is also a pot of coffee and a letter in front of it. We sit down to eat breakfast and I open the letter wich reads " You have pleased us, we did want to watch you fuck your daughter again and as a reward enjoy the meal. As long as you continue to please us you will not be harmed ".

I read the letter to my daughter and she says " So as long as you keep fucking me we won't be harmed, I can live with that " and she smiles. After breakfast the door opens and were told to leave the room while some terrorists enter the room and remove all the trays of food. Were taken to THE FUN ROOM and after several terrorists take their seats on the couches I'm told to fuck my daughter on the bed again. I sit on the bed and Emily get on her knees in front of me and takes my semi hard cock in her mouth and starts sucking and in seconds my cock gets rock hard, I place my hand on the back of her head forcing her to take all of my cock into her mouth. After a while I place her on the bed and spreading her legs I start eating her pussy, I grab and squeeze one of her tits with one hand and shove my finger into her pussy with my other hand while I lick her clit. She moans loudly and her whole body shakes and she says " Come up here and fuck me ".

I put both her legs over my shoulders and I slide every inch of my cock deep into her cunt and I start to fuck her hard, fast and deep, she moans with every thrust and she says " Fuck me daddy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my pussy ". I fuck her for a while until I say " I'm going to cum " and she pushes me off her, then getting on her knees she closes her eyes and opens her mouth, I stand up and shoot the first load of cum on her face but the rest goes into her mouth and she swallows every drop. When were finished the terrorists leave THE FUN ROOM and we are taken to that large washroom where we shower and are given towels to dry off. Giving the towels back to the terrorists guarding us we are taken back to the 5 STAR room where a terrorist says " You have pleases us, you will not be harmed, dinner will be served at 7:00PM " and he locks the door from the outside.

After locking the door Emily walks in front of me and as I stare at her ass I find my self starting to get hard again so grabing her arm I turn her around and give a big hug, my rock hard cock slides between her thighs and rubs against her pussy lips and she says " Wow your full of energy today " and laughs. I place my hand on top of her head and gently force her to get on her knees wich she does and she starts sucking my cock again, as she sucks I moan and says " Your such a good girl ". I pick her up and bend her over the table, spitting on my hand I lube up her pussy and I slide my rock hard pulsing cock into her cunt.

She moans as I fuck her hard, fast and deep and she screams " FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK OF YOURS ". I grab a fist full of her hair jerking her head back fucking her even harder and she says " Oh god I'm going to cum " and soon I feel her cum all over my cock, as her juices run down her legs I pull my cock out of her and shoot ropes of cum all over her back and then back away breathing heavily. She turns around and getting on her knees she sucks the remaing cum out of my cock and swallows every drop then she stands up and says " That was amazing but the next time you fuck me and your about to cum put your cock in my mouth, I want to swallow all your loads ", I smile and say " Your such a dirty girl ".

Just like the terrorists said dinner is served at exactly 7:00pm, it's a large tray with 2 large steaks cooked medium with 2 side plates of white rice and a bottle of wine and 2 wine glasses. After the terrorists places all the food on the table he hands me another letter and then leaves the room locking the door, I open the letter and read it out loud, the letter reads " You continue to please us and as we have said before as long as you continue to please us you will not be harmed. You are the first to please us this much, we have tried this before with captured brothers and sisters, mother and sons but they all chose death rather than have incestous sex. As a reward for pleasing us we have decided that we will let you go back home to your family tomorrow but we would like to see you fuck your daughter 1 more time tonight ".

Emily smiles and says " I can't believe it, there going to let us go home tomorrow " I must admit that I too am very happy. We sit down end enjoy the meal and the wine and after dinner I say " Honey we need to talk, when we get back home will you be ok knowing you had sex a few times with your old man? " then I say " If you need it I can set up an appointment with a shrink " she smiles and says " Why would we stop having sex? ". I look at her in shock and say " What are you saying? " she looks me in the eye and says " As long as I don't get pregnant with your child there is no reason at all for you to stop fucking me " she laughs and says " The sex with you is amazing, I've cum more times with you than any other man I've been with and again as long as I don't get pregnant with your child there's no reason why we should stop ".

She says " We actually discussed this topic in college and our teacher even said that as long as offspring are not produced than incest is harmless if the if the sex is consensual ". She grabs her breast in her hand and she says " Don't you like fucking me daddy? ", I look at her, smile and say " Your such a dirty girl ". She stands up and walks up to me then getting on her knees she kisses my penis and starts licing it until it becomes rock hard and she says " Since it's our last night here I want you to fuck me a few times tonight " grabbing my cock she leads me towards the bed. I fucked her 4 times cumming inside her mouth everytime and everytime she swallowed every drop, tired and sore we take a shower before going to bed and falling asleep.

In the morning we find the table full of food and after eating breakfast the door opens a few terrorists enter the room some of them remove the food from the table and one of them hands us some clothes and he says " Get dressed, your going home today ". After getting dressed we leave the room and are given black masks, the terrorists tell us it's for security purposes and were escorted towards a car. Were driven to their airport where they remove our masks and they hand us our passports, 2 tickets back home along with $100 American dollars and then they drive off. Several hours later were back home and after calling our family and telling them that were safe Emily looks at me and says " Do you think we have time for a quicky before the family gets to our house? ".


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04-30-2021, at 04:37 PM

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