Best GRE Quantitative Prep Materials and Resources

  1. Manhattan 1-8 Strategies- best for basic understanding, also there are many practice questions
  2. Manhattan 5 lb- one of the must books for quantitative section.
  3. ETS Official Guide, 2nd Edition- Written by ETS. Do only practice problems including 4 real practice tests.
  4.  ETS Official Guide for Quantitative Reasoning Vol- 1. It almost same as ETS Official Guide, 2nd Edition but  150 new quantitative problems were added in this book. Only do those problems.
  5.  Magoosh (Optional)- Online tutoring site. Good for basic skills and they have a lot of practice problems.
  6. Nova Math Bible (Optional)
  7.  Barron’s Revise GRE (Optional).


  1. All about GRE- ETS
  2. GRE ebook and Info-,,
  3. GRE Pages: GRE Quantitative Study, NexTop-USA (Higher Study in USA)Higher Study Abroad – HSA
  4. GRE Groups: GRE QUANT GROUP STUDYGRE VERBAL GROUP STUDYHigher Study Abroad – HSAGRE CenterNexTop-USA (Higher study in USA)
  5. Youtube Quant Video Prep- MagooshKeshwani Prep, PerfectScores